TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


The training was a wonderful experience.I really learned a lot. Before the TalkShop training, I am shy and so is my (soft)voice. But now, thanks to the very accommodating and understanding consultants of TalkShop, I learned how to project myself and my speaking confidently. The pronunciation activities and the exposure I had in our sessions developed not only my speaking but myself as well. The one-on-one style of teaching really allowed a personalized training for me. We focused in developing my weaknesses and further enhancing my strengths in communication. In my training, I learned that listening to my own voice is very essential. Ms Pilar provided me with the affirmation exercises that motivated me to perform well in our speech presentations. And also the styles and techniques in speaking really worked. I learned how to apply each and every tips she gave me. I am very thankful that I found TalkShop. I am now a step closer to becoming an effective communicator. The training I had is really one of the best.

Gil Cyrille Fernandez, Student

ON THE TALKSHOP WORKSHOP: “I remembered my English lessons in elementary, high school, and college.” “I learned a lot of things in this training. I learned to think fast and be able to write a speech.” “I learned a lot. This training motivated me to write a speech.” “I learned so much especially prepositions, adjective, and adverb.” “I learned so much! I love TalkShop!” ON THE TALKSHOP CONSULTANT: “Sheila is cool and friendly.” “She is easy to get along with.” “She is very nice, not intimidating. The most important of all, she listens.” “She is beautiful!” “She is beauty and brains.” “She is very good.” “She is a master, a guru of the subject.” OVERALL: “I cured my weakness in grammar especially prepositions.” “The speech preparation was the best.” “Be more confident to deliver last minute talks and speeches.” “I overcame my anxiousness and nervousness when presenting. I learned to speak from the heart.” “This training was a good start. Now I can write better and still need to improve more.”

Kawasaki Motors Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery

ON THE TALKSHOP WORKSHOP: “I learned many things from the training – from grammar rules to social etiquette.” “Overall, I learned how to deliver a speech, use correct grammar, be professional, and interact with other people.” “I gained knowledge in pronunciation, grammar, and personality.” “I remembered some of the rules in writing and speaking that I learned in high school.” “I learned a lot from the training. It helped refresh my knowledge in grammar, particularly prepositions and tenses. This will greatly help me when I make narratives.” “I learned a lot from the TalkShop training. Now I can come up with better reports.” “I learned the ways to lessen mistakes in writing.” “I learned a lot from the TalkShop training. I learned how to pronounce a word properly. Although I got confused in some topics, still I did my best. [...]

Casa Kalayaan International School Communication Excellence

“I learned many things from TalkShop, but the most important lesson that I learned is that even though the English language is complex, it still is fun to learn. I like how TalkShop Consultants assess their students and customize the program’s lessons for them. The small group of students per class also helps me focus and understand the lessons better. All TalkShop Consultants are very knowledgeable and amiable. Ms Ces, in particular, knows how to keep her students interested in the lessons. I think this what sets TalkShop apart from other language learning centers?that its Consultants really make tremendous effort to make the classroom atmosphere upbeat and lively however dense course topics may be. [...] 

Charmaine Roldan, Copywriter

When I say I learned A LOT from TalkShop’s Communication Training, I really mean A LOT. The workshop design is very comprehensive especially the discussions on grammar and presentation skills. Ms Sheila is very knowledgeable on the topics discussed. The training was both intensive and enjoyable. I think because of TalkShop’s Communication Program, I will be now more conscious of how I speak and how I present myself to people. After all, as Ms Sheila said, a person is measured by the thoughts he says and the manner in which he articulates them. I thank TalkShop for giving me the wonderful opportunity to learn so many things in just a short time!

Ed del Rosario, First Gas Power Corporation

What I appreciate most about TalkShop’s Communication Training is that it made me write again. The design of the workshop was effective and not boring. All TalkShop consultants are kind. Ms Sheila and Ms Ces made the rather complicated communication issues easy to understand. I am interested to undergo more of TalkShop’s course offerings such as Speed Reading and Grammar Mastery.

Jamica Paula Bato, Junior Power Industry Analyst, First Gas Power Corporation

With TalkShop, I was able to improve my English skills. One of the things I also learned from the training is that I always need to update myself on communication conventions, since they are constantly changing. I like the presentation part of the program. It’s a good thing too that we were always asked to speak. It’s a way of testing what we know and correcting our lapses at the same time. Ms Sheila is a very confident training consultant. I think that because of her and the effectiveness of the Communication Workshop, I am now more confident expressing myself in English.

Rupert Karlo Aguila, First Gas Power Corporation

TalkShop’s Communication Training did a good job of updating me on the new rules (do’s and don’t's) in grammar and the communication in general. I appreciate TalkShop’s coaching arrangement. It was very intimate and personal. I was thus encouraged to speak up-something I would not normally do in other training sessions for fear that my ideas would not be acknowledged. Ms Sheila was very kind. She was also able to adequately answer all my questions. I believe TalkShop made me understand my personality better. I have a tool now in my hands to better assess the various personalities around me.

Ronchi Reselosa, Engineer I, First Gas Power Corporation

I know I am not a master in grammar yet, but TalkShop’s Communication Training made a significant improvement in my speaking and writing skills. I like the Enunciation Skill Training and the Self-Awareness Evaluation parts of the program. The group had a really wonderful discussion on pronunciation, personalities, and gods and goddesses archetypes. I also appreciate that the pacing of the workshop was adjusted to our level. Ms Sheila is a very credible trainer. I am looking forward to undergoing another series of training with her to learn more about proper note taking, active listening, and speed-reading and comprehension.

Elson Tio, Jr., Project Engineer, First Gas Power Corporation

Yusuke Takeishi: “Trainers guided me in a good way. I have been having anxieties about my English communication skills until I completed TalkShop’s Business English Course. Today, I see an improvement in the level of my English proficiency. I still want to receive English lessons from the TalkShop via the Internet. I will continue to learn.” Katsuki Furuta: “This training has been very tough for me. But I believe that my English communication skill is better now than before.” Hiroki Shimizu: “Thank you, TalkShop Team, for your help. All of you are very kind. I learned that to be better in English is to first have a positive attitude towards language learning.” Daisuke Kinoshita: “I had a great time studying the TalkShop Compendium. [...] 

HITACHI Project Managers (Third Project Manager’s Program)


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