Talkshop’s Training The Trainer Goes Online

Talkshop’s Training The Trainer Goes Online

Talkshop’s Training The Trainer Goes Online

TalkShop, the leading ISO-certified training facility that is accredited with the Civil Service Commission launches its “Training the Trainer for Online Learning”.   With this, the company enables   business owners, government leaders, school owners, coaches, and mentors to take their craft on a global platform with online tools and digital resources that ensure the delivery of e-learning programs that are targeted, flexible, immediate, convenient, and cost-effective.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Founder explains, “This training runs for a minimum of 3 days, to orient trainers in using online tools like Google Hangout and Webex, among others.  Trainers master the systematic processes of online training delivery.This will likewise touch on soft skills like communication, coaching, and developing one’s emotional quotient (EQ). Trainers, after all, must teach while they motivate and inspire.”

The workshop aims to bring the classroom experience to learners in different parts of the country and from around the globe. Trainers master the training skills such as assessment, curriculum design, facilitation and instruction, which are necessary for both classroom and online teaching.  All throughout, the objective revolves on learner development as importance is given to meaningful and relevant content in simulated online training experience.

Sheila Viesca is the proponent Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) an approach to learner development that incorporates the teaching styles of the West with the learning styles of the East in an interactive setting, enriched with researched-based materials and situational exercises.  This methodology is applied throughout all of TalkShop’s training programs and customized designs in Management, Leadership, Communication, Personality Development, Corporate Effectiveness, and Protocol Training.

TalkShop’s Training the Trainer for Online Learning is now offered to local firms after its successful run and implementation in the teaching programs of international companies. (632) 894-5588





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