Present to Inform Workshop Testimonials

  DTI TESTIMONIALS Present to Inform May 24-25, 2017 Batch 2 Rhia Laxa, Department of Trade and Industry, Present to Inform WorkShop Thank you very much for a very informative and ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Trains Accenture to Inspire Through Great Leadership

Accenture Women Get Trained by TalkShop As TalkShop leads the way in pushing the boundaries on training excellence, it partners with industry leaders in promoting gender equality and ... Continue Reading →

Grammar Mastery is a Must

While good grammar is not the be-all, end-all, it can spell the big difference between someone who can communicate the message clearly and someone who communicates garbled script. The ... Continue Reading →

International Labour Organization Manila Office Taps TalkShop Anew

  TalkShop works anew with the International Labour Organization, the only tripartite U.N. agency. Represented locally by the ILO Country Office for the Philippines (ILO Manila), ... Continue Reading →

Manulife Financial personnel share their feedback on TalkShop’s Grammar Mastery Workshop

  At TalkShop, lessons in grammar are more than exercises to gain proficiency in sentence construction.  It is about the practical application and expression of everything an ... Continue Reading →

TIEZA Managers Recommend TalkShop

 Management Communication WorkShop TalkShop has recently concluded the training for the first of two batches of Tourism Infrastructure & Enterprise Zone Authority’s (TIEZA) ... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Myself Better

  Dear TalkShop,   More than being better at speaking and presenting myself, I really appreciate the guidanceyou gave as I got exposed to opportunities to communicate who ... Continue Reading →

Time Well Spent

Dear TalkShop, I had a great class. I enjoyed a lot despite the pressure in giving speeches. I will miss the exercises, fun, and motivational discussions and speech deliveries.I must ... Continue Reading →
Martin in Black

TalkShop Therapy through Stories: Healing by Sharing

By: Martin Jamoralin / Banker 2015 was a bad year for me, though not the worst. That title still belongs to 2013 – it was the worst year. It’s a year that was mostly filled ... Continue Reading →

Breaking Out of My Shell

By: Danna Sta. Ana College Student, DLS-CSB  I remember the first day of my first sessions at TalkShop. I was hesitant to join because I thought I was there just for the overview of ... Continue Reading →
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