Diplomacy in the Workplace

Have you ever been in a situation where you unintentionally offended a colleague or worse, a boss, because you said something that didn’t quite come out the way you intended it to? Or are you tired of having to end your professional emails or messages with a smiley face, just so the recipients know you aren’t intending to sound authoritative or rude?

Our Diplomacy in the Workplace course will help you structure your delivery so that what you say and write will be understood and appreciated, rather than misinterpreted. From daily greetings to following the right conduct even when under pressure, you will learn how to communicate with ease and confidence; and everyone else in the office will see you as a professional, valuable person in the workforce.

Who this is for:

Key officers, managerial assistants, and other employees who spend a significant amount of time interacting with fellow employees and clients

What you will learn:

  1. How to polish and professionalize your role as a key officers and management assistants
  1. How to promote common sense, assertiveness, and social sensibility in daily interactions
  1. How to safeguard the corporate culture, preserve values, and promote effectiveness
  1. How to train a pool of protocol officers who will cascade the learning to their teams


  1. Develop the ability to communicate with diplomacy in speech and writing
  1. Promote a  more harmonious working environment
  1. Polish one’s image, presentation, and personal effectiveness


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 20% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 80% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:

  • Practical Role-play Scenarios
  • Guided Protocol  Training
  • VTR Sessions
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Conversation Drills

Course Outline

I. Developing Diplomatic Quotient

  • Thinking before Acting
  • Everyday Etiquette

II. Handling Difficult Situations/Personalities

  • Disagreeing without being Disagreeable
  • Word Choice Sensibility
  • Avoiding Bloopers in Everyday Situations
  • Projecting Poise and Credibility
  • Assertiveness Issues

III. The Diplomatic Stance

  • Greeting/Receiving Protocol, The Walk, Posture, Demeanor, Image

IV.     Reinforcement of Values

  • Review of Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Diplomatic Branding in All Interactions

V. Customer Diplomacy Skills

  • Professionalism at All Times
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Decisive Actions
  • Conversation Expertise
  • Common Courtesies
  • Dealing with VIPs
  • Standing Your Ground
  • Right Conduct under Pressure

Course duration:

20 hours


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