Social Media Language                                                             Course Outline

Many consumers spend much of their day online; they search for deals, make purchases, and read reviews about products and services. Most of the time, this takes place on social media—the networks that allow them to interact with their friends and fellow consumers; other individuals they can get opinions and advice from.

How can you use social media to your advantage and reach your potential customers in the most effective way? This course will teach you the “language” you can use online to help build your brand, interact with your target audiences, and establish a relationship that will create brand loyalty.

Who this is for:

Business owners and managers who want to create online presence for their brands; start-ups that want to establish their businesses through social media; advertising, media, and public relations practitioners who represent multiple brands; and individuals who are seeking to promote their craft—or themselves!

What you will learn:

  1. How to identify which social media channels are best suited for your type of business
  1. How to properly communicate with your target audiences online with correct use of grammar and proper word choices
  1. How to use different writing styles and tonalities that are appropriate for your band or organization
  1. How to respond to consumer queries and comments, helpfully and graciously
  1. How to maintain customer relationships through your social media channels


  1. Having the ability to reach out to a broader or more targeted audience
  1. Presence in a channel that provides for more immediate correspondence with your target consumers
  1. Search-ability and share-ability online


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:

  • Practical Writing Activities
  • Guided Demonstration Activities
  • Online Task Management
  • Group Presentations
  • Task Evaluation Sessions
I. Netiquette Mastery

  • Outline Norms and Protocols
  • Courtesies (email/chat/blog)
  • Staying on Topic
  • Keeping it Simple

II. Grammar Review

  • Sentence Constructions
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Pronoun-Antecedent
  • Prepositions
  • Tense Mastery
  • Punctuations

III. Writing Applications

  • Editing: What to Cut (tone, punctuation, spelling)
  • Proofreading: What to Polish (message, structure, diction)
  • Evaluating Writing Styles (readability, succinct replies, simplified expressions)

IV. Diction

  • Word Choice and Transitions

V. Writing Applications: Emails, Chats, Blogs

  • Save Time: planning the Writing
  • Gain Trust: Being Personable Online
  • Develop Confidence: Using the Right Tone
  • Read Between the Lines: Practicing Empathy
  • Ask the Right Questions: Understanding the Client
  • Relay the Message: Setting Your Eye on the Goal

Course Duration:

20 hours


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