The best English school in the Philippines, is the leading consultancy and training institute for personal effectiveness, corporate protocol, and management communication.

Learn from the experts in Project Management, Leadership Training, Personality Development, Speech, Writing, and Teaching Programs. 

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TalkShop, the best English school in the Philippines, is the leading consultancy and training institute for personal effectiveness, corporate protocol, and management communication.

Learn from the experts in Project Management, Leadership Training, Personality Development, Speech, Writing, and Teaching Programs.

TalkShop, pioneer of Communicative Language Teaching (ILT) in the Philippines, is a Civil Service- accredited English training center. Private organizations, government groups, and international companies alike have entrusted the training of their rank & file and management teams to the expertise of TalkShop.

This English training provider is conveniently situated in Makati City, the heart of business and financial district of the Philippines, and provides Leadership Training, Personality Development, Speech, Writing, and Teaching Programs.


I would like to thank the FTCP Management for providing us TalkShop’s Technical Writing and Grammar Mastery training. In my nature of work here in FTCP, Communicating with the other sections and especially with our customers matters greatly. Not all companies provide incentives like this so I am lucky to be part of his team. Overall, TalkShop boosted my confidence. During this training, my communication skills improved. Ms. Sheila Viesca delivered the topic well. She caught everyone’s attention. Thank you and God bless you and the TalkShop team. Please continue this activity!

Merari P. Barraquio, Production Engineer, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines

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TalkShop learning is a fun and challenging training. They have helped me a lot in improving my grammar and also my confidence in writing and creating new knowledge in using the correct adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs in the sentence. This training boosted my confidence in writing and communicating. I learned a lot in the TalkShop Communication Training, to boost and improve my confidence in creating and structuring letters. The Business Writing workshop design is logical in sequence. What I like the most is the part when we pronounced the words correctly and take active part in the other activities given to us. The TalkShop Consultants are very nice and amazing. They have helpedus a lot in the proper use of words and in structuring proper sentence. TalkShop helps me a lot to understand more and be more knowledgeable in using the English language.

Erville Jo Talaoc, Metadata and Product Support

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The first day of the TalkShopBusiness Writing Workshop was very interesting. I enjoyed the discussions and the exercises. At first, I thought the session would be all business and no fun but I was proven wrong. The materials are helpful and the lessons are informative. I learned a lot. My grammar and pronunciation are more polished after the session. In all honesty, I liked every bit of the workshop especially learning how to pronounce words properly and using prepositions. Both TalkShop Consultants are very knowledgeable about the subject. They were able to communicate the lesson in a clear and simple manner. The workshop has taught me the do’s and don’ts in grammar and writing.

Denice Jacela, List Researcher

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TalkShop really helps us become a better writer and speaker. In just a span of a month, I did not only become a better writer but I also became more confident when speaking and expressing myself and my thoughts in front of others. I learned quite a lot of techniques I could easily apply when communicating in both writing and speaking through exercises like Power Poses, Breathing, and Power Pauses. The workshop is designed in a way that makes learning fun and I really enjoyed applying the techniques learned in class. I had Mr. Robert Borjal and Ms. Menchie Castro as my TalkShop Instructors for my program. Both of them are welcoming, friendly, and easy to talk to. I can now stand in front of an audience without feeling nervous. I now have the confidence to communicate and respond to other people. I just feel like a better person compared to who I was before the program.

Christopher Tan

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The Personality Development Workshop is very informative and helpful to employees of PMS because it aids us in understanding and dealing effectively with our co-employees. TalkShop has given us the opportunity to reassess ourselves. TalkShop consultants Ms. Sheila Viesca and Martin Yu are very competent and excellent communicators. Thanks to them, I was able to introspect on my own strengths and weaknesses.

Julius P. Alegrado, Atty. V, Presidential Management Staff

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The Business Writing Workshop was free flowing and focused on the most relevant topics that make communication difficult. I learned a lot from it because all the topics were discussed. TalkShop ensured that we understand what we need. Through this, I learned to further conquer the fear of delivering a talk to an audience. I think Ms. Sheila Viesca is great! She is very personable and intelligent. I believe that the experience was very enjoyable. The style of TalkShop offered an intelligent andinteractive approach to teaching what would have been a boring subject. Hopefully in the future I would be part of their professional and diplomatic protocol training.

