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    2018-02-22 08:45:18, Thu

Yuko Yagi, TalkShop ESL student turned TESL educator

To TalkShop,

Everything just became magnificent when I learned English at TalkShop. Apparently, TalkShop is a must to enjoy my stay here in the Philippines. Before I found the school, I was shy to speak English because of my strong accent and limited vocabulary. However, as I was exposed to English at TalkShop.

I gradually started to think that it's not a big deal to make mistakes as long as I can communicate with other people. Thanks to my teachers and classmates, I was able to improve my English skills as well as my thinking and attitude. It was a pleasant surprise to see the positive change in myself. Now, I feel confident in my communication skills and I think positively about myself. My life here in the Philippines has turned full circle because of TalkShop.

Learning English with TalkShop was always like a gathering of laughter and fun. Especially taking their teaching course was a good fit for me. It was ultimately thrilling to be given an opportunity to challenge myself, do something new, push my limits. It was a big breakthrough for me to handle Japanese business men and attend corporate seminars as a member of TalkShop.

Through such great experience, I made an amazing transformation from an ordinary housewife to a positive woman. I would like to give my deepest thaks to all the members of TalkShop. Quite frankly, I did not expect myself to have such happy days here in this country when I first came from Japan.

I believe that the opportunity to learn and grow is a generous gift from the Philippines. As a result, I fully enjoyed three years of my stay and became a big fan of this charming country. I have total faith in applying what I learned here to become a better person in my country. Thank you for everything.

-March 2013 Yuko Yagi, TalkShop ESL student turned TESL educator

TalkShop TESL Philippines

TESL Philippines is the Teaching Certification Division of TALKSHOP, developer of Integrated Language Teaching, a premiere English training facility in the Philippines, and an affiliate of the International English Education Research Association (IEERA), based in Delaware, USA.

This TalkShop Information Kit provides details of our Teaching Certification Courses. Please review the information and course descriptions. To schedule your free evaluation online or in person, please call us at (632) 8945588 or email

Inside this Information Kit:

TEFL (comprehensive)
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TESOL Practicum
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TalkShop Methodology
Integrated Language Teaching (ILT)

Introduction to Language Teaching Approaches
Language Learning Online Resources
Basic Learner Profile & Lesson Guide
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• Yuko Yagi, TalkShop ESL student turned TESL educator
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