TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I am very thankful to be a part of this wonderful workshop. I am so happy and satisfied with the skills, knowledge, and wisdom that TalkShop gave to us. The training has been very helpful for every member of the team. The design of the program was enjoyable. I like the part of writing mails and memos. Actually even the scary presentation segment was fun! The TalkShop consultants are very competent and professional. They know their product. The workshop also helped me to gain more confidence in doing my job and speaking in front of many peoples.

Mark Dale Saan, Sysmex Philippines., Business Dev’t Manager

The TalkShop Communication Training is one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended! I can say the best English school is definitely in Makati. Thanks TalkShop for teaching me a lot of things. You provided us with a good workshop design and wonderful educators who should be given credit for giving us all the information we need the most. I really enjoyed the question and answer part. The consultants are all friendly, nice and light to be with. They definitely had lots of patience and we’re thankful for that?. The workshop transformed me in terms of my self-confidence. It really made a great impact in every one of us.

Meldrin L. Sotelo, SMART Communications, Help Desk

TalkShop not only gave us the best English training, we also learned a lot about effective customer service. I’ve learned a lot from the TalkShop Communication Training, from proper pronunciation thinking before you speak. The design of the workshop is very helpful specifically when we were asked to read in front one by one so Ms. Sheila can correct our pronunciation and tone immediately. She is very good and accommodating. The TalkShop helped me to gain more confidence in speaking English. I enjoyed improving my public speaking?.

Mary Grace David, Smart Communications Inc., Mobile Support

I can say that TalkShop provides the best English training. I learned so much that made me more confident in everything that I am doing. I like all of the activities of the workshop and they are all very helpful in developing our skills. The consultants are very generous and pleasing. They are all fluent in speaking the English language. They transformed my attitude to be a more confident and excellent speaker like them.

Jerom A. Abat, SMART Communications, Help Desk Level 2

I absolutely transformed my communication skills. I improved my confidence, professionalism and even my learned experience. The design of the TalkShop workshop is very helpful to us especially on how to communicate with our customers. I’ve learned that speaking in front of many people will help us gain more confidence. TalkShop workshop helped me boost my self-confidence and improve my way of speaking. I want to continue becoming more confident and professional like the TalkShop consultants.

Bernadette B. Leal, SMART Communications, Help Desk

TalkShop is the best! I learned a lot from TalkShop especially on how to speak properly and deal with other people. I love all the parts of the training, especially the compendium. Ms. Sheila, together with her team, is a great teacher. I cannott believe I gained so much confidence in so short a time.

Sherwin Nazareno, SMART Communications

TalkShop is the best English school in Makati, for sure! I learned many things in this training. TalkShop taught me on how to use proper words and grammar, especially when dealing with our customers. I like the pronunciation exercises and the role-plays that helped me to improve my social skills. TalkShop gave us a truly excellent workshop. Ms. Sheila is professional, efficient, approachable and friendly. TalkShop workshop gave me the confidence to deal with subscribers and always aim to be a successful person.

Maria Anita A. Shockey, SMART Communications, Sales

I learned a lot from my English training with TalkShop. In our classes, I was able to learn that speaking ”taglish” is not a good habit especially when dealing with discerning customers. This workshop gave me lots of techniques to become a better speaker and good communicator. The workshop is excellent. I was able to gain confidence in speaking in English confidently. Even during impromptu presentations! The consultants are all excellent and great mentors. TalkShop Workshop transformed me from a shy lady into a confident sales professional. Honestly, I am inspired to become as fluent as the TalkShop consultants.

Susana Faye D. Camacho, SMART Communications, Sales

TalkShop communication training taught us many skills and enhanced our knowledge in terms of interacting with people. The design of the workshop is excellent. The most enjoyable and meaningful part of this workshop was the product presentation because it enhanced my critical thinking as I express what I want. The consultants are so approachable and very effective. The workshop helped me boost my self-confidence and improve my grammar. I hope SMART gets more training programs with TalkShop so we can continue improving our gesture, behavior, and interaction with people.

Glen Dale A. Balete, SMART Communications, Help Desk

TalkShop really transformed my personality. It helped me to boost my confidence and become a . I learned better communicator and person. I learned the proper construction of sentences and how to handle customers over the phone. I had fun during the interviews and icebreaker. Ms. Sheila is very approachable. She and her team are very inspiring. I want to improve my communication skills further so that I can talk better with our customers.

Franz Angelo K. Torres, SMART Communications


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