TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

The Professional Writing Workshop was done by real professionals. The way they carry themselves and teach, I’m sure TalkShop is one of the best English trainers in the Philippines. They taught me how to write memos and send emails properly, how to avoid redundant words, and how to use proper grammar in writing. All the employees of DBP definitely have to experience what it’s like to be in TalkShop’s training seminar. They are the best English trainers in the Philippines and make technical writing fun and exciting!

Bennette Tolentino, Development Bank of the Philippines

Being included in the Corporate Workshop of TalkShop was a huge blessing for me. I learned so many practical things that I can use every day! I learned to construct sentences without any grammatical errors, how to deliver speeches properly, and how to use the proper words for better coherence in a sentence. I look forward to our future trainings with TalkShop. They provide the best English trainings in corporate writing. I’m sure they also provide the best English training in Public Speaking and Speech Eloquence. I want to try out those programs next time I join TalkShop’s workshop.

Aisah V. Sonsona, Development Bank of the Philippines

TalkShop gave me the opportunity to learn to write like a corporate professional! Some of the things I learned were how to be concise in writing memos, how to avoid redundancies, and not to use short cuts when writing. I will definitely get in touch with HR and tell them to keep getting TalkShop for our future trainings. They provide the best English training workshops and make it fun and exciting.

Carmen Milldred C. Salcedo, DBP

Recently, I just joined TalkShop’s workshop on Corporate Writing. It was very productive and I learned so much about the proper way to communicate with other people inside and outside the bank. I learned how to make proper statements when communicating, how to make effective written documents, and how to present my ideas effectively. I highly recommend TalkShop to all my colleagues. TalkShop provides the best training programs in English and Technical Writing. Thanks to TalkShop, I know I can be the best!

Erwin Sablas, Development Bank of the Philippines

I’ve always wanted to increase my skills and knowledge in grammar and composition. This is why I’m so thankful to TalkShop because they gave me exactly what I want. I learned the new tools and techniques in writing such as how to make short and proper memos, the basic structure in technical writing, and how to read correspondence every now and then. I still want to join TalkShop’s other seminars. They provide the best training seminars for corporate professionals like me. I highly recommend them to my fellow co-workers.

Paul C. Rebollos II, Development Bank of the Philippines

I’m grateful to TalkShop for teaching me how to write like a business professional. The two-day seminar was a great opportunity for me to refresh my knowledge in English. I learned how that there are so many redundancies in my memos, that it’s important to use proper prepositions, and how to properly email correspondence. All professionals should be given the chance to experience TalkShop’s training seminar. They provide the best in professional writing. I plan to take up another seminar in TalkShop. That’s how good they are!

Maribeth Ramos, Development Bank of the Philippines

The TalkShop Workshop on Corporate Writing was very educational and taught me how to be a professional writer. It was only two days but I learned so much on the use of of proper punctuation and grammar. I also learned how to write emails, memos, and business letters; how to communicate well with others; and how to speak properly orally and in writing. TalkShop is the best training provider for technical writing. It would a shame if not everyone in the company gets to experience their method of training. It is unique, fun, and exciting! Thank you, TalkShop. You’re the best!

Rodel Pascual, Development Bank of the Philippines

I’m thankful to TalkShop for teaching how to write like a business professional. There are several lessons that I learned from the workshop including how to be confident in myself and being a productive member of the team, how to communicate effectively in written and oral presentations, and practice etiquette in all forms of communication and correspondence. I highly recommend TalkShop to all the employees of DBP. If they want the best training in corporate writing then TalkShop is the only provider they should look for.

Reylord Paez, Development bank of the Philippines

I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the Corporate Writing Workshop. TalkShop made the experience fun and I learned so many useful lessons for my line of work. I learned the value of communication in writing and speaking. I also learned that writing is not as hard as it seems to be. I will definitely write more because practice makes perfect. I am also going to read more books because writing is necessary to become a good writer. The concepts and training provided by TalkShop are definitely useful for all careers and companies. TalkShop provides the best training programs and makes it fun and exciting. Congratulations to all the participants and to TalkShop for a successful workshop!

Miriam Luningning Padilla, Development Bank of the Philippines

I want to thank TalkShop for accommodating me in their 2-day seminar. The workshop on Corporate Writing was very helpful in developing my communication skills. As a bank officer, this is very important for me. I learned that I how to use appropriate punctuation as well as observe the proper use of the different parts of speech, and how to make letters, memos, and emails. I can highly recommend TalkShop because I’ve never had any kind of training better than TalkShop’s workshop! I hope I can be a part of their workshop again. It’s so useful and fun!

Patriacha Nita T. Mapayo, Development bank of the Philippines


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