Negotiation Skills & Assertive Communication               Course Outline

Having great negotiation skills are an asset in any work environment. TalkShop, the Philippines’ No. 1 English Communications School, now offers a workshop that helps improve your Negotiation Skills through the application of leadership techniques. The three-day course will teach you how to differentiate management concepts from leadership practices, classify team members according to knowledge and level of commitment, adopt a systematic approach for handling difficult team members, and demonstrate and apply leadership techniques in inspiring and motivation your team.

By employing the best negotiation skills required for any given situation, you will not only improve professional relationships within your company, but you will also see an increased efficiency and enhanced productivity in leading your team members towards a goal.

Who this is for:

Corporate brokers, business traders, professional salesmen, commercial dealers, and other corporate professionals who handle transactions, or business agreements and disagreements

What you will learn:

  1. How to differentiate management concepts from leadership practices
  1. How to classify team members according to their level of commitment and knowledge
  1. How to adopt a scenario-dependent, systematic approach for handling difficult team members
  1. How to demonstrate and apply leadership techniques to inspire and motivate team members


  1. Improved work relationships with superiors and team members
  1. Higher credibility and confidence in leading members towards a goal
  1. Increased efficiency and success in initiating behavioral change among difficult team members
  1. Enhanced productivity from team members and increased initiative in tacking problems


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:

  • Role-playing sessions
  • Guided Leadership Games
  • Speech Activities
  • Writing Exercises
  • Personality Tests
  • Group Sharing and Brainstorming

I.   Preparing for Negotiations

  • Establishing Key Objectives
  • Motivational Drivers

II.  Establishing Authority

  • Negotiating the Agenda
  • Feedback Analysis

III. Clarifying and Verifying Information

  • Active Listening
  • Effective Questioning

IV. Maneuvering for Control

  • Counterproposals
  • Diplomatic Communication
  • Encouraging “No” with a “Yes”

V. Deception Detection

  • Identifying Inconsistencies
  • Sincere vs. Forced Expressions
  • Reading Posture and Gestures

VI. Bargaining and Maximizing Gains

  • Utilizing Pressure
  • Making Concessions
  • Using Conditional Statements

VII. Nonverbal Language Development

  • Personal Body Language Assessment
  • Cluster, Context, and Congruence
  • Involuntary and Inconsistent Gestures
  • The Diplomatic Stance

VIII. Program Evaluation and Next Steps

  • Individual Recommendations
  • Reinforcement of Concepts

Course duration:

20 hours


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