TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I learned a lot from TalkShop. With the help of all the TalkShop sessions, I was able to get rid of my old and less confident self. Indeed, the communication and personality development workshop really helped me improve my reading, listening, and speaking skills. If you would ask me what particular areas I liked the most, I would say all of them fared excellently. The IELTS review program especially enhanced the skills that I needed to have to be successful here and abroad. What was good with the workshop, too, was that however intensive and in-depth the sessions were, all trainers still maintained a cheerful atmosphere in the classroom. The trainers were competent and nice, and I think this factor should be central to teaching. I will not simply pass the IELTS. I believe that I have become a better person with TalkShop. I know there are still so many things to learn in English, as Ms Sheila noted during one of our review sessions. But I am happy to have gotten many useful tips from the Talkshop Review program in just a short time.

Ferdinand Figuroa, Architect


THE TALKSHOP WORKSHOP is EXCELLENT! E – It can Enrich your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. X – It is where ideas are well eXpressed, C – Communication skills are enhanced, and E – activities are Enjoyable. L – The teachers are Lighthearted L – and Learned. E – Indeed Exciting! N – Above all, it is Notable T – for the Talkshop to be known by everyone. The Talkshop is an excellent learning center for language and culture.

Monaliza C. Viduya – Novice, Daughters of St. Anne


“The Talkshop Learning Center is for people who want to learn more about the English language. It provides the training you need in your search for self-improvement. We studied there and were given lessons not only in grammar, pronunciation and speech but also in painting and dance. These activities helped build our confidence in facing other people. The integrated program did not only focus on the use of the English language but also on some inputs about the different personality types through “The Goddess Archetype” and “The Journey Within” evaluation. We enjoyed our classes at The Talkshop so much, especially when we did the tongue twisters because it challenged us to pronounce words well. Ms. Sheila gave each of us a Creative Writing Journal book for us to exercise our skill in composition. “Just be open to receive more knowledge and you will definitely improve yourself. The mistakes you make will help you in your learning process.” No doubt, the best lesson that The Talkshop had taught us was to Think Positive.”

Ladylou Amor – Postulant, Daughters of St. Anne


“It was really a great privilege to study at “The Talkshop”. In this learning center, you will learn many things, not only English but many other lessons in life as well. When I attended the session the first time, I immediately found learning English as easy since the teachers really encouraged us to be comfortable in speaking the language; my fear of committing mistakes in speaking had been lessened because we were told to relax and imbibe the motto: “Think English and Speak English”. The experience made me more enthusiastic to learn and know more about the language. Our experience at The Talkshop was a fantastic and informative one. On the first day, we were immediately asked to speak in front and introduce ourselves; we were also given adages and tasked to share something about them. [...]

Ivy Mea B. Miase – Postulant, Daughters of St. Anne


In my view, learning English, especially the use of correct grammar, pronunciation, and accent, is quite confusing. Fortunately, my congregation, the Daughters of St. Anne, enrolled me in The Talkshop English Program. Definitely the program had been very helpful to me. It enhanced my knowledge of the English language and developed my communication skills. Using the Communicative Language Teaching approach proved to be a practical way of learning the language. The lessons taught were applied in the activities/exercises we had. I learned to organize my thoughts and developed self-confidence in writing and speaking. I also learned to stretch my creativity and enhance my analytical-thinking skills. The Talkshop materials and references were very informative and useful. Even the meals/snacks served were delicious. The teachers were enthusiastic, thoughtful, considerate, and passionate. I can say that my Talkshop experience is the best.

Judelyn Aro – Postulant, Daughters of St. Anne


WE ARE PERPETUAL LEARNERS! There are many ways to learn: from experiences, relationships, and explorations/discoveries about many things. The most important thing is we value and treasure the meaning of what we have learned. A few weeks past, we were given the chance to enhance our knowledge by studying the English language. Luckily, The TalkShop was the learning center chosen for us to study the language. It addressed our needs because they have the necessary materials, well-equipped facilities, and a holistic teaching approach to help improve ourselves, and in only a few meetings, we had already learned a lot. They helped us nourish our physical and spiritual needs. Their goal is to make their students become competent public speakers using the English language. [...]

Rowena R. Remulta – Novice, Daughters of St. Anne


“Wonderfully, we ended our class at The TalkShop on December 15, 2008 with a painting activity. I was so amazed, happy, and proud to see my painting. Unbelievable! It was my first time to paint using a canvas. I did not know how to paint then. But on that day, I told myself, “I know how to paint if I will allow my finger to dance in the canvas according to the rhythm of the music in my heart!” Confidently, I could say that learning English at The TalkShop had been an enriching experience because it did not only focus on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation like in high school and other English schools. The purpose of learning English is not only to make the participants speak, but also make them eloquent speakers. For this reason, English becomes an art. [...] 

Parminauli Harianja – Novice, Daughters of St. Anne


“WOW! THE TALKSHOP PROGRAM. I am thankful that our congregation sent us to this program. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity. After the five-day class, I began to practice my English by habitually using it in speaking, writing, and reading. In the past, I did not appreciate the beauty of the English language that is why this program proved to be a challenge to me. The teachers’ compassionate manner of teaching encouraged me to strive hard and develop myself more. Their openness and optimism helped me for they did not only teach English, but they were also able to express – through the lessons – the beauty of life and make me become a better person. The Talkshop facilities are great and conducive to learning. The staff was generous in sharing their knowledge and providing the materials needed by the students. [...]  

Ma. Lourdes Verde – Postulant, Daughters of St. Anne


Dearest Sheila, Again I found a free day to write to all my pals at home since today is a holiday here in Madrid. It’s a Constitution Day of Spain – 28th anniversary of the founding of their Democracy. Which to my mind is really strange in comparison to our Philippine Constitution…inasmuch as it shows we have been democratized earlier (in 1935) than the Spaniards. And yet, it seems our Country has not progressed and advanced at all in a way that Spain have had in the last 28 years. A sore note to our Philippine History. Anyway, as I write you this email I’m actually viewing the DVDs you gave me about the English Language History. I must admit though that DVD transfer was not quite good – there are some jumps & cluttered scenes which are not understandable – but as a whole it’s still a valuable material for my teaching job. [...] 

Rene Viray


“It all started with my sister’s visit to a Powerbooks store. She got hold of a flyer advertising The Talkshop Learning Centre for Language and Culture. Aware that I was looking for a fruitful summer class outside the confines of the university, she passed on the flyer. A week later, I enrolled in The Talkshop’s Communications Excellence Program. I wanted to develop my oral communication skills. The School Director, Sheila Viesca helped me, along with other students through the course that covered several helpful topics (grammar mastery, public speaking, interview skills, personality development, writing fluency, as well as social graces and etiquette). Her most helpful advice to students: Be Open. Speak from the Heart.

Arianne Cerezo, Student


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