TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I found out so many new learnings from the TalkShop MS Excel Class. I like the salary computation using the MS Excel functions. Sir Martin Yu is very informative and he has mastered his craft very well. I am very glad I attended another MS Excel Class with TalkShop.

Catherine Genita, Project Development Officer II, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation


I learned a lot from TalkShop. I learned so much about the MS Excel Pivot Table, If Functions, and the V-Lookup. The TalkShop Trainer did a job well done. It made me more eager to advance my knowledge of MS Excel.

Sharlene Santos, Mortgage Documents Review Specialist, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation


I’ve learned a lot from this TalkShop MS Excel Training. Hopefully, I can use it in my work. It’s a very good program. The TalkShop Consultant answered all our questions and he knows the topic so well. I can now apply it to my work and I am eager to apply it.

Angelita Santelices, Financial Specialist, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation


It’s a very challenging and meaningful MS Excel Training. The TalkShop program was really planned well and I learned so much. The TalkShop Consultant teaches professionally and effortlessly. This training has improved me so much.

Cherrybel Anne Casanova, Accounts Management Specialist, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation


This TalkShop Excel Workshop is so fun. There was no dull moment. It was easy to understand and I love almost all topics. The TalkShop Consultant is nice and cute. I think that this Workshop will make me more relaxed in my work load, now that I am no longer confused with MS Excel.

Jannine Lamboloto, Data Analyst II, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation


TalkShop introduced to me the possibility of developing a different me. A me who is confident, knowledgeable, and proficient in a certain area. Through TalkShop, I have also realized my potential to dabble into something that is out of my comfort zone. Because TalkShop believes in you, you then believe in yourself. I learned a lot in terms of techniques in public speaking, negotiation, and presentation. The practical application helped a lot in instilling the concepts taught. The program design touched areas that could best help a trainer in developing skills in this area. Careful thought was given to present sessions that are both interesting and informative. The TalkShop Consultants are experts in their particular fields. They were very diverse in their ways of presenting or introducing a topic using motivation, and practical application all throughout. The Consultants are also very professional in the way they conduct sessions and deal with students. The entire workshop made me look at myself differently. I realized that I have my strengths in certain areas and that I can further develop them to excel. Confidence-building is one effect that I welcome, especially in the area of public speaking.

Bembette Ladip, Executive Assistant, Philippine National Oil Company


Before, I wasn’t good at English, but I’m good at Math. My English scores were lower than my Math’s, and this made my parents unhappy, so my parents enrolled me at TalkShop to enhance my English skills. When we got here, someone gave me a test in English. It was a little hard for me because I wasn’t familiar with the topics. After doing the test, Ms. Sheila Viesca checked it. She told me that I was good but I was overanalyzing it. She told me to develop my creative side. So the lessons started. We practiced our writing and our speaking skills. After that, I got better in English, and my confidence was boosted. In fact, I even became a host in the Fine Dining and Social Graces Event. Because of this, I feel good about myself. Now, through the TalkShop experience, I have improved not only in English but also in my personality. I can express myself better.

Kenzo Suarez, Student, age 11


Today at TalkShop, I learned expressing my ideas in several different ways, reading a newspaper, and learning new vocabulary. The TalkShop trainer is excellent. Their training is very interesting and satisfying. The speed of delivery is just right.

Kaori Ishida, Japanese Professional


So much fun learning! I learned a lot from TalkShop and I love it. I like how it can be easily understood and Sheila Viesca is very approachable and enthusiastic. She has changed me in many ways.

Lowela Christine De Ocampo, Accounts Management Specialist, Financial Times


I still don’t know exactly what I signed up for in TalkShop, but I like challenges and, so far, this has been a happy experience. I’m just excited for what to come. I learned about the logical structure of thoughts. I found out that Pixar pitch is fun! The program is challenging. It allows me to interact with people. I like that it requires less time to think. I also like the location. Sheila Viesca is nice, informative and relatable. I am looking forward to learn more from her. Nice hair, by the way. This TalkShop Workshop taught me to just speak up.

Marianne Anne Elnar, Financial Times


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