TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

More power TalkShop! I learned a lot from the workshop. The way they conducted the training was very different yet so effective. I like all the methods and the way they designed this workshop. The truth is this has been one of the most effective communication trainings I’ve had. Ms. Sheila and her team are very nice and knowledgeable. This workshop transformed me being from being nervous into a becoming better person who is confident in all the things that I am about to do. Because of TalkShop, I am inspired to know more about the English language and improve my communication skills further.

June Dy, SMART Communications, Help Desk Level 2


I learned so much more than I expected. TalkShop gave us an excellent workshop and seminar. The design of the workshop is organized according to the needs of the students. The panel interview is the most interesting for me. The TalkShop consultants are all effective in some different ways. When they were interacting with the participants, they made sure that the students are guided and improve in their communication skills at the end of the day. They are totally concerned about all of us. This is my first serious attempt at improving in the way I speak and communicate to others. I hope more people learn about TalkShop. Based on the knowledge and skills I gained, I can say their training is the best.

Jade Pastofide, SMART Communications, Help Desk


I got my best English training from TalkShop. The trainers are very efficient and professional in what they do. They already know our strengths and weaknesses from the very beginning. Although the training process is short due to schedule, we are happy that we were able to enhance our customer service skills and build our confidence in English as our primary language during the training. Thank you TalkShop!

Carl Marx C. Surigao, SMART Communications, Mobile Support


I have learned a lot from the TalkShop like how to pronounce words correctly and most communicate with proper etiquette. I liked the part where I was given the opportunity to speak in front of an audience. I felt nervous and couldn’t deliver my speech properly but after the 2nd day of training I was able to deliver a confident and seamless presentation Thank you, TalkShop! You are definitely the best English training provider in the Philippines!

Marilyn Agustin, Teacher, San Diego Parochial School


I enjoyed this seminar very much. Thanks to TalkShop I was able to undergo a big change in my life. The design is well-made and very engaging. I want to thank TalkShop again for the successful training. You all deserve to be congratulated for being excellent facilitators. TalkShop gave me the best training ever! I want to be part of your future trainings and learn more about English communication.

Emerlinda P. Garcilo, Teacher, San Diego Parochial School


The Talkshop training helped me overcome my weakness in speaking English. I really liked the part where we were taught how to pronounce difficult words. The workshop taught me everything I wanted to learn about pronunciation. I liked the TalkShop consultant also for giving me courage and confidence to confront my weaknesses. She gave her best effort to teach us English and I am inspired to do even better than before. I want to become the best English teacher just like the TalkShop consultant.

Angelina V. Mira, Teacher, San Diego Parochial School


I learned so many new techniques from the TalkShop training. It helped me be more compassionate when speaking in front of people and also taught me how to teach kids. It was great I was given the chance to join this training. I will never forget the lessons I learned from this wonderful workshop. The TalkShop consultant is excellent in her line of work! She is definitely a genius. I admire her so much. I’m not skilled enough to be an English teacher so I want to improve myself in terms of grammar and analyzing skills. TalkShop has the best teachers in English communication so what other better training provider will I go to than TalkShop!

Rhea F. Valmeo, Teacher, San Diego Parochial School


The TalkShop training taught me so many things about excellent communication. I can’t recall any part of the training where I was bored at all! All lesson designs are strategic and good. The TalkShop consultants are easy to talk to and are brilliant teachers! Now, I have more confidence when talking to officials in our school. I still want to improve my conversational skills. I know that TalkShop provides the best Conversational Expertise program in the Philippines and so I’ll be enrolling with them again.

Florida A. Emaas, San Diego Parochial School Teacher


I really enjoyed the TalkShop training program because it helped me become a better person. The lessons were helpful for my career in teaching English. The workshop design is effective and easy to understand. I was able to talk and express myself properly when Ma’am Sheila allowed us to talk in front of the group. The TalkShop consultants also shared their knowledge by facilitating games and teaching us techniques in presenting ourselves in front of an audience. I am now more confident when facing my pupils and can talk to an audience about anything. I still, I want to improve my writing and speaking skills and TalkShop is already the best training provider in English so without a doubt I’ll be enrolling with them again. Thank you, TalkShop! See you soon!

Dolores B. Marcos, San Diego Parochial School Teacher


The TalkShop training has so many fun activities like the pronunciation exercises that helped improve my pronunciation of words. The consultants helped us to become excellent speakers and corrected my grammatical errors in a nice and constructive way. I know I have to practice some more and push myself to the limit. I want to be the best English communicator there is! Congratulations to TalkShop for becoming my favorite TalkShop training provider! I know that they will have a successful future in teaching English to corporate professionals.

Gina F. Bautista, San Diego Parochial School Teacher


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