TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

TalkShop motivated me to improve my English speaking skills, reading comprehension, and pronunciation. It’s amazing how fast I was able to learn about nouns and pronouns. It just comes to show that the program was very effective and educational. We covered topics in grammar, speech pronunciation, and poetry. The TalkShop consultants helped me reflect on my strengths and weaknesses. I can tell Ms. Sheila does her best to teach us the best way she can. She is very good at motivating people. I want to thank her for everything; because of her I enjoy reading magazines and newspapers now. I still want to improve and become a better English communicator so I look forward to their future trainings. More power to TalkShop!

Marjorie M. Quirante

For a five-day training, I’m surprised I was able to learn so much! My expectations were not only met but even exceeded. The workshop design was great and I didn’t find the workshop to be boring at all. The consultants made the topics easy to understand and fun to learn. Ms. Sheila is very good at teaching and did a much better job than the other consultants in the seminars I’ve attended. TalkShop gave me the opportunity to improve my English skills. I look forward to visiting them in Metro Manila. I’m sure I’ll learn even more the second time around because TalkShop is the best!

Sr. Wilma D. Manatad, O.P

For the past two days, I have learned about fine dining and dealing with my officemates and clients better. TalkShop helped gave me pointers on how to prepare myself before talking to clients. I have learned how to properly communicate and relate with officemates and how to deal well with clients. The workshop design is so comfortable and relaxing. I like all of it! The TalkShop consultants are articulate in their presentation. The TalkShop gave me the confidence boost to go to the next level! Thank you Ms. Sheila and your wonderful team!

Roberto Serrano, Golden Legacy Financing, Computer Encoder

It is a great privilege being part of this TalkShop workshop. No wonder TalkShop is the best school in English and communication training! I learned a lot of things here and it is very helpful to develop my proficiency, self-esteem, and confidence. I like all of the designs of this workshop from customer service to the fine dining training. TalkShop is so