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GN Power Picks TalkShop

  GN Power (GNP), a joint venture between Nauru-based Power Partners Ltd.Co. and  PMR holdings, has recently concluded a  Technical  and Content Writing workshop  for its engineers  and supervisors. Colin  Parrish, GNP General Manager informs, “As an ISO-certified power provider, we have to be selective in giving quality training and choosing the right business partners.TalkShop’s […]
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Betsson Program Developers Get a Boost of Assertiveness

  Betting Technologies Group (Betsson), an international online betting company, just leveled up their program developers’ communication and customer service skills to international standards through an Assertiveness Training workshop by TalkShop. Grace Cave, Betsson executive says, “I can say that the program is extremely effective because our personnel enjoyed and their transformation is remarkable during […]
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