Sales Academy



Anyone who holds a job in Sales and Marketing can tell you about what a challenge his or her line of work presents. A lot of clear, effective communication is involved. A lot of personalities are involved as well. From open but non-committal to uncontrollably irate, customers can put you through a roller coaster of emotions that can leave you confused, exhausted, or even demoralized.

Those who manage sales and marketing teams also have to keep their staff positive and inspired, while teaching them how to respond in the most patient, courteous, and proper way possible.

TalkShop offers several courses under our Sales Academy, which ranges from expat programs to get a better understanding of the Filipino mindset, to call center and customer service training.

Whichever version of sales you or your employees are involved in, we have a course that will help everyone on the team be more confident in handling various sorts of sales-related deals.


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