Lino Calaor, Department Manager – Administrative Services, PNOC

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I learned a lot from TalkShop’s NLP Workshop conducted last Saturday and Sunday. The design of this TalkShop workshop is flexible. I like how it made use of images for retention. Engr. Claude Sta. Clara is very knowledgeable. He also changed the module content to make things easier for me. The experience is really life transforming! I can understand Meta NLP better now than before. The descriptions/instructions were clear with concrete examples on how to apply them. There were exercises as well that allows me to apply everything that I have learned.

Roseanne Balancio, Cultural Immersion Specialist

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I learned a lot from the TalkShop. I like the experience of talking in front of other people. The TalkShop consultants are very effective trainers. I gained enough confidence to face many people and the right use of words to communicate. The TalkShop trainers are very effective. The program and activities are very nice ands substantial. Ms. Sheila is very approachable and efficient. Thank you for visiting us, teaching us, and practicing us. We are very grateful for having you here.

Aurora F. Dela Cruz, Teacher, St. Dominic De Guzman

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I have constantly risen to the challenge of my leadership roles. I have worked with many types of personalities, and rarely deviate from the results that are the expected of my team. I find it a challenge enough to motivate people to a goal, set schedules, and perform their tasks. I understand that I will come across one of them in the future so I would have to understand that they have a lot of ideas in mind and that motivating them to share their ideas would be worth it. It is still a long road ahead of me and I will work with everyone to be a more effective leader. Together we can learn about different experiences, personalities, and lessons here in MNHPI. Together we can formulate our own style; a style that resonates with our values, our experiences, and our visions. Together, we are stronger.

Federick John Nasol

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The design of the Advanced Leadership workshop as properly planned, organized and there were no dull moments. Sheila Viesca and the rest of the TalkShop consultants are knowledgeable, witty, and good looking. This workshop has motivated me to perform well in my job!

Laila Galang, OIC-Branch Manager, PCSO

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TalkShop changed my perspective, most especially on how to tackle the rigors and challenges of work. The workshop is very good. What I like most are the group activities. TalkShop consultants came well-prepared in their subject matter. They are also fluent in English. The workshop helped carry myself to well during work. Before this seminar, a hole existed within that reflected the kind of work that I would do. But, now this hole was completely filled-up to the brim. I am more fulfilled and confident to face the task ahead. I now know myself better. TalkShop can deliver and create the change!

Roland C. Tolibas, Supervisor, Manila North Harbour

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The English sessions facilitated Ms. Sheila Viesca and her team made me speak and write in English better. The design of the session is well planned and should be made mandatory for all AIM students. The TalkShop consultants gave 100% of their efforts and applied varieties of adult learning principles.

Deepak Dhungel, MDM Fellow, Asian Institute of Management

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The workshop helped me improve my communication skills and taught me to be more confident. I thought I would not enjoy this training but I was wrong. TalkShop makes learning so much fun and exciting. The consultant is great! She has a great sense of humor and speaks with integrity.

Hyacinty E. Entereso, Teacher, Mary Help of Christians College

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TalkShop is excellent! The TalkShop consultants are very clear in speaking English. I used to be ashamed of talking in front of people before but right now TalkShop has helped me increase my communicaton skills and confidence level.

Juanito E. Duco Jr., Engineer, Energy Development Corporation

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I learned how to be more confident and assertive in the TalkMasters workshop. The speakers are not only credible but also friendly. Thanks to them I am much more assertive now and cannot wait for the next event by TalkShop. Even at this stage in my life, I was able to learn more from the excellent TalkShop team.

Bernard Jason Agda, Seminarian

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This TalkShop event is definitely worthy of my time and money. My investment was multiplied and now I am much more confident than before. I will be sure to use everything when I take on my assignment in Singapore. The TalkShop studio is also very nice and the service is great. Truly, the at TalkShop, the trainers are passionate about what they do.

Joseph Gayatin, Global Leader, Asia-Pacific region
Jul 20, 2013

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The lessons for me served as helpful tools and additional learning skills. The TalkShop workshop is so organized. Robert and Martin are completely prepared and are such excellent speakers. I believe I have improved in handling clients. I hope to explore more what I have learned and apply them in my life. Thank you TalkShop for this very meaningful workshop.

