Do you have your sights set on becoming an English teacher? Most schools require certifications before an applicant can qualify. Common among these is the TESOL, which is the most comprehensive of English teaching certifications. Prepare for it by taking our TESOL Test Review program, which includes sample tests that will give you a better sense of what the actual test is like.

Who this is for:

Teachers or aspiring teachers seeking employment in schools that use English as the medium of instruction

What you will learn:

  1. How to apply communicative language teaching as an integrated process rather than a set of distinct learning outcomes
  1. How to enhance your teaching skills and communicative competence
  1. How to master the teaching principles for interactive curriculum design


  1. Improved competence in teaching spoken and written English
  1. Enhanced communication skills for better interaction with the class
  1. Higher credibility and confidence in designing and delivering TESOL curriculums


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:

  • Role-playing Sessions
  • Guided Teaching Games
  • Creative Classroom Activities
  • Integrated language Teaching ¬†Exercises
  • Learner Evaluation Tool mastery
  • Program Design and Delivery

Course outline:

I. English as a Second Language

  • Issues in Second Language Acquisition
  • Teaching Methodology vs. Learning Styles
  • Teaching Speaking Strategies
  • Dimensions of Learning

II. Teaching Communicative Competence

  • Teaching Speaking
  • Grammar Mastery and Application (Tenses, Punctuation, Parts of Speech, Areas of Confusion, and Common Errors)

III. Fluency Strategies

  • Thought Formation
  • Logic and Creativity in Speaking and Writing

IV. Immersion Activities in Bilingual Education

  • Sharing Teaching Strategies (Book Recommendations, Online References)
  • The Communicative Approach: Principles of Language Teaching

V. Practical Application

  • Improving Teaching Styles
  • Learning Techniques for Teachers

Course duration:

10 days





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