TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned many things from the fine dining event like how to talk to friends in English. The workshop design is good and very helpful for me. I think the TalkShop consultants are definitely the best English teachers in the Philippines which makes TalkShop the best English school in the country!

Joshua Manlili, High School Student

Well, I learned just what I needed to prepare me for school. The fun dining event taught me how to eat properly. I really enjoyed the atmosphere also. It wasn’t very dark but well-lit and had a lot of light colors. The TalkShop consultants are also very good, definitely some of the best teachers in the Philippines.

Thomas Matthew Arbolante, Student, Elementary level

I enjoyed the different scenarios being given on how to be assertive. This really helped me a lot as a reference for whenever I encounter similar situations. There were plenty of things I learned such as how to negotiate well during meetings and other situations. Ms. Sheila is a very good teacher and explained the topics well. She also provided concrete examples based on the latest events that we can relate to. I will join TalkShop again in the near future to further improve my English skills. There’s no other place I want to go to; TalkShop is already the best English school for me.

Ruth Hannah Agustino, Technical Engineer 2

TalkShop’s Negotiation Skills workshop design was well done. The film showing “12 Angry Men” and group activities were my favorite part of the workshop. I learned many different behaviors and ways of negotiating with each person. All thanks to the TalkShop consultant, Ms. Sheila. She was able to show us through example what it means to be a good communicator as well as a negotiator. In the future I want to learn more about how to control my temper when negotiating with different clients. I also want the company to get TalkShop again so I can learn more from them.

Lovella T. Sales, Company Nurse, Fujitsu Ten

The workshop really improved my negotiation skills and taught me so many practical things I can use in my work. There were many pointers in the discussion regarding how to be a better negotiator. It’s a good thing the TalkShop consultant was very knowledgeable about the topic otherwise I wouldn’t have understood the lesson. TalkShop is definitely a must-try for those who haven’t experienced what the best training school in the Philippines is like.

Melita G. Narito, Office Staff

The workshop was good and full of helpful topics that are practical and useful in making a great first impression. The TalkShop consultants have a good sense of humor. Because of this it wasn’t difficult for me to feel at ease and have fun with them. The workshop is also educational; all the tips on manners, social graces, and posture became a habit after a short while.

Hannah Patricia B. Capua, Student

I wanted to improve my confidence and so I took up the Personality Development Program. I enjoyed the program because the environment was so conducive for learning and the set-up made me feel comfortable. The TalkShop Consultants are the best! She is definitely one of the best teachers in the Philippines! I still want to build my confidence more and work on my presentation skills. I will be coming back to study in TalkShop again soon so I can further improve my communication skills.

Adrian Cornejo, Producers Bank Management Trainee

I’ve learned how to properly pronounce words and gained a lot of confidence. I’ve overcome my shyness and speak faster now compared to before. The teachers are very motivated and interesting. They are also courteous and always greet me in a happy manner. I want to my voice to be just as good as Mrs. Pilar’s. She sounds greats whenever she speaks in English!

Rey Paolo P. Wi, Entrepreneur

The workshop is a great learning experience! I enjoyed the part about Greek Mythology and the Enneagram. These topics helped me learn more about myself and improve my weaknesses. The consultants are the best English teachers in the Philippines! They are very good, easy to understand, and treat you more like a friend than a student. They are also approachable and have a good sense of humour. I want to be more assertive in the future. This is why I want to practice my speaking and social skills more in TalkShop. I definitely want to learn more from TalkShop about English communication. This is because TalkShop is the best school for learning English!

Maria Luisa Chavez, Supervisor

Since I came to TalkShop, I’ve become more confident in conversing with people and crowds. I believe that my skills have definitely improved in terms of structure in my presentation, posture on stage, and communication skills in public speaking. All of the TalkShop consultants were very friendly. Mrs. Pilar, Robert, and Ms. Sheila are all very good teachers. They were patient and had a lot of interesting insights. Mrs. Pilar taught me really well and is definitely one of the best English teachers in the Philippines. Mrs. Pilar is the BEST!!

Javier Mabanta, Ateneo De Manila University


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