TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I’m glad that I am part of this TalkShop Course. It has motivated me to improve in my communication and writing knowledge. Having good communication skills will help me a lot for my future writing. I learned many new ideas. In this workshop, I also had my longest writing experience. Even in just one day, it transformed me so much.

Henry Bautista, Service Desk, Financial Times


I learned a good number of new things in today’s TalkShop Class. I hope, in 21 days, the members of my team would start exhibiting in our work what they’ve learned here in TalkShop. Improvements are welcome. I hope the changes are sustained and they take away not just improvement in their English but also their customer service skills. I like the program flow because it is customized for our needs. Sheila Viesca seems to know her English well. I hope this inspires the FT teams to learn. Even after 20 + years in school, including graduate studies, there is still so much more to learn. I became more motivated because of this workshop.

James Galavra, Operations Manager, Financial Times


I feel this TalkShop Session is a challenge to stretch my limitation but at the same time, it allowed me to exert more effort to achieve my goal and become effective in my work. I find myself striving for excellence. Now I have found my way and even the light at the end of the tunnel.

Roy Velasco, MSD, Financial Times


Even if it feels like going back to school, I still enjoyed reliving the good old days not just the making fun of the lesson part but also the mandatory learning. Prior to this training, I have known that I still have a lot to improve. I feel like I already gained a lot in this first TalkShop Session. The workshop design is well planned and organized and I really enjoyed the part where there was a lot of interaction which is the question and answer part. Since Sheila Viesca is the one who designed the program, I feel very grateful and honored to be part of this training. I am definitely motivated to make this type of change in me.

Mark Musngi, Service Desk, Financial Times


I made a good decision to join TalkShop! This is just the first Saturday of many Saturdays and I already learned a lot: communication etiquette, structure, pronunciation, and grammar. We were told the TalkShop Workshop was designed to help us in our day-to-day job and, so far, so good. Nothing yet that I like least but I am sure I am going to like them all. I have one word for Sheila Viesca: EXCELLENT! The effect on me is positive. The exercises for today were very good applications of what we learned.

Rodel Sisgon, Financial Times


I made a great choice enrolling at TalkShop. I also learned how to locate the answers in reading and what are the differences in answering TRUE, FALSE, and NOT GIVEN. I think I will be more eager in learning new techniques in terms of writing. We only tackled about writing and reading but my favorite part in this area is listening. I think I need to like writing, speaking, and reading more. The TalkShop Consultants are very accommodating and concerned. They are very fluent in speaking. Because of all this, I developed optimism in all aspects of communication.

Genesis Padua


I enjoyed my experience at TalkShop. I definitely changed from the person I was before TalkShop. I learned how to be confident and how to be myself. I like how I was both very shy, even embarrassed, while able to have fun at the same time. I like the TalkShop Consultant. You would think he is serious but he’s actually really funny. I learned to love my quirks and I became a more sociable person.

Monica Canlas, Student


This has been a very productive one-day TalkShop Session. I am looking forward to another day actually. I have learned a lot about competitive sales pitching, about myself and others. I think I am now ready to take on BD meetings more confidently. I have learned a lot especially the elevator pitch (the Wow, How, Now) but most of all I have unlearned (and will continue to unlearn) the habits unnecessary for an effective sales pitch. The pacing of the TalkShop program is just about right and not overwhelming. Sheila Viesca and her team are highly competent and they are highly recommendable. I now have a lot of self-realization and awareness of other people’s personality types.

Benjie Alvarez, Senior Associate, Bo Le Associates Philippines, Inc.


I have never done anything like this and I definitely learned a lot from TalkShop and not only can I use this Competitive Pitching in my current position but also for future endeavors, this is a privilege. It was very informative. I liked the actual application parts and also more of the exercises. Sheila Viesca and her team know what they are talking about and I believe them. They are very engaging. There are a number of things that TalkShop has changed in me but, most of all, it has armed me with the right info to close a deal.

Audry Dionisio, Researcher, Bo Le Associates Philippines, Inc.


It was an awesome experience with TalkShop overall. I learned a lot about Competitive Pitching and discovered new things about myself too. I will bring all of the things I’ve learned with me every day ‘til I retire… or not retire. The program flow is very well structured, very organized, and very comprehensive. Robert Borjal is very articulate and he knows what he’s talking about. I am more confident now. I don’t have any sales background so closing used to happen out of luck but now, I am no longer afraid to close another sale because I have been equipped. Thanks TalkShop.

Mae Mendoza, Consultant, Bo Le Associates Philippines, Inc.


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