TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to develop our skills and improve ourselves more. I learned a lot from this TalkShop Training. The power is actually inside of us, we just need to have more confidence in ourselves. I like everything! The TalkShop Trainers are all credible speakers – they really know what they are doing. Every time they speak, I can feel their passion in what they are doing. The seminar made me realize that I need to give more time to improving myself.

Lou Morales, Teacher, St. Mary’s Academy


I think that letting the participants have a hands-on approach to effective communication is a very good way to enhance competence in written and oral communication. TalkShop’s approach to teaching English is full freshness and commitment. The workshop was well-prepared. Speech and grammar drills are very appropriate for the participants. The TalkShop Consultants were very well prepared, neat and professionally dressed. They were able to address the needs of the participants. This workshop has helped me to be more aware of the flaws that I may have as a language teacher. It has helped me aspire for self-improvement.

Russel Matthew Patolot, Teacher, St. Mary’s Academy


I learned a lot from this TalkShop Training, in terms of pronunciation, even though it is hard for me. Overall, I learned a lot. I like it most when there was sharing. Everything was good and excellent. To TalkShop, what I can say is thank you, an excellent thank you, may you have more teachers to learn from both of you. I may not say I transformed right away, but because of this, I know there has been transformation, especially from now on when I face and talk in front of many people.

Rochelle Esteves, Teacher, St. Mary’s Academy


I have learned well in the TalkShop Communication Training. I have learned to pronounce words well and boost my confidence in speaking the English Language. The workshop design is proactive and participative because each of us had a chance to communicate well and express ourselves. I like most the simple quizzes and their explanations. The TalkShop Consultants are professional, knowledgeable, and uncomplicated. They talked simply, gently, and are easy to understand. The transformative effect is immense because I was truly motivated to use the English Language.

Lilia Dela Cruz, Teacher, St. Mary’s Academy


We really had fun in this TalkShop Session and we really learned a lot. Even with the short time given to the TalkShop Speakers, we really learned a lot from them. What I really like the most is how they’ve taught us to gain confidence and be an effective speaker. They are really approachable and jolly. They are not intimidating. The workshop made me more confident while giving me a challenge. They were able to boost my confidence and also taught me to avoid the don’ts while speaking in front.

Marinette De Leon, Teacher, St. Mary’s Academy


Thank you so much TalkShop! I’ve learned so much on how to boost my self-confidence and at the same time I got to appreciate the right pronunciation and spelling of words. It’s very fun and really consistent in terms of meeting the goal. The area I liked the most was the singing and dancing while we shared life experience. The TalkShop Consultants are approachable and they show mastery in their discussion. I can now be confident in front of many people.

Doreen M. Canary, St. Mary’s Academy


In this TalkShop Workshop, I’ve learned so many things mostly in correct pronunciation and using words like “is,” “are,” “am,” “has,” “have,” and so on. I learned significant communication lessons from the workshop. The TalkShop design is very good, especially the PowerPoint presentation and the ice breakers. The area that I like the most is reading some words in correct pronunciation. The TalkShop Consultant is good at speaking and explaining to us how to use certain words. The effect that TalkShop did is that I became more aware and eager to learn and even correct myself in speaking in English.

Maria Samantha Flores, St. Mary’s Academy


I learned a lot from this session with TalkShop. The speakers, Fr. Nolan, Robert Borjal, and Sheila Viesca are very brilliant and intelligent. They inspire people to be effective speakers like them. The design of the workshop is systematic. They first combined the acquisition of skills based on religious concepts followed by the excellence in communication. The TalkShop speakers are very approachable. Fr. Nolan is a man of wit and full of words of wisdom. Mr. Robert, aside from being attractive and excellent in speaking, he has a sense of humor like Ms. Sheila. It made me more confident in public speaking. More power to the best English school in the Philippines!

Resty Lumacang, Jr., St. Mary’s Academy


Speaking isn’t my strength. I would prefer to just stay in one corner, write anything, or read any literature. TalkShop has taught me to be patient with myself to digest, practice, and live what Mr. Robert Borjal, Ms. Ces Matulac, Mr. Martin Yu, and Ms. Sheila Viesca believe I can do. I will always be thankful that there is TalkShop. From proper presentation to correct posture, TalkShop has been very generous to help its students feel confident. More than that, TalkShop somehow helped me realize that a beautiful story might not be that beautiful at all if not properly delivered. Though I was enrolled on the Power Presentation Course, TalkShop taught me not just the basic pointers on how to make a presentation but also touched areas on Public Speaking, Creative Writing in a way, and Confidence Building. I enjoyed the Public Speaking the most. Sheila Viesca and her team are very warm, accommodating, and patient. They experts and real coaches in their field. Robert, in particular, taught me how to make my Powerpoint Presentation more engaging, interesting, and powerful. I will be diligent in following the techniques he has taught.

Berlin Maynigo, Accounts Manager, NGP Integrated Marketing Communications


The TalkShop Speaker is very good in teaching MS Excel in this workshop by TalkShop. I want the Pivot Table segment the most. I learned new concepts. The Pivot Table, the IF Function and the V-Lookup features made me transform my abilities from Basic to Advanced Excel.

Yenida Paleo, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation


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