TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I was very staisfied with the training. It was also very interesting. The place where TalkShop held its seminar was very comfortable. I liked the TalkShop consultant also; she’s very nice and well-prepared.

Jessie R. Ramos, Professional

I’ve learned a lot from TalkShop, especially the importance of using proper grammar and correct spelling. The TalkShop design was well-organized. I can say the TalkShop consultant was very lively and knowledgeable in the topic. She can really express herself well in English. I’ve changed so much after the workshop. I can express myself better now in English and would very much like to learn more through visual aids.

Jenny Diceo, Professional

The training seminar was great! I had a fun learning experience during the two-day seminar. I also had a wonderful time listening to the speaker and interacting with other people. The workshop design had a lot of discussions that were very important. Ms. Sheila Viesca is a really awesome speaker and was able to deliver clear explanations for each topic. I still want to learn more on the best ways you can use to negotiate with other people. I look forward to more interactive fun activities at TalkShop. It’s the best English school in the Philippines so I don’t want to go anywhere else!

Jossel Anne C. Villar, Production Engineer 2

Ms. Sheila is very accommodating to my needs and answered all my queries perfectly. She taught me the different tactics that can be used in negotiating as well as how to be a good speaker. The workshop design is also suitable to my needs. I want to come back to TalkShop and review the dos and don’ts during a negotiation as well as how to be professional during tough situations. TalkShop is the best English school for me and I believe they’ll be able to help me learn more when I enroll again.

Cherry Rose R. Entila, Technical Engineer

I really enjoyed the Fine Dining and Etiquette Training. It was a wonderful opportunity for me and added more flavor to my personality. The fine dining event was well organized and also entertaining. Ms. Sheila as host was also very good at giving the lessons and is definitely one of the best teachers in the Philippines!

Raquel C. Bergantin, Allied Botanical Corp.

The training seminar was excellent. I learned a lot of new things I can use in the near future. The lectures were informative helped my build my character as well as confidence. The host was so nice and had a very good sense of humor that made the discussion interesting and not boring. Because of the event I gained a new mind set and have become a well-mannered person. I still want to improve my vocabulary and will definitely come back to TalkShop because it is the best English school in the Philippines.

Jennifer B. Soriano, Allied Botanical Corp.

I believe that I’ve learned a lot from this short 5-day course. My teacher, Mrs. Pilar, said I was a very fast speaker and that I tend to deliver my speech in phrases. But now I can speak louder with more conviction and proper pacing. The lessons I’ve learned from this course will definitely help me in the many years to come! I think Mrs. Pilar is a fantastic teacher! I can get along with her easily and she always encourages her students. My speaking skills have definitely improved because of her. I just want to practice more so I can learn to give good speeches spontaneously.

Andrea Mariel Ungson, Colegio San Agustin

The TalkShop fine dining event is very practical and useful for special occasions and everyday life. The seminar also helped me build more confidence in everything that I do. The atmosphere, ambiance, and food were all wonderfully presented. The TalkShop consultant is very good in teaching and elaborating the must-knows of social graces and fine dining. I will continue taking advanced classes with TalkShop because in the future I still want to hone my communication skills to a point of excellence and look forward to more fun activities like this fine dining event. I had so much fun and enjoyed the sharing of views on the table topics. The activities made the fine dining event a fun learning experience. I became more confident after the seminar and can’t wait to be invited for another fine dining session. The TalkShop consultant is very kind, humble, and easy to talk to. I didn’t learn just fine dining from her but also how to mingle other with people at the dinner table. The seminar definitely made me a better person. This experience taught me to be more confident.

Rey Paolo & Sugar Wi, Couple

I liked the setting of the seminar in FullyBooked and enjoyed the lessons of the mentors. I learned a lot of practical lessons I can apply in my life and share with others. The TalkShop consultant is credible and intelligent. She helped me develop my confidence, gain more knowledge, and become more mature. She is the best English teacher in the Philippines!

Trisha Anne Santos, Communication Student

The workshop design is certainly unique. The TalkShop consultant is very experienced and knows what she’s doing. I learned so much from her that it surprised me how much there is still for me to discover. I believe she’s one of the best English teachers in Manila since she taught me how to be a better speaker and writer.

Eunice Cruzabra, Student/Junior Writer


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