TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

The training is so effective and helpful to all of us. The design of the workshop fits all of us. The TalkShop consultants are very good educators. I am so glad NHMFC chose TalkShop to be our English trainer.

Rhodelyn Salazar, National Home Mortgage Finance Corp.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

I learned a lot of things and I know I can improve more if I study the materials that TalkShop has given us. The consultants are very attentive and know the topics well.

Arlyn C. Bugaoan, National Home Mortgage Finance Corp.

With TalkShop, I learned more than English. I learned how to prepare letter and to reply to complaints. I learned about redundancies and superfluous words. I learned most of all to be more dynamic and professional everytime I communicate with customers and colleagues. The design is very informative. I like everything. Thanks TalkShop!

Marissa P. Sotto, National Home Mortgage Finance Corp.

Everything I used to be confused about and want to know, I learned in this English communication training with TalkShop. TalkShop workshop is totally a great experience! The topics I like most are the memo writing and the correct usage of the noun-verb in sentences. The consultants are able to teach us what we need to learn. TalkShop is able to help us increase our self-confidence both in spoken and written communication.

Ma. Cecilia E. Purificaction, National Home Mortgage Finance

TalkShop has taught me excellent tips on good communication and leadership. The workshop and consultants are excellent. I would recommend TalkShop as the best English school in the Philippines. It has helped me greatly in my personal development.

Lourdes M. Tongcua, National Home Mortgage Finance Corp.

My communication skills have improved with TalkShop. I learned a lot. The particular part that I like most is grammar. The consultants are all excellent in the way they teach. The training helped me to revive my self-confidence. Because of this training, I am inspired to keep getting better. I aim to be an excellent communicator and leader. And it has started here with TalkShop.

Gloroife Quijano, Manila North Harbor Port, Inc.


“I am a supervisor from Grades and Traffic Department. I am tasked to attend to whatever problem may arise during operations. As a leader, I stand by procedure but not making things complicated as I set examples. Whenever my subordinate commits infraction, I find time to talk it over with them; this depends on the gravity of the offense. Infraction that greatly affects or hampers the operation will be dealt with accordingly. There are those who will be given another chance although I will not let it pass that what they did was wrong. I deal with the most difficult people. As a leader, I will keep an eye on you and help them realize their wrong, I will give them tasks that would help them excel. To be the best me, I will establish myself as myself, as a successful person, because it is very hard to be in the shoes of someone else. I idolize good leaders who extend their hand to the needy without publicity and those who are loving fathers.”

Edgar Allan M. Gallardo

“I am a strict leader. I give tasks and instructions all the time which my people complain about. They would ask which tasks they are going to do first and which are least. This is what I am because I believe in my people�s ability to do it. I tend to react negatively whenever a subordinate makes his own move or decision regardless of what I instructed him to do. For people that are difficult to handle, I often show them my strong side and my eagerness in doing a well-done job so that will be a good example for them. I will try to have our daily end-of-the-day meetings just to sum up and discuss matters so any problem will be discussed and resolved right after so working the next day will be well for us. To develop the best me, I will aim to be a good role model for many people. I can say also that I can be one of the company’s best assets in terms of global competitiveness.”

Airabhel V. Soriano

“I am a leader with self-confidence, a leader with the capacity to guide and motivate my subordinates to reach their goals. As a leader, I experience some negative reactions from my subordinates but I don’t feel affected about it and instead focus on the positive side because nothing will happen if we stick to that negative reaction. I will do my best so that someday I will become a competitive, fruitful, and an excellent leader in this company.”

Bonifacio Cabatuan

“I have constantly risen to the challenge of my leadership roles. I have worked with many types of personalities, and rarely deviate from the results that are the expected of my team. I find it a challenge enough to motivate people to a goal, set schedules, and perform their tasks. I understand that I will come across one of them in the future so I would have to understand that they have a lot of ideas in mind and that motivating them to share their ideas would be worth it. It is still a long road ahead of me and I will work with everyone to be a more effective leader. Together we can learn about different experiences, personalities, and lessons here in MNHPI. Together we can formulate our own style; a style that resonates with our values, our experiences, and our visions. Together, we are stronger.”

Federick John Nasol


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