TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I like that the topics and the TalkShop Course materials are well organized. I also like that the topics discussed were real to me. I learned a lot of new techniques for speaking and communicating. I learned much about communication techniques and styles. I also learned much about the different personalities that people have and I was able to understand others’ characters and way of doing things. The topics are well-designed and well categorized. The activities and discussions are well delivered and well implemented. Sheila Viesca delivered the topics well. She is well organized on her thoughts and she is able to relay her ideas to the audience. Because of this, I was able to discuss my communication skills and my personality. I am now more aware of my weaknesses and areas of me that I have to improve.

Lorebelle Enriquez Callao, CRM Data Coordinator, Financial Times


Thank you, TalkShop for helping me to improve myself. Thank you for boosting my confidence through the training. I am looking forward to more teachings, insights, and learning. So far, so good. I’m excited to continue my training here and I am looking forward to learn more. It’s well designed because they allow us to talk. They help us build our confidence. What I like most is the sharing part. Sheila Viesca is a master of this subject. She is very sensitive and she is very creative in presenting. This workshop boosted my confidence.

Michael Daryl Galsim, Senior Customer Service Executive, Financial Times


The TalkShop Communication Training really helped me a lot especially in building my confidence. It is not boring because it’s very interactive. I was curious in knowing my personality and other people’s personality that I am dealing with. I learned about knowing one’s personality and other people’s, grammar, speech composition, and confidence building. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very friendly and knowledgeable. She is very appreciative and not boring compared to the other trainings I have attended. It is transformative in knowing your own personality and other people’s personality, serving customers better, and effectively crafting a speech.

Mark De los Reyes, Customer Service Executive, Financial Times


The TalkShop Training is very good and very informative. It would be great if we have the training in the office. I like the activities very much. Sheila Viesca is very informative and knowledgeable of the subject matter. This workshop made me build confidence in speaking in front of people.

Angelienne Masiddo, B2B Operations Support Analyst, Financial Times


Very informative. The TalkShop Training environment is very conducive to learning. I’ve learned two new techniques that I can utilize in my presentations. I’ve learned a lot about the personality types that will help me work with others. The area that I like the most is the non-threatening learning environment which allowed us to make mistakes without being humiliated. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable in the modules and she relates to her audience very well. This workshop made me realize that there is a reason why I act in certain ways and why I am driven by certain motivators.

Christian Butiong, Quality Analyst, Financial Times


My weakness is speaking in front of many people but now I can say that I am confident enough. The design of this TalkShop Workshop is good. There are different activities which made us able to interact with others. Sheila Viesca is good, friendly, and can easily explain every topic we have!

Mercedes Hong, Finance Executive, Financial Times


The TalkShop Training is engaging and life changing. I’ve learned a lot especially on how to conduct myself well in front of the audience. It’s very participative which helped me in honing myself to become a good speaker. I like the part when we were asked to present because it shaved off my shyness. Sheila Viesca is approachable and very good at what she does. This training is helping me improve my communication skills.

Anne Simoy, Digital Ad Operations Executive, Financial Times


So far, so good! The TalkShop Workshops are very enriching and challenging! We’re just in the initial part of the workshop but, so far, I’ve learned new techniques and was able to revisit the basics of speech and writing. It is very interactive. Ms. Sheila Viesca knows her subject so well.

Aiea Torres, Ad Operations Executive, Financial Times


I’ve learned a lot from the first two-day TalkShop sessions. I’ve learned the different traits and personality of individuals and how to cope with them. Ms. Sheila Viesca is a good instructor. She is kind and approachable. Through this workshop, I have grown confident in public speaking.

Shayne Tenonco, Accounts Payable Administrator, Financial Times


In this first two-days of my communication session at TalkShop, I started to be confident in speaking in front of others. The design is comprehensive. Talking in front is what I like most. The course has made me better. Sheila Viesca has the experience in the subject-matter and the teaching method.

Dorothy Santos, Metadata Specialist, Financial Times


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