TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I’m now more empowered, motivated, and knowledgeable thanks to TalkShop. The interactive games made learning so much fun. Confident, convincing, knowledgeable, and assertive are just some of the things I can say about TalkShop’s consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca. I’ve become more insightful and realized that the desire to learn more, improve, and change are what I need to become a better person.

Francis Sison, Marketing Officer

There are so many things TalkShop has taught me such as how to be an inspired, motivated, and great leader. The workshop design was interesting and helped me find out more about myself. Ms. Sheila definitely had a way of inspiring her audience and made me want to be more energetic at work.

Mandy D. Ramos, Audit Staff

I was able to understand most of the topics discussed and had fun learning about the different personalities, attitudes, values, and most of all, how to be a good leader. The two-day workshop was nice and the flow of the workshop was simple and straight to the point. What I like the most is how scientific the approach is and the topics were very relevant to our interests. Ms. Sheila’s so smart! She’s become my new idol and I like the way speaks, walks, and delivers her explanations and insights regarding many things! I also realized it’s never too late to start developing your skills in English. I definitely want to learn how to be more fluent in English and want to know new words to increase my vocabulary.

Michael Ondag, HR Officer

A positive attitude, proper training, and excellent communication skills for leadership are just some of the things I learned from TalkShop. The activities were enjoyable and the speaker was very effective. I realized that I had many weak points that I needed to work on. I want to get even better and join TalkShop’s next seminar.

Lourdes Button, MIS Manager

I learned a lot in terms of what my personality type is and how diversified our team can be. Our differences and similarities were made clear thanks to TalkShop. I believe the workshop design was very appropriate for our team to become better and more united. I liked the activities that helped us determine our personality type and traits. Ms. Sheila knows what she’s talking about and states practical applications for the topics. I’m more conscious now and understand how important it is to myself in other people’s shoes. I was inspired to become a more effective leader.

Joana Wong, Operations Manager

I liked the workshop, especially how it helped me understand others and become a better leader as well as an excellent English communicator. Our teacher was very knowledgeable and communicated the ideas very well. I want to learn how to relate with people better and think more group activities will help me in the future.

Robin Cu-Unjieng, Executive

The limited time we had for the workshop made it difficult for the topics to sink in but I learned so much about English thanks to the TalkShop’s interactive style of teaching. Ms. Viesca was interactive and very helpful in giving us educational lessons related to the subject. There were still so many things I wanted to learn like how to pronounce even more difficult words but the techniques she showed us will be very helpful in the future.

Shiela Gesmundo, Help Desk Coordinator

I believe that my communication skills have improved through the exercises we had in the workshop. I enjoyed the exercises so much and would like to thank Ms. Sheila and Ms. Michelle for being accommodating and understanding. They are great teachers and it was really fun to have them train us. I think I need to work more on my confidence but I’m now able to communicate my ideas with other people better because of TalkShop.

Eloisa B. Gesmundo, Executive

TalkShop taught me a lot. I can now organize my ideas and pronounce difficult words correctly. Ms. Sheila was very friendly and not so intimidating which is why I don’t mind being corrected by her. I can speak in English more fluently now and arrange sentences according to their tenses. I still want to get better at expressing myself verbally since I’m not naturally good at speaking. I want to focus more on speeches and how to be more confident the next time I join TalkShop.

Evangeline Lagcum, Receptionist

The TalkShop workshop was very reminiscent of my high school and college life. I wish we had more time to discuss the topics especially since the workshop was so much fun. The oral exercises helped me realize my weaknesses and gain confidence in public speaking. Ms. Viesca is definitely a professional who’s not only eloquent but also beautiful. She helped me enhance my communication skills in English and gave me the confidence to speak meaningfully in front of a crowd. I want to learn leadership from her next time.

Bryan C. Camarote, Helpdesk Coordinator


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