Milette Detera, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3

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The workshop is well-designed and simple. I learned how to be good to others, know myself more, and be proud of who I am. Ms. Sheila Viesca and Sir Martin are good at explaining so we easily understand their thoughts. I want to be more fluent in speaking English. I hope TalkShop will run programs this summer.

Renz Dominique Balais, Student, St. Joseph’s School

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With the TalkShop training, we were able to learn more and improve our presentation skills. It is both to benefit the company and ourselves. Ms. Sheila Viesca and the speakers Martin and Robert are effective and convincing. They were able to capture the interest of the audience. I learned how to present better and talk with a large crowd in a proper way. I like the question and answer portion (pick a question from the box). TalkShop, you are the best English school. I hope to learn more techniques on how to overcome fear on speaking in a large crowd.

Madelyn M. Castillo, Sales Executive, Panasonic Philippines

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All the materials used in the workshop are good, as well as the composition of samples. They were very motivational. Ms. Sheila Viesca never fails to lose energy all throughout the session. A million thanks to Energizer for not only providing this training but also having a habit of developing each employee. Thank you Ms. Sheila for commending my strengths in speaking and giving a pitch when you said, “Melay, you develop that talent”. Thank you because it’s really good that you are doing this with us.

Melanny Suralco, Sales, Energizer Philippines, Inc.

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I enjoyed this Talkshop communication workshop. I reviewed a lot about Grammar which will be very beneficial to my current assignment in Kumon. I would love to attend another training with the TalkShop team if our company allows me. The training made me look forward to applying what I have just learned as soon as I get back to work.

Loren Alexis Santiago, Corporate Communications Section Leader, Kumon Philippines

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This TalkShop Workshop on Advanced Leadership is very exciting and interesting. Ms. Sheila Viesca and her team were able to transform me into becoming more of a coach and mentor to my staff when carrying out our tasks.

Flora L. Obina, OIC – Branch Head, PCSO

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TalkShop’s TalkMasters session made me feel comfortable when talking in front of a group. I had fun doing it. I notice that the TalkMasters has a very interactive approach in learning. Robert as the TalkMaster is approachable. I hope to continue improving my self-confidence. Thank you TalkShop for this opportunity!

Kristine S. Guerrero, Assistant Operations Manager, B&M Global Services Manila, Inc.

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The TalkShop course is entertaining, informative, and, best of all, effective in developing one’s knowledge in both oral and written communication. Thanks to Sheila Viesca and her team for the time and effort they gave us in teaching Effective Technical Writing. I learned the way of constructing a complete, understandable, and effective correspondence. I can understand why TalkShop is the best English school. One day is not enough. I wish we had two days to finish the course for it is very educational, entertaining, and enhancing.

Angel Delfin Tacadena, Civil Engineer, JFE Engineering Corporation

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Every experience with TalkShop gets better. Sheila Viesca and her team are very good! I learned so much and discovered my leadership style in this advanced workshop.

Atty. Anamarie Gonzales, HR Manager, PCSO

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TalkShop sessions are always well planned, evidenced by the manual given at the start. Ms. Sheila Viesca always came prepared with materials and equipment, which contributed to the program’s smooth flow. TalkShop has given us the best example of a positive language learning experience.

Rojean Macaladlad, MDM Fellow, Asian Institute of Management

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In this TalkShop Communication Training, I learned a lot from communicating with people. I really enjoyed the Personality Excellence. Mr. Robert Borjal is a very reliable and excellent TalkShop Trainer. Because of him and the TalkShop style of teaching, I communicate better now. Thank you TalkShop for being the best training school in the Philippines.

Christie Ang, Media Professonal

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After completing a month’s writing workshop in TalkShop, I noticed a marked improvement in my technical and business writing style. Proper use of tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions and parallelism are just some of the more helpful and enjoyable workshops for me and I look forward to more practical writing applications, progressive quizzes to further improve my writing skills. I am happy ICCP management has chosen TalkShop for coaching me in corporate communications. In fact, I have recommended TalkShop to some of my friends. Now, I am more confident in creating letters, business memos, and copies.

Apple Barretto, ICCP Group

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I learned a lot from this TalkShop Workshop, not to mention that my basic working knowledge of the MS Excel program was enhanced. I liked learning about the Pivot table and lookup functions. The TalkShop Consultants were very informative and patient in explaining concepts and activities not quickly understood. I often only use MS Word and would rarely use MS Excel in my line of work. But now that I have seen and experienced how easy MS Excel is, I will now use it more often to make and prepare for my reports and presentations.


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The topics were interesting. Overall, the TalkShop Training was really impressive – guiding you to learn more about yourself. I liked the self-esteem and confidence portion most. The TalkShop Consultants are great in their respective fields. I learned something new about myself, especially in my self-esteem.

Andrew Tan, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.

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I find this TalkShop Negotiation Training very interesting and helpful especially to us in the field of sales. It is the best training school in salesmanship and leadership. I gained more confidence in this workshop/training and I know myself better now. I learned a lot about relating with customers. It is a very good idea to join any TalkShop training in personal effectiveness. The area I liked most is profiling the different types of people. Knowing them will make me effective in my field. The TalkShop Trainers are very effective. I learned about different types of personalities. Now, I know what style or technique to use when talking to them, when offering products.

Myra Talde, PGA, Iontech, Inc.

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TalkShop introduced to me the possibility of developing a different me. A me who is confident, knowledgeable, and proficient in a certain area. Through TalkShop, I have also realized my potential to dabble into something that is out of my comfort zone. Because TalkShop believes in you, you then believe in yourself. I learned a lot in terms of techniques in public speaking, negotiation, and presentation. The practical application helped a lot in instilling the concepts taught. The program design touched areas that could best help a trainer in developing skills in this area. Careful thought was given to present sessions that are both interesting and informative. The TalkShop Consultants are experts in their particular fields. They were very diverse in their ways of presenting or introducing a topic using motivation, and practical application all throughout. The Consultants are also very professional in the way they conduct sessions and deal with students. The entire workshop made me look at myself differently. I realized that I have my strengths in certain areas and that I can further develop them to excel. Confidence-building is one effect that I welcome, especially in the area of public speaking.

Bembette Ladip, Executive Assistant, Philippine National Oil Company

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Before, I wasn’t good at English, but I’m good at Math. My English scores were lower than my Math’s, and this made my parents unhappy, so my parents enrolled me at TalkShop to enhance my English skills. When we got here, someone gave me a test in English. It was a little hard for me because I wasn’t familiar with the topics. After doing the test, Ms. Sheila Viesca checked it. She told me that I was good but I was overanalyzing it. She told me to develop my creative side. So the lessons started. We practiced our writing and our speaking skills. After that, I got better in English, and my confidence was boosted. In fact, I even became a host in the Fine Dining and Social Graces Event. Because of this, I feel good about myself. Now, through the TalkShop experience, I have improved not only in English but also in my personality. I can express myself better.

Kenzo Suarez, Student, age 11

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The TalkShop session today has been enjoyable. I learned new communication techniques and how to be a more effective public speaker. I like how the workshop design is adaptable—the structure of the lessons is flexible enough that they can be tailor-made to the needs and proficiencies of the trainees. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very precise while Ms. Cecile Matulac is gentle but firm and engaging. I have become better in speaking to groups of people.

Hanna Lou Cruz, Finance Systems Support Analyst, Financial Times

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Today’s Media Training with TalkShop is excellent and I want more of this! I learned many things about public speaking and some more techniques in communication which are new to me. I know I can use this in my future interactions with other people. This is the best part so far! Cool!

Noelito Aquino, Operations Support Analyst, Financial Times

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Thanks to TalkShop, at least I have a general idea of how to deal with guests and behave in functions using proper protocol and business etiquette. The design is simple but creative. The activities weren’t sleepers. They were able to sustain our attention even in the midst of “rush work” brought to the venue. The parts on business protocol and international etiquette are new and I find them worthwhile. The TalkShop Consultants are very spontaneous! This training definitely enhanced my confidence!

Ma. Belinda Cubelo, Assistant Manager, Philippine National Oil Company

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