TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I gained a lot especially about leadership. One thing that I will treasure the most is the insight that we must understand different personalities around us to have a good and healthy relationship with people. The workshop allowed me to speak and express my opinions without being criticized. I appreciate that kind of set-up as it gave my confidence a really good kind of boost. That made me realize that the best of ideas come from those who do not fear to speak their minds out. I also like how TalkShop Consultants handled the training. They were able to deliver all necessary inputs, while trying to relate to our everyday routines. This created balance between what theories say and what real, actual people experience. I hope to have more of TalkShop’s training programs such as Speech Eloquence, Public Speaking, Social Graces, and Grammar Mastery. From now on, I will entrust my training needs only to TalkShop, the best training service provider in the country!

Erwin Modesto, Engineer and Leader, Fujitsu Ten Corporation


I learned a lot from this workshop. This will help me improve my previous condition as a supervisor. I learned a lot of techniques such as knowing the different personalities of my subordinates. During the Communication Training, TalkShop Consultants spoke clearly and gave many examples that were related to the topics at hand. The examples aided in a better comprehension of the topics discussed.

Levi Mendoza, Production Leader, Fujitsu Ten Corporation


The lectures on self-awareness and effective leadership struck me as the most significant lessons I learned from TalkShop’s Communication Training. I found the activities aimed at knowing one’s leadership style also interesting. But what got me hooked on the discussion was the idea that inspiration begins in knowing the self. Yes, I have always wanted to inspire people, but found my efforts quite nil. I learned that one couldn’t push others to greater heights without a person’s recognition of his or her strengths and limitations. The interactive activities used during the Workshop made me understand my subordinates and their concerns. I thank TalkShop for sustaining my drive to be a better leader and manager.

Renante Calamba, Supervisor, Fujitsu Ten Corporation

How to become a good leader, how to understand the self more, how to apply Enneagram test results and the Six Thinking Hats on work and personal life, how to inspire others?these are just some of the many things I learned from TalkShop’s Communication Training. The training was comprehensive, practical, and useful. It taught me how to perform better in my workplace. What was good with this workshop, too, is that everyone was given the opportunity to share insights. I think this is a good practice in effective communication. Of course, TalkShop Consultants never run out of ideas to share as well. This made the atmosphere inside the training venue warm and lively.

Danilo Bisares, Jr., Senior Supervisor, Fujitsu Ten Corporation

I learned many things from this seminar especially the discussions on self-awareness and personality check. The sharing of different experiences by participants really enlightened me to be a good leader. I believe that I will be able to apply all the techniques and styles I learned here on my work. I appreciate the design of the workshop. It integrates sundry yet interconnected lessons on personality (Enneagram Test), presentation techniques, and proper communication skills. What I like also about the training is that all TalkShop Consultants were very good trainers and communicators. They displayed broad knowledge of the subject matter. Through TalkShop’s Communication Training, I know I am now closer to becoming a better manager. I hope I could undergo more of TalkShop’s training programs-Grammar Mastery, Effective Presentation Techniques, Personality Development-to be a full-pledged leader.

Janice Austria, Production Leader, Fujitsu Ten Corporation

TalkShop’s Communication Training program ingrained in me that confidence and self-belief are prerequisites to becoming an effective speaker. Without these, a person will always be hounded by fear of speaking in public. It is therefore important that he or she is encouraged to speak up so as to control and eventually eliminate the fear. I gained confidence with the help of all the TalkShop consultants. They have extensive knowledge on subject areas, and they covered each topic very well. They are also friendly, which made me comfortable sharing my insights during lectures and discussions. I tip my hat to the TalkShop Team for teaching me to see beyond my limitations. I believe I am a better person now because TalkShop made me realize that self-doubts can be conquered just as potentials can always be reached, known, and discovered.

Edivina Santiago, Professional

After undergoing TalkShop’s Communication Training, I learned a lot about how to be assertive and how to treat clients with much care and courtesy. But what I liked best about the workshop series was its self-introspective approach to learning. This made me realize that any attempt to change the attitudes of other people will fail if the self still remains loose and unconquered. Coaching and mentoring, I was to learn during the training, begin in understanding the self and its many facets and what help it can possibly extend to other individuals. Because of TalkShop, I became aware that one has to be assertive when coaching and mentoring co-workers. This means that for leaders and managers to be taken seriously and to command the respect of their subordinates, they should know well how to respect the needs of the employees without putting in peril the standards of the company. I thank TalkShop consultants for teaching me a lot about the dynamics of communication. I am most eager to apply the lessons I learned from this training!

Querubin Salem, Customer Center Group Team Leader

I learned a lot by enrolling in TalkShop’s Communication Training. Not only can I apply TalkShop’s lessons at work, but I can also use them to improve myself. With TalkShop, everything was a balanced learning experience. While the lessons were being covered exhaustively, the consultants made them digestible and easy-to-understand. The learning set-up, too, was student-centered, which means that we did most of the talking instead of the lecturer. This style encouraged me to say what was on my mind thereby developing my speaking skills as well. Thanks to TalkShop I also learned that I need to be assertive in the workplace. I am practicing it right now, and it is doing me and my team members great wonders!

Maria Luisa Chavez, Customer Center Group Supervisor-VIP Acc

With TalkShop, I learned that being an effective leader means more than knowing how to delegate functions and responsibilities among team members. Being a leader is also about pushing the team to new heights. I learned that leadership does not revolve around the leader alone; it is, to a certain extent, about team work and the importance of individual contribution. TalkShop’s Communication Training program was very interesting. Through the workshop, I learned how to control my temper and handle myself when under the pressure. I learned, too, that the self could be known and understood using different evaluation tools. I am very happy that on top of the communication training I enrolled myself in, TalkShop also incorporated a lot of lessons on Personality Development, Social Graces, and Grammar Mastery. I believe I am more ready now to supervise my teams. But more importantly, I am much more ready to face the issues and problems that will be arising along with the growth of the company. I know these things are inevitable, but TalkShop has given me a lot of pointers to go around the difficulties with confidence and assurance.

Cherryl Beltran, Supervisor

TalkShop is the country’s premier language learning center. With its Communication Training program, I became a more confident woman?someone who is no longer afraid to speak up her ideas in front of people. I really appreciate the design of the program. Because the class size was small, our discussion became in-depth and intensive. This set-up also made me more comfortable with all the TalkShop consultants. They were very approachable. I was able to raise questions during the workshop, and this was a great leap on my part. I have never felt more assured of myself and the insights that I could impart to any discussion until completion of the training program with TalkShop. I salute TalkShop for providing me the best venue where I could express myself more confidently. I encourage everyone to try the TalkShop experience. I guarantee you will never go wrong with this one!

Mary Rose Comon, Inbound Team Leader


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