TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I think the TalkShop Seminar is very effective in making me realize who I am, what my state of mind is, and what my priorities are at this point in my life. This is helpful because it allows me to see my strengths and weaknesses, giving me a chance to compensate for my inadequacies. The TalkShop Speakers are very knowledgeable despite their youth. I learned a lot, especially about analysis of myself. I like the negotiation portion most. This workshop made me see my strengths and weaknesses.

Rafael Aligada, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


I learned a lot today especially about how to deal with people. Thanks, TalkShop. It has been an amazing learning experience. I love learning about who I am as a person, and how to think. It was great. It is efficient also in terms of time utilization. I like almost everything. Ms. Sheila Viesca and her team are great. I learned a lot of new stuff. This TalkShop workshop made me realize that I need to examine my life more, including my work life.

Monica Pujol, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


In just two days at TalkShop, I was able to acknowledge the struggles and weaknesses I have never confronted before. I got the perfect momentum to start fresh and change to be a better person in all aspects of life. I love the part about self and group declaration. The TalkShop Consultants are very helpful and informative. I was able to revive my self-esteem in many ways and increase my confidence in the way I deal with others.

Richelle De la Cruz, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


Participating in this TalkShop Seminar is fun and informative. I am amazed by what the lists and psychological measures reveal about me, particularly those which I am not aware of. Ultimately, I think in a way, what I learned will help me become more effective in my work and more successful in the future. It was interesting and great. I learned many ideas from TalkShop’s negotiation lecture. The personality archetypes are intriguing and illuminating. This workshop helped me reflect. Thank you TalkShop team.

Aira Marie Deymos, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


I believe the TalkShop Workshop is effective in helping us understand our personalities. I learned a lot. It was well organized and I loved the discussion on archetypes and also the Enneagram. Sheila Viesca and her team are informative, well-prepared, and effective. This workshop helped me understand myself. TalkShop is definitely the best training school for executives like me.

Melissa Andalajao, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


It’s a privilege for me to attend a seminar like this in TalkShop. I have learned so many things, like the confidence I really need to have in terms of dealing with my team or negotiating with customers. Sheila Viesca and her team are very good. I loved when she interpreted our drawings. This Negotiation Session gave me more confidence. Thank you TalkShop for making the difference and improving my perspective so I may look at life in a more positive way.

Roselle Bangit, PGA, Iontech, Inc.


I really enjoyed the games from this Negotiation WorkShop and the learnings from them. There is a unique way of realizing my potential and working on points to improve myself. Thank you TalkShop for creating this training. I learned very much from the TalkShop Consultants. I am excited to profile clients and use the proper approach. I believe that this program is well structured. I liked the games on negotiation. The TalkShop Speakers are very knowledgeable and credible since they talk very well. I think I was also able to distinguish that I have high confidence but should work on my self-esteem.

Darryl Bonifacio, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


I learned a lot. I learned more about personality traits. Today’s discussion at TalkShop is interesting. I learned more about myself. The workshop design is good. The part when we had to draw caught my interest more. The activity interpreted my life and how I see myself. The TalkShop Consultants are very good. They are not boring speakers. I learned a lot from the best training institute in the Philippines. Seriously, THIS Negotiation WorkShop at TalkShop taught me some of the greatest lessons in life.

Mary Rusette Rey, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


I want to thank TalkShop, no doubt the lading training institute. And it is all for the right reasons. I have learned a lot in terms of determining different types of personality. I learned how to deal with different types of people and how to effectively reach out to them. I also learned about my own personality and determine why I have my strengths and weaknesses. I learned the basics people relations which are most important before stepping into negotiation. The discussions are very interactive. I like the communication and personality development part. The TalkShop Trainers are very accommodating. They know their topics and they keep the discussion interesting. I now seriously understand that people are distinct from one other.

Bernadette Orcino, Product Manager, Iontech, Inc.


I learned a lot from TalkShop over the past two days. I feel more confident. I believe that everything I learned, I could use for future negotiations and transactions, not just in my work but also in my personal life. This Negotiation Skills Training and People Profiling taught me about my personality as well as others’. These lessons will help me understand how to deal with people. The TalkShop workshop is holistic and interesting. They are the best institute to teach negotiation skills to corporate people and sales executives. All the consultants are well-versed and insightful.

Bea Labilles, Product Management Associate, Iontech, Inc.


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