TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


The TalkShop Workshop is very informative and interesting. I have learned a lot of things about it especially on personality development. Thank you so much, Sheila Viesca, for the wonderful experience and I hope all the new knowledge that I gained from the seminar will be used doing my passion which is the “art of teaching.”

Herminia Pangilinan, Classroom Teacher, Holy Family Center of Studies


I want to thank our dear TalkShop Speaker, Ms. Sheila Viesca, for sharing her knowledge to us. We learned a lot from it. And I assure you that all things you taught us will surely be applied in further improving our personality. The training has helped me to increase my self-confidence. It is very good and I learned a lot from it. The particular area is the application of makeup and the proper pronunciation of words. Sheila Viesca is very good. She catches the attention of the listeners. She is very lovely and energetic.

Donna Cruz, Finance Officer, Holy Family Center of Studies


I’ve learned a lot from TalkShop especially when it comes to communication skills. The particular areas I like most were the different activities where the participants were required to speak in front about themselves and be mindful of the way they stand during class. It really helped us to be more attentive. Sheila Viesca is very good and it seems that she is very knowledgeable about the topic she discusses.

Jackielyn Yecla, Divine Grace Child Development Center


The design of the TalkShop Workshop is great. The particular area I liked is the topic on self-esteem. I’ve learned a lot from Sheila Viesca. I like her.

Grace de Padua, Divine Grace Child Development Center


Thank you so much for imparting your knowledge and expertise in the field of Personality Development. We are grateful to have you as our resource speaker in this training. I learned a lot from the lecture about personality development because of the dynamic approach used by Sheila Viesca of TalkShop. It’s really systematic and well-organized. She is great in all aspects! I was inspired by the thoughts and ideas she contributed and taught to us.

John Michael Asia, Classroom Teacher, Holy Family Center of Studies


The TalkShop Seminar on Personality Development taught me how to develop my self-esteem and confidence through simple ways. Applying lessons in this seminar will surely help us improve the way we deal with others and ourselves with confidence. I’ve learned a lot especially the basic makeup techniques for teachers and how to carry ourselves with ease and confidence. What I liked most is the walking part. It’s fun yet effective. Sheila Viesca is approachable and can readily answer all questions regarding the topic. She inspired me to practice good communication skills and be confident.

Aileen Torres, Assistant Principal, Holy Family Center of Studies


I learned a lot from the TalkShop Communication and Personality Development Training. The workshop design is good. What I like most is when we have a modeling for us to know how to walk properly. I can say that Sheila Viesca is a good speaker. She knows how to handle her talk so it will never be boring. This made me know how to have confidence in front of others even when nervous.

Aileen Torres, Holy Family Center of Studies


I learned a lot in this TalkShop Training like how to boost self-esteem and confidence, how to apply proper makeup and how to express our feelings by means of communicating. I like all the areas of the workshop. Sheila Viesca boosted our confidence through exercises and activities. She is a very effective speaker. She easily catches the attention of her trainees. I overcame my fear when speaking in front of many people. She even taught us to walk and talk correctly.

Arcy Salalila, Holy Family Center of Studies


The TalkShop seminar gave us the things that I expected. It went so fine and has been so enjoyable. Sheila Viesca is very good. I learned a lot from the seminar, especially on building my confidence through standing, walking, speaking, etc. I like those exercises that include us, like the modelling. I like also the part when we were encouraged to speak one by one. It lessened the shyness of the participants. Sheila Viesca is very articulate and has sense of humor that made the whole activity fun and interesting. The TalkShop Personality Development workshop made me realize that it is good for a person to develop their self-confidence and strive to be better.

Madel Corintin, Classroom Teacher, Holy Family Center of Studies


This is my first personality development workshop and I love it. I like the TalkShop Speaker, Ms. Sheila Viesca. She’s nice and accommodating and has a light personality that jives with all types of persons. She’s a great facilitator, with light touch that inspire the heart, with nice diction and nice outlook. The ambiance is good and I feel accepted. Sheila Viesca is so pleasant to be with. She is a good coach. She is the ultimate Personality Development guru – the real deal!

Janiña Joy Undong, Divine Grace Child Development Center


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