Social Graces And Dining Etiquette

Proper manners are usually taught in childhood, but over the years, you may have picked up certain habits that go against the grain. It’s nothing to be ashamed of—everyone experiences this. What’s important is that these manners can be reestablished at any time. Our Social Graces and Dining Etiquette course aims to do just that.

Who this is for:

Professionals, students, and other individuals who want to take a refresher course or improve on their social graces

What you will learn:

  1. How to impressively engage in any social situation
  1. The how-to’s in greetings, dressing appropriately, conversing, dating, dining, and drinking in the company of family, friends, or anyone you want to impress
  1. How to properly speak and write according to the situation


  1. The ability to become a more confident achiever
  1. Self-improvement


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:


Course Outline:


I. Personality Dynamics

A. Interviewing Skills
B. Social Graces and Business Etiquette
C. Positive Thinking and Confidence Building
D. Inter-relationship Skills

II. Verbal Yoga

A. Pronunciation and Articulation
B. Accurate Word Choice
C. Advanced Vocabulary

III. Communication Excellence

A. Conversation Expertise – dyadic, triadic situations
B. Thought Formation – Practical Application

IV. Grammar Mastery

A. Common Areas of Confusion and Error
B. Sentence Structure and Logical Considerations
C. Parts of Speech
D. Punctuations
E. Writing Fluency


I. Modern Table Manners

A. American vs. English Setting
B. Place Setting for Formal Dining
C. Place Setting for Informal Dining

II. Styles of Eating

A. The American Method
B. The Continental Method
C. Eating with Chopsticks

III. Mastery of Table Tools

A. The Six Forks
B. The Seven Spoons
C. Glassware
D. Napkin Folds

IV. Beginning the Meal

A. Snacks
B. High Tea, Afternoon Tea
C. Full-course Meals

V. How to be a Guest

A. Weddings, Formal Ceremonies
B. When Visiting Friends

VI. Entertaining Guests

A. At Home
B. When Dining out

VII. Gift Giving and Receiving
VIII. The Proper Handshake
IX. Gestures, Customs, and Taboos
X. The New Etiquette

Course duration:



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