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This TalkShop Training would be a very useful tool for us especially in implementing and hiring our targets on time. I have learned all the basic of project management, from WBS, PERT, CPM, etc., which would be very useful for more efficient planning. The design of the workshop is quite efficient. The WBS is the topic I like most in the workshop. The TalkShop Consultants always find ways to allow interaction among the participants, which made them more efficient. Although I am already aware of the basics of project management, there are still a lot of things that I have learned from this workshop.

John Marvin Gulane, Project Coordinator, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


Good quality project is determined by Cost, Scope, and Time. This is very essential to our field of work. In this Project management Training, we handled projects that we discussed during our 2014 annual kick-off. We can use this learning from TalkShop as we hit our goal which is to build the 88 stations nationwide. WBS is the tool needed to more organized in monitoring the projects. I also learned about how to correctly make the Gantt Chart. The venue is very good. Robert Borjal and Albert Reyes are well versed. They are professional and direct to the point. They always cited examples to profoundly explain the idea. This TalkShop Workshop has enhanced my experiences and understanding of what good project management is about.

Joeven Idoy, Retail Engineering Assistant, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


This Project Management is a very informative TalkShop workshop, especially the work breakdown structure and Task Dependencies Chart. It will be helpful since we are in expansion phase in our company. What I liked most were the two mentioned topics. Also, the TalkShop Consultants are knowledgeable with the course. I can say that the workshop made me more organized in project management.

Teorem Lumapat, Retail Engineering Assistant, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


I learned from this TalkShop training that, in every project, we must know how to start, the importance of Iron Triangle, how to monitor the project, how to make the Gantt Chart, and how to end the project. It is very useful to my job and now, I know that the project needs Scope, Think, and Cost. The TalkShop Consultants are very good and I gained a lot of experience from them both.

Francis June Salcedo, Project Inspector, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


I learned many things from this TalkShop Training. I got refreshed on the use of the Gantt Chart. Interesting topics were discussed like the 6 best practices to track the project and how to manage risks. I like how Robert Borjal and Albert Reyes gave the details of Project Management with involved people, scope, time, and cost. They have interesting samples of experiences from their previous and currently managed projects. I am improved more on the management of the project I’m handling.

Eden Gargaritano, Retail Cost and Facilities Engineer, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


I will value the things from the fruitful discussions that were taken from the seminar. There’s an improvement for every aspect or area in the “well-informed” department. Robert Borjal did great. Albert Reyes was able to address the questions and queries effectively.

Kenneth Noldezada, Project Engineer, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


The TalkShop Workshop is truly a useful training especially now that I am assigned in monitoring retail projects. I learned about the Work Breakdown Structure – each work/ task has to be identified so that all members are aware. The TalkShop Consultant is able to present useful ideas. Now, I am aware of the importance of well-executed projects. I will practice and understand more the importance of Project Management. I will apply the ethics and learning in my actual work. Thank you TalkShop for the motivating training.

Gina May dela Cruz, Retail Territory Manager, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


From this TalkShop Workshop, I appreciate the saying “Begin with the end in view.” I learned to plan and execute, and manage risk and issues. I learned the basics – the illustration of the CPM and the Gantt chart. The TalkShop Consultants know their subject. I learned that planning is key and I have to get everyone involved in its execution.

Ryan Diamante, Retail Sales Manager, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


The TalkShop Project Management Seminar is a good tool for smooth project implementation entailing cost-efficient end results. I learned so many things because of the appropriate program workflow. I benefited from this very much. I would highly recommend TalkShop for the best Project Management Training every engineer should undergo.

Rey Talonda, Assistant Aviation Manager, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


The TalkShop Project Management Training today is very important in handling future projects. Through this new knowledge I can be more effective in my task. TalkShop was able to teach us proper project management and the proper process flow of the project. What I like most is when we were doing the exercise in the Work Breakdown Structure or the WBS. I was able to know the WBS of Metal Engineering which is very different from Depot Construction. The TalkShop Consultants came well prepared in their presentation. I now understand CSL. We are on the same page, finally. Now, I can handle my upcoming projects smoothly and able to manage contingency plan effectively. Thank you TalkShop for this great Training.

Edmar Ejercito, Depot Engineering Supervisor, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


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