International Etiquette Training

In many situations, growing a business means dealing with international partners, consultants, or suppliers. And with the Philippines being eyed globally as a viable location for commerce and development, it should come as no surprise to many local businessmen that many of their dealings involve meeting with company heads from other countries.

Who this is for:

Global executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who work for or with multinational companies/suppliers/business partners; hotel and restaurant managers and staff

What you will learn:

  1. How to apply proper etiquette and social protocols in different countries
  1. How to understand the general rules of etiquette around the world
  1. How to practice and apply the social protocols in business, during a meal, and at business meetings
  1. How to create social awareness in business gatherings
  1. How to incorporate fine dining techniques over lunch


  1. Ease and comfort in dealing with colleagues from other countries
  1. A better understanding of multiple cultural backgrounds and how to use this knowledge to your advantage
  1. Stronger relationships and partnerships with people from different countries
  1. A more efficient and productive work flow with improved results


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:


Course Outline

I. The People and Their Values

A.    Japanese Honor

B.    Chinese Unity

C.    Hong Kongese are NOT Chinese

D.    Multicultural Singapore

E.     Indian Caste

F.     French Renaissance

G.    The Aussies

H.    German Punctuality

I.      The Italy Family

J.      French-speaking Canadians

K.    The United States of America

II. Meeting and Greeting

A.    The Japanese Bow

B.    The Chinese Way of Greeting

C.    Meeting People in Hong Kong

D.    Multicultural Singapore

A.    Welcoming in India

B.    French-kiss and more

C.    Australian Greeting

D.    German Salute

E.    Italian Hospitality

F.     Canadian Hello

G.    American Hello

III. Social Etiquette

A.    The Japanese

B.    Socializing in China

C.    Living in Hong Kong

D.    Singapore Social Life

E.    Indian Socialites

F.     The French Community

G.    Australian Body Language

H.    German Etiquette

I.      Talking to Italians

J.     Living in Canada

K.    The American Way

IV. Business Etiquette

A.    Japanese Business

B.    Made in China

C.    Hong Kong Meetings

D.    Singapore Business

E.    Indian Formalities

F.     Negotiating with the French

G.    Australian Negotiations

H.    Business in Germany

I.      Respect in Italy

J.     Canadian Ventures

K.    America’s Land of Opportunity

V. Dining and Entertainment

A.    Japanese Fine Dining

B.    Chinese Food

C.    Hong Kong Life

D.    Singapore Noodles

E.    Indian Spice

F.     French Etiquette

G.    Australian Food

H.    German Dining

I.      Italian Cuisine

J.     Canadian Dining

K.    Food in America

VI. Attire and Gifts

A.    The Japanese Suit

B.    Chinese Business Attire

C.    Hong Kong Wear

D.    Singapore Style

E.    Dressing in India

F.     French Fashion

G.    Aussie Style

H.    German Uniform

I.      The Italian Suit

J.     Canadian Attire

K.     The American Professional

VII. Helpful Hints, Especially for Women

A.    Japanese Culture

B.    Chinese Beliefs

C.    Hong Kong Dos and Don’ts

D.    Singapore Impressions

E.    Indian Culture

F.    French Manners

G.     Living in Australia

H.    Staying in Germany

I.    The Life in Italy

J.      The Canadian Community

K.     Life in America

Course duration:

40 hours


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