TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I am glad I was able to be a part of the TalkShop Seminar. Their workshop on Corporate Writing was a fun experience for me. I learned so many useful tips like how to write a memo, proper email etiquette, and the proper use of quotations. I want to recommend TalkShop to all the other companies out there. TalkShop provides the best training in Technical Writing. This is why I’ll be joining their other workshops in the future too.

Paolo Anthony De Jesus, Development Bank of the Philippines

TalkShop is no doubt the best in English training! The 2-day TalkShop Corporate Writing is very useful in my career and work. There are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts in writing a business letter. There are also several other lessons that I can apply at work: how to use commas and other punctuations, the use of adverbs, and how to write letters effectively. I hope to be a part of TalkShop workshops again. The best training seminars are definitely the ones from TalkShop!

Nelson Agong, Development Bank of the Philippines

It is a great opportunity to be a part of the Professional Writing WorkShop. The 2-day TalkShop WorkShop on Corporate Writing is very helpful in developing my communication skills. The lessons are also very useful. I learned the new rules and formats for writing professional business letters. There were also several other things I learned from the seminar: the proper use of conjunctions and prepositions, how to use correct grammar and syntax, and the proper etiquette in business writing. I want more workshops from TalkShop to be provided to all the employees of DBP. TalkShop provides the best training programs for my training needs in Technical and Business Writing. There’s no other company I’d go to.

Darius Balingit, Development Bank of the Philippines

Thank you for including me in the TalkShop seminar. The 2-day WorkShop on Corporate Writing was a very helpful for me and the DBP employees. I learned how to make a proper draft of business letters and memos. The workshop was helpful and practical mainly because the lessons I learned could be applied in my work. Some of the things I learned were: writing inter-office memos correctly, speaking with clients confidently, and helping my colleagues write business letters, memos, and emails. I want to recommend TalkShop all the DBP employees. It is one of the best English trainers in Technical and Business Writing. Once again, thank you to TalkShop and more power.

Anne Camille Aguilar, Development Bank of the Philippines

I was not really sure what to expect when I was asked to join the TalkShop refresher course last June 8. Suffice to say, the afternoon seminar left me thirsting for more! The workshop emphasized practical points that we could readily apply in our day to day conversations. It allowed us to discover some of the flaws that we have gotten used to, like the ‘ahs’ and the ‘uhms’, so that we can correct them. The workshop taught us the importance of having “structure” in order to convey our message effectively. I think the reinforcements introduced to us in this TalkShop program will significantly improve us, especially if we do not forget and practice everything that we have learned. Raymond William Mallonga United Coconut Planters Bank Trust Development Team

Raymond William Mallonga Trust Development Team

My half-a-day experience with TalkShop was totally worth it. I have learned a lot! TalkShop made me realize important things, such as: I have difficulty constructing sentences and expressing myself in English because I think in chunks, not in complete sentences; I have difficulty organizing my thoughts because I think of the words to use rather than the idea that I want to share. I also learned that the expression ‘Thank You,’ which is commonly used, is senseless unless you state what you are thankful for. TalkShop reminded me of the subject-verb agreement rules. Though the workshop was only a refresher course and was only for an afternoon, I had overcome my fear of speaking in front of people, especially using the English language. These are few of the many things I have learned. I want to have more learning experiences with TalkShop. I strongly believe that TalkShop has enhanced not only my communication skills (spoken and written) but also my personality. Developing both will prepare me for future challenges and endeavors.

Maan Haziel P. Avila, Decision Support Team

We have an activity at the office called, Management Assessment Program (MAP). Together with 6 other associates, I was required to speak in front of a group of assessors. Three days prior to the activity, our supervisors immersed us in a series of mock interviews and discussions. Unfortunately, during practice I was not able to speak up when it was my turn. My heart was beating really fast and my mind went totally blank. It was a good thing that we had a chance to take a refresher course at TalkShop before the day of my assessment. The course involved activities – practical exercises in subject-verb agreement and 1-minute impromptu speeches – that helped me learn every significant point to improve at speaking. During the training, I found myself enjoying doing something beyond my comfort zone, which is speaking in front of a group of people. After that afternoon with TalkShop, I feel more confident and I am confident that I have a better chance of passing our management assessment program.

Rommel Cuenca, ITD-Decision Support Team

The experience I had with Talkshop last June 8, 2012 was enlightening. Before the workshop, I never thought that I could learn a lot about spoken communication in just a few hours. One of my expectations is to learn some tips in avoiding distracting habits while speaking. I also wanted to acquire some techniques in organizing ideas. As the workshop progressed, all of us were able to deliver at least 4 impromptu speeches and I noticed that my expectations were being realized. I know that I needed to practice public speaking constantly to get used to it but this workshop gave me some hope and the motivation that I can really do it. With the right institution to guide me like Talkshop and my courage to overcome my fears in spoken communication, I’m optimistic that I will not only do better next time but will also excel in many things. I hope that more people in our department can have this educational experience.

Jie Melgar, Analyst/Programmer

The TalkShop experience last Friday was definitely a big help in boosting our confidence in public speaking. This was well exemplified in how we performed today. The most important tip I learned is to always be true to myself. As I speak from the heart, the ideas will just naturally come out. Also, constant monitoring of our ‘ahh’s help us in correcting this mannerism. From our TalkShop Sales workshop, I learned to sound confident. The trick is, just as Robert said, to believe in your product. I highly suggest this course to anyone, not just IT people. TalkShop is the best at English training. The consultants really help in improving associates’ spoken and written communication skills, as well as their personality as a whole.

Eric Surrell, Analyst Programmer

“I learned a lot from TalkShop, especially how to effectively construct sentences and use words correctly. The workshop design was fun, especially when we shared our thoughts through speeches. The TalkShop consultant is so competent and well-prepared. Thanks to her, I can now report with much confidence in front of other people.”

Amihan B. Trinos, Professional


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