TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


Thank you so much to Ms. Sheila of TalkShop for the wonderful experience and knowledge that you have imparted to us. It is a great pleasure to develop our personality with your presence. I learned a lot on the right way to develop one’s personality. The program was great and easy to digest for it has imparted much. Sheila Viesca is very bright and good. She transformed a big part in me.

Sabri Ectorninos, Divine Grace Child Development Center


I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to attend this TalkShop seminar about Personality Development. I was able to gather a lot from our speaker, Ms. Sheila Viesca, and I am looking forward to apply the knowledge that I’ve acquired. Thank you! She’s very pleasant to look at and was able to deliver the message well. I had a lot of realizations from the way we think of ourselves, the way we talk and walk and how to take care of ourselves.

Marizel Nuñez, TeacherDivine Grace Child Development Center


If I were to rate this TalkShop Personality Development Training from 1 to 10, I will give 10 because I’ve learned a lot to enhance and to boost my confidence and personality. The training is very broad and full of meaningful learnings. I like most of the areas in developing confidence especially in modelling. Sheila Viesca has a clear voice to deliver her lessons well. She has a broad knowledge regarding the topics. She prepared well. I developed personally and emotionally.

Jenan Ortega, Divine Grace Child Development Center


The TalkShop Personality Development Workshop is actually nice especially in the part where they prepared activities for each topic. The delivery of the discussion is well organized and well-prepared. I consider the talks about cosmetology a big help for me most importantly in the part where we discussed the proper application of makeup depending on the needs.

Maricris Ablan, Divine Grace Child Development Center


Thank you, Ma’am Sheila Viesca, for sharing your knowledge in Personality Development on how to improve our personalities. I learned a lot and I had a quality time listening to your talk. You’re a great speaker because I learned so much did not get bored during our discussion. I learned a lot that will surely improve my holistic being, not only as a teacher but also as an individual. I learned how to walk properly which I can’t do before. I also know the proper way of dressing which is very important as a teacher.

Riza Manuel, Classroom Teacher, Holy Family Center of Studies


The TalkShop Personality Development Workshop is informative. I wish we had more time for it instead of having it in half a day. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very approachable and nice. She is nice. She delivers herself and the topics nicely. I like everything. All of the topics are interesting. I learned to be sensitive appropriate in public and in being myself.

Renz Santos, Classroom Teacher, Holy Family Center of Studies


TalkShop is awesome. Bit by bit, they help me embrace my confidence when talking in public. The TalkShop Trainers are very understanding to their students. The workshop boosted my confidence and love of learning.

Gioshua Riel Gianan, Student, TalkShop Fine Dining and Social Graces


My experiences in TalkShop were truly unforgettable. Everything that I have learned will most definitely help me throughout my life. I would also be very glad to share what I have learned and share things about TalkShop. I learned a lot more than just creative writing. The design was much fitted to what I needed to learn. The TalkShop Instructors are all very nice and easy to approach. TalkShop made me less shy. They really pushed me to be a better person.

Angela Ricasio, Student, TalkShop Fine Dining and Social Graces


I learned very informative and interesting things in just a span of four hours. Every minute was educational, providing chances to communicate, learn, bond, and enjoy every moment of learning. The fine dining etiquette was new and helpful. The design of the workshop provides a very easy atmosphere that is adequate for learning. The area which I like most was placing into action the lessons in communicating and dining properly. The TalkShop Consultants are very accommodating, warm, and pleasing. They have introduced many new acquaintances and a chance to experience something new in my life.

Angela Kate Bulayungan, Student, TalkShop Fine Dining and Social Graces


It was truly an exciting and surprising evening. I came in only as a guest but came out a new person filled with new learnings. Thank you, TalkShop! I learned much about fine dining and etiquette. There are learnings that are highly useful considering that I also attend formal affairs and dinners as part of my functions at work. The program was designed adequately, particularly the tips on how to do fine dining. The TalkShop consultants are very accommodating and very generous in imparting knowledge, tips, and learnings. I am now more confident.

Graciela Barleta, Lawyer, Philippine National Oil Company: On TalkShop Fine Dining and Social Graces


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