Entrepreneurship Program                                                         Course Content

Who should attend?

This program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate professionals, project executives, and other individuals who want to learn the key guiding principles in starting businesses big and small.

Those who seek to improve their entrepreneurial skills and increase their chances for success in building organizations are also encouraged to enroll.

Number of Days:

This is a 5-day workshop that focuses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship on the 1st day, key considerations in putting up a business on the 2nd day, business development strategies on the 3rd day, financial literacy on the 4th day, and a business project to be presented on the 5th day.

Prerequisites & Supplements: 

A business-oriented mindset serves as a soft prerequisite as the discussions and activities revolve around business development scenarios that involve risk management and planning. The activities include hands-on business execution.
Training on Strategic Planning and Project Management serves as a supplement to the entrepreneurial concepts to be discussed in the program.

Course Objectives: 

  • Understand and apply entrepreneurial strategies for starting and maintaining businesses
  • Develop effective strategies for improving business ideas and organizational structure
  • Align business processes with modern strategies, organizational objectives, and available resources
  • Construct and implement an entrepreneurial project


I. Setting Business Objectives

  • S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Objectives
  • Forward and Strategic Thinking
  • Milestones for Evaluation

II. Business Start-up Considerations

  • Realms of Corporate Responsibilities
  • Resource Inventory and Management
  • Market Needs and Strategies

III. Defining the Business

  • Corporate Mission and Vision
  • Key Competencies and Core Values
  • Scope of Products and Services
  • True Business Definition

IV. Resource Gathering and Management

  • Business Financing Made Simple
  • Recruitment for Manpower
  • Time Management Principles

V. Organizational Development

  • Establishing Internal Systems
  • Streamlining Processes
  • Training and Managing People

VI. Finance and Economics

  • Making Financial Statements
  • Implementing Financial Systems
  • Economic Trends and Issues

VII. Business Application Project

  • Business Planning
  • Implementation and Monitoring
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Strategic Alignment with Goals

Course Duration:

40 hours



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