TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned great insights, new ideas, practical tools and theories during the workshop training. The design of the workshop is good enough. It guided me on particular jobs and present effectively. The consultants are very much focused on training their clientele. The workshop made me become an effective trainer.

A.P. Batongbakal, Trainer

What I like best about TalkShop’s Training the Trainer are the segments on training and the organization, training and the people (planning and setting parameters), and training and yourself. The workshop gave me time to reflect and focus on improving the current processes I use.

Lori Cornejo, Trainer

I learned a lot from the TalkShop workshop. I gained a lot of new ideas that I can use for making emails and communicating to vendors. The workshop design was complete, there’s no aspect of communication that was left out. I have to say, most of the workshop’s success is because of TalkShop’s consultant. She’s very good at teaching and has helped me improve my speaking abilities a lot.

Godfrey Cerezo, Professional

I used to be horrible with grammar, but now, thanks to TalkShop I managed to correct all the grammatical errors I’ve been making over the years. The workshop design was simple and systematic. It allowed me to learn so much in such a short amount of time. I still think it wasn’t long enough though. What I like best about the workshop is that everyone’s given a chance to speak in front. The speaker also tackled the technical aspects of grammar and at the same time managed to present the lessons in a simple manner. TalkShop is definitely the best school for English communication!

Ulydel A. Jacob, Professional

I have learned many things in TalkShop. I still need to improve my email compositions but because of the workshop design I shouldn’t have much problems with this. The TalkShop consultant came well prepared. Her lessons allowed me to improve my English speaking skills immensely. I still want to learn more lessons from her, especially those related to public speaking. The number of days isn’t enough. I think we need at least a week for a program this relevant. I can say it was a great experience getting trained by TalkShop!

Denmark Camerino, Professional

The design of the workshop was good. I enjoyed the presentation exercises where we got to speak up front one at a time. This helped me a lot and taught me how to practice my public speaking skills. The TalkShop consultant was very nice and elaborate in discussing proper attire in the office. I still want to learn more, especially how to communicate with others and be fluent in English.

Jay Trinidad, Professional

I learned a lot from TalkShop’s training. Even after learning so much from my course, Communication Arts, I still enjoyed taking up English lessons from TalkShop. The design of the workshop is well planned and informative. I enjoyed learning about prepositions and homophones. It was such a short lesson; I wanted to learn more. The TalkShop consultant is an excellent teacher. She helped me learn how to pronounce a lot of difficult words. In the future I want to take up Public Speaking lessons from her and improve my writing abilities.

Reena M. Amutan, Professional

There are too many learnings for me to mention. Talkshop did such a great job and had such a well-designed workshop. Even the TalkShop consultant was excellent. Given the chance I’d love to attend TalkShop’s workshop again and improve my communication skills as well as conversational English. The length of the training was too short for me; I want it to be at least a week.

Jason M., Professional

Talkshop was very educational. I learned so much. I never realized I’d been writing e-mails the wrong way and always though I was good in English already. I wish there was more time so that we could have finished the entire compendium. The TalkShop consultant is nice and not intimidating at all. I wonder if she reads a lot. I would like to ask her opinion about Stephanie Meyers books! I had been looking forward to the TalkShop training for such a long time. It was definitely worth the wait. I’d volunteer myself to attend the workshop again even though it’s not my job’s top priority. I’d probably take up public speaking for my next workshop. It’s such a great program. Thank you very much, TalkShop!

Ma. Rosario A. Pangco, Professional

TalkShop taught me a lot, especially on how to make emails with the proper grammar. The workshop design was good. I’d love to take up TalkShop again.

Nagani T. Gamoso, Professional


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