TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned a lot from TalkShop, especially how to speak and read properly, and how to develop my ideas in the shortest possible time. The training taught us the correct pronunciation and the proper way deliver lines. The TalkShop consultants are excellent in their field of expertise. They helped me increase my confidence to speak well. I am neither a good speaker nor a good writer but this TalkShop training transformed me into a better one.

Nora Amparo V. Ignacio, SMCCS, Teacher/Coordinator

I got my best English class from TalkShop. I’ve learned a lot! They taught me that I need to focus when I am about to speak to organize ideas and express them confidently. The design of the workshop and the lessons are well planned. They started from simple to complex lessons. I like the design of the speech training because it helps me to develop my confidence and organize my ideas. I like the consultants’ way of teaching. They are very lively, passionate, and considerate. They’re great in teaching! Now I am able to go beyond my comfort zone and express my ideas based on my knowledge, with improved self-esteem. TalkShop rocks!

Gabby Cruz, SMCCS, Teacher

As a facilitator of learning, I’ve gained a lot from the TalkShop training. I don’t know how they do it but the design is really good! I enjoyed the dialogues in the speech laboratory because they enhanced my capacity to become an effective thinker and speaker. The TalkShop consultants are very approachable and loving as well. I think people will admire these kinds of consultants. TalkShop made me realize many opportunities to continue growing as a teacher. See you soon TalkShop!

May V. Olaguer, SMCCS, Religion Teacher

TalkShop taught me how to communicate well with other persons using effective diction and good pronunciation. The design of the training is so excellent! I really like the area when we made our own dialogue. The TalkShop consultants are so great and excellent in delivering and explaining the topics. The workshop made me more confident than before and I improved my way of dealing withmy fellow teachers because of the confidence that I’ve earned. For future trainings, I want to learn more about the different activities which are related to the training for me to enhance my communication skills. I will continue improving my speaking skills. Hopefully, I can take more English courses with TalkShop, the best English school in the Philippines! More power!

Dennis R. Santiago, SMCCS, Teacher

I’m glad we have the best English training company in Metro Manila. We don’t have to go abroad to learn from the best English trainers. I’ve learned a lot from the TalkShop training. The workshop was well planned and I like the areas on pronunciation and the do’s and don’ts in communications. The TalkShop consultants are both marvelous. They transformed me to become not only a teacher who is equipped academically but a teacher who can communicate and connect with students effectively. The only thing I’d like is for TalkShop to give us more training in the future, especially in diction and the proper pronunciation of some words.

Ms. Gloria V. Enriquez, SMCCS, Teacher

I learned a lot of things from the TalkShop workshop that made me very good in expressing myself. The design of this training answered the needs of the participants immediately. The TalkShop consultants are so excellent! This workshop transformed me to gain more confidence in the way I express my thoughts and upgrade my level of communication.

Ma. Corazon R. Elitiong, SMCCS, Teacher

I’m so happy because I’ve learned a lot from TalkShop. The trainers taught me how to improve my speaking skills. The dialogue part was my favorite. It has been customized for us and is very entertaining. I’ve learned a lot especially in the dialogue sessions. Ms. Pilar is so great, excellent, and amazing. I can easily approach her because of her character. She and Ms. Sheila helped me to improve my public speaking skills. I also improved the way I deliver my speech and to remove the feeling that makes my confidence down.

Jasmer M. Sugay, SMCCS, Teacher

It was a blessing for me to be trained by TalkShop. The communication training is excellent and I can say that it was a wonderful experience to encounter persons like Ms. Pilar and Ms. Sheila. I like the part where we were trained to interact with others. I like their style of giving us the confidence to give any kind of speech. The consultants are beyond great! The training made a difference in me not only because it is very useful, but also because it made me more competent, confident, and I believe globally competitive. TalkShop made me want to continue improving my grammar, diction and pronunciation skills.

Jeofrey F. Robles, Educator, SMCCS, Teacher

Communicating in English is a bit hard, especially when you are not used to it. As an employee of the bank, I believe that good communication skills in English is very important. However, it usually takes me an hour or so to write and send an email. I always have a hard time checking whether my grammar is correct or if I used the appropriate words. Last week, I went through a Management Assessment Program where candidates for officer position needed to discuss certain topics in English. Even if I were confident to talk to them, I was still conscious about my grammar and pronunciation. Sometimes, I could not even express myself. TalkShop has taught me the important tips on how to deal with these challenges; You don’t need complex words or sentences in composing e-mails. Using simple words are much appreciated, as long as the essence of the message is there; When you speak, speak from the heart. Maintain eye contact and always be sincere; Be confident. Just one afternoon with TalkShop has helped me improve my English communication and writing skills. Workshops like this will be very helpful for all the employees of the bank who are encountering the same dilemma. Though I am still in the process of learning good English communication, it will now be easier for me because of the refresher course we had with TalkShop. Thank you Ms. Sheila and thank you DBP for the opportunity to be trained by TalkShop – the best in English training!

Eden D Mendoza, Analyst Programmer, UCPB

The workshop that TalkShop conducted on June 8 was quite an experience for me! My expectations were to learn to organize and express my thoughts well, gain more confidence in public speaking, and choose the right words when constructing sentences. After the workshop, I believe that my expectations were met. It helped me to be more relaxed in front of many people. I learned techniques in conveying my ideas and thinking of the whole sentence before saying it. In a half day session, TalkShop has taught us techniques and helped us overcome our difficulties in spoken communication. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to experience this workshop and I will recommend it to my colleagues.

Caitlin Joy Malig, Analyst Programmer, UCPB


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