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It’s a very nice and informative program. I learned much from it. The Enneagram is very interesting.Ms. Sheila Viesca is very smart and is such a hard-working person. I learned to think first before I act.
Dennis Santillan, ASTELLAS PHARMA
Confidence Building and Personality Development
This workshop has significantly helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation, analytical skills, critical thinking, and sentence structure. Also thanks for this workshop. My confidence in writing, as well as speaking, has leveled up. This also made me realize that the end user should be considered. The program design is easy to follow. I love the group activities.
Technical Report Writing
TalkShop has really helped me in speaking effectively andit has boosted my confidence when speaking and giving speeches. Thank you TalkShop for helping me conquer my fear in delivering and talking in public. I feel I’ve beaten 70% of the population who fear public speaking.I learned a lot especially I discovered that I need a lot of improvement. TalkShop has pointed it out. The workshop is really fun at the same time we learn every discussion happily. Ms. Sheila Viesca, the Facilitator is excellent. The workshop has helped me understand myself better.
Bianca Theresa Antonio, HAREM INC.
Salesmanship and Communication Excellence
The objectives of the training were clearly defined. I’ve learned some techniques to be a good public speaker. The program design has met the company expectations. I like giving instructions the most like the concept of using point, reason, and action.The Consultant showed confidence in this seminar. The workshop has helped increase my self-confidence.
Ma. Venus Larin, TP Section, SMK
Effective Communication and Presentation Skills Training
The training is very good and helpful in our work. I learned additional public speaking knowledge. TalkShop program design is very interactive.Mr. Caloy is a very good speaker. I have improved my public speaking skills.
Russelle Joseph Manlapaz, Engr., SMK
Effective Communication and Presentation Skills Training
TalkShop is awesome! Lots of learning- we were taught the technicalities and the basics that are indeed important. Learning is great and superb!Ms. Sheila is well-prepared and knows the right approach to improve our weaknesses.She is very good and worth listening to. I didn’t want to miss a single second of her class and lectures
Mark Jayson Figueroa,PMR,ASTELLAS PHARMA
Confidence Building and Personality Development
I got lots of learning. TalkShop is wonderful! It’s remarkable and magnificent. The program design is great. I like the Enneagram the most. I truly appreciate that Ms. Sheila Viesca is smart and well-prepared. Because of ther teaching style, I’ve increased my self-esteem.
Gene Figuracion, ASTELLAS PHARMA
Confidence Building and Personality Development
I love this workshop. I was able to discover the inner me. I really appreciate the gained learning. I learned a lot from TalkShop workshop. With the activities tackled and explained, I was able to assess myself, personality, and character. I know more about myself and know who I really am now. I like the enneagram, personality types, and the archetype the most. The Consultants are good. They know their topics very well.
Personal Effectiveness WorkShop
TalkShop Facilitator is easy to understand, very good. She knows her subject very well SOBRANG GALING.I learnedmuch. I like writing technical report the most. I gained confidence, competency, and selfesteem.
JoxasNaidas, Legal Assistant 1, DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY
Technical Writing WorkShop
It’s a great and very lively workshop by TalkShop. I like the group exercise the most. Ms. Sheila is very knowledgeable. TalkShop workshop has helped me develop confidence in writing.
Technical Report Writing
I learned a lot and this served as a refresher course. The program design is organized. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very nice and approachable. TalkShop workshop even made me at ease in public speaking.
Alfee Rei Galapon, TIDA
Technical Writing WorkShop
TalkShop has helped me a lot in just 3 days. I can’t wait for more! The program design is perfect to every student enrolled at TalkShop. I liked the activities especially the impromptu speeches. The TalkShop Consultants are very friendly and accommodating. I learned to believe in myself more and I gained confidence. I want to improve my pronunciation and grammar.
Margaret Pacumio, Student
TalkShop Social Graces and Fine Dining
Before my TalkShop training, I was not very good in talking to others especially to strangers. I am very thankful to Ms. Sheila Viescafor this opportunity to develop myself. TalkShop workshop taught me to be more confident and sure of myself in the presence of an audience. The TalkShop Consultant is very accommodating. The workshop has helped me become more confident and outgoing.
Zoe Janelle Lim, DLSU Student
TalkShop Social Graces and Fine Dining
TalkShop did a lot for me. I came to TalkShop as a crying, negative woman. Pain was my personality, but I’ve changed and have been renewed. I feel the blessing of the Lord. I saw His gift and that is to enjoy life. My learning is immeasurable. The design is great as if I would not want to end the training. I want to thank Ms. Sheila and Ms. Pilar for being nice coaches in building my self –confidence and finding myself. I have much transformation in my communication skills. I am now more confident, also I was able to rebuild myself.
AbegailBarayoga, Corporate Executive
TalkShop Social Graces and Fine Dining
TalkShop is a venue for courage of creativity. It brings out your personal self and transform it to your natural graciousness and elegance. TalkShop gives you tools to allow you to listen to your potential and bring out the best in you. It’s a wholistic lesson approach that allows me to be more of myself in any situation. Ms. Sheila Viescais very knowledgeable and confident in every aspect. She is very inspiring and sincere. I became more of myself and learned that there is responsibility in the presence you show. I want to learn more on Stress and Time Management.
LykaCaparas, Corporate Executive
TalkShop Social Graces and Fine Dining
I learned a lot from TalkShop’s Workshop especially in confidence building. The Consultants are very nice and approachable. I was able to overcome my fears in speaking in front of people.
Lourdes Andrada, University Student
TalkShop Social Graces and Fine Dining
The topic I like the most in the Business Writing workshop is the proper use of prepositions and conjunctions. Sheila is excellent in communicating and teaching the concepts so it’s easy for me to understand the lessons. She also encouraged me to practice my writing and reading skills more which will definitely help me in the future. Thanks again and keep it up!
Glen Dalisay
Business Writing, Manulife Financials
The design of the workshop is good. I especially enjoyed the grammar tests and learned how to write business letters and emails better. The TalkShop consultant is very spontaneous which makes the workshop fun and interactive. Thanks to TalkShop I’ve enhanced my writing abilities and will always remember the dos and don’ts in English grammar.
Jennifer Maligaya
Business Writing, Manulife Financials
Overall, the seminar was awesome. I learned a lot even just for 2 days. The Teacher is beautiful and nice. I hope to attend another seminar like this in the futre. Ilearned sentence construction, paragraph, correct grammar, tenses, and diction. The design of TalkShop workshop is excellent and strategized that everybody can pick up and follow everything. I like the chance of speaking in front of my colleagues. Ms. Sheila always commends everyone that boosts our morale. After the workshop, I feel like I am more confident to speak, construct an e mail especially in English.
Dale Anthony Frias, Software Engineer, PJ LHUILLIER - TalkShop Corporate Writing Workshop
I am not good in English. I can understand but it’s so hard for me to communicate using this language. I’m so thankful to our company for giving me the opportunity to attend this workshop. As an administrative assistant, this will help me construct sentences, memos, and other businessletters using correct grammar. All my learnings from this workshop I will apply in my daily activities. The TalkShop compendium is very useful. Ms. Sheila is a good and patient facilitator. This workshop taught me not to use jejemons and taglish.
Jane Martiel,AA, PJ LHUILLIER - TalkShop Corporate Writing Workshop


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