TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I actually learned a lot. To be honest, I’m actually not confident when talking to a crowd but knowing how to boost my self-esteem helped a lot. Also, the lesson on proper application of makeup will help me. TalkShop is the best training institute and the right organization to teach Personality Development. I like most is the part about types of personalities. The TalkShop Lecturers are really great and awesome. This workshop makes me understand other people better.

Maui Pacis, PGA, Iontech, Inc.


After the TalkShop Seminar, I feel empowered and positive that I can do all things if I just believe in myself and have confidence. I have appreciated the things I have and value learning even more. I like the part about the self-improvement and self-esteem. The TalkShop Trainers are very eloquent and interesting to listen to. I feel that I am enough and I can do more with my life.

Ro Santiago, PGA, Iontech, Inc.


Today’s TalkShop activity is really helpful especially the lecture about how to stand, sit, and walk properly, and how to put on makeup for different occasions. My favorite part is the posture and makeup workshop. The TalkShop Consultants shared their knowledge very well. TalkShop transformed my posture and presentation, how to sit, walk properly, and also my put on makeup.

Christine Niro, Iontech, Inc.


The TalkShop Personality Development WorkShop is very informative. I learned about the four types of personalities and the best way to relate with them. I learned a lot. I learned how to put on makeup. It’s great. The subject on the types of personalities is relevant and very interesting. The TalkShop Consultants are nice and approachable. They pointed out the key things and ideas and reminded us of them throughout the seminar. This changed the way I feel about putting on makeup and being the best me.

Aira Marie Deymos, Product Manager Associate, Iontech, Inc.


This TalkShop Personality Development Training was an eye-opener. It was very interesting. The personality-type talk was encouraging because it gave me knowledge on a personal and deeper level. I like the good TalkShop Speakers who are quite laid back yet extremely knowledgeable on the topic. They are very engaging.

Alex Bonilla, Iontech, Inc.


TalkShop is very helpful in pointing out mistakes and nuances in talking and presenting to people. I enjoyed all activities in this Personality Development WorkShop. The flow of the activities is really fluid. I particularly liked the body language training. I’d say that Mr. Robert Borjal is excellent. He commands attention. This workshop pointed out a lot of things I should correct.

Victor Bryan Tan, Product Manager Associate, Iontech, Inc.


This TalkShop Personality Development helped me become aware of myself and the impression I leave with clients and people I deal with. So far, I have learned a lot and I am hopeful to get to apply them in real life the soonest. There are particular clients who come to mind that fall into certain archetypes of personality. I now know how to act ore respectfully towards them. The TalkShop Workshop is well structured; it started from the core and internal issues of self-esteem and confidence and then moved on to external knowledge. The TalkShop Trainer is very eloquent and he is someone to aspire to be. TalkShop is the best training institute that will help any sales manager become more aware of how to present himself to dealers and people in general.

Darryl Bonifacio, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


The topics were interesting. Overall, the TalkShop Training was really impressive – guiding you to learn more about yourself. I liked the self-esteem and confidence portion most. The TalkShop Consultants are great in their respective fields. I learned something new about myself, especially in my self-esteem.

Andrew Tan, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


After completing a month’s writing workshop in TalkShop, I noticed a marked improvement in my technical and business writing style. Proper use of tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions and parallelism are some of the more helpful and enjoyable workshops for me and I look forward to more practical writing applications, progressive quizzes to further improve my writing skills. Ultimately, to please my boss! While I noticed the marked improvement, I know there is always more room for improvement. The TalkShop workshop is very personalized; thus, the learning experience is more effective. Ms. Cecile Matulac is very knowledgeable and is such a good mentor. In fact, I have recommended her and TalkShop to some of my friends. Now, I am more confident in creating letters, business memos, and copies.

Apple Barretto, Assistant Vice President, ICCP Group


In this TalkShop Communication Training, I learned a lot from communicating with people. I really enjoyed the Personality Excellence. Mr. Robert Borjal is a very reliable and excellent TalkShop Trainer. Because of him and the TalkShop style of teaching, I communicate better now.

Christie Ang, Media Professonal


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