TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


Thank you for a very informative Competitive Pitch Training, and for the tips, techniques, and examples that you’ve shared. I learned a lot today and can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned and close deals with clients. Thanks for a meaningful day! On a scale of 1 to 10, being the highest, I score this a good 9. I can tailor fit the tips and practice then apply them in dealing/communicating with both clients and candidates. The program is very well executed. There was good flow of topic. I really like the tips and techniques in competitive pitching. I also like that I got to know myself more based on the personality types and Enneagram. Sheila Viesca and Robert Borjal really know their stuff. They are well prepared and have provided enough information and examples that are applicable to my work. TalkShop gave me more structure on how I go about creating my pitches.

Jade Jalmasco, Associate, Bo Le Associates Philippines, Inc.


I came into the TalkShop class not really knowing what to expect, but I thought the class was fun and I learned a lot form it. I liked the small tips and tricks that the TalkShop Consultants discussed with us and this is definitely something that will benefit me in the long run. I learned a lot from this Competitive Pitching but mostly how to further hone my craft. It’s a great training. I thought it was handled very well. TalkShop Consultants are very well-prepared. They had handouts and visual aids to help guide the students. They were able to address any questions. They definitely know what they’re talking about. I guess it helped the way I see or approach things. I will definitely be more careful whenever I make a sales pitch.

Ericka Alcantara, Research Associate, Bo Le Associates Philippines, Inc.


Thank you, TalkShop. We have learned a lot from this Competitive Pitching Training. We appreciate that Ms. Sheila Viesca and her team are very hands-on with the training session. More power to you as well as to the trainers and speakers Robert Borjal and Claude Sta. Clara. Great Job! After the training session, being aware of the learnings, I will be able to practice more and master the art of closing. The program design is targeted to our current needs. It has opened a lot of opportunities to be more effective in relating with our clients and in closing the deal. It is also an eye-opener to understand each personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Also, Robert Borjal is very clear, he gives examples, and he engages well with the audience. Through this training session, I was able to acquire a deeper understanding of myself and my role in the various corporate situations.

Haidee Yambao, Associate, Bo Le Associates Philippines, Inc.


Insightful, stimulating, eye-opening, practical, and applicable! We are now even better and well-rounded consultants and we feel confident about how we can do more. I’ve been in the business for 10 years and still learned so much today. This Competitive Pitching by TalkShop is thorough. I liked most the Wow, How, Now and the value of asking the right questions. Sheila Viesca, Robert Borjal, and Claude Sta. Clara are credible – with obvious domain expertise. Fun! I learned how to make a better pitch to anyone.

Rani Briones, Director, Bo Le Associates Philippines, Inc.


I’ve learned the basics of Project Planning in this TalkShop Course. I like the part where the discussion is about the Work Breakdown Structure. The TalkShop Consultant has applied his experience as good examples in the discussions. Project management is important from its start to finish. Project planning is one way to provide quality result. Work Breakdown Structure is an important tool to implement a quality project planning. Thank you TalkShop for a great PM workshop!

Karl Mayson Lalicon, Technical Service Engineer, Visayas, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


The TalkShop Training is fun, interactive, and also practical. The topic on the process cycle of a project is necessary and a good practice technique of project management. It’s good that you related the topics or immersed the clients in group activities based on what they do in their work.

Laura Carlos, Technical Buyer, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


The TalkShop Workshop is informative. We learned about the principles of project management. I learned so much from the exercises and workshop activities. We also had very good TalkShop Lecturers. This Workshop has given us a comprehensive guide in handling and managing our projects.

Albert Nuñez, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


This TalkShop Course is a great help for new personnel in handling projects. This gives new ideas and learning regarding projects. I learned the Work Breakdown Structure and the Iron Triangle from the TalkShop instructors who shared their past experiences. This is an opportunity to be more effective and to find ways to be more efficient.

Kevin Jadulco, Operation Supervisor, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


All the topics in the TalkShop Project Management Course are very helpful and informative especially in project implementation. All the topics that were discussed are very helpful. What I like most is the Iron Triangle Diagram. Before the set-up, make a proposal where you need to know the scope, time, and cost. The TalkShop Trainers are good communicators and professionals. This Course made me gain knowledge and approval.

Arabia Raymundo, Senior Buyer, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


I learned a lot of techniques in terms of Project Management in this TalkShop Training. I was refreshed on the basics and learned updated methods in handling projects. I liked the Work Breakdown Structure area the most. The TalkShop Instructors are knowledgeable as subject matter experts. It helped me to be determined about the planned chart and target to avoid additional costs and waste of time.

Dionisio Vale, Head Road Transport Scheduling, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.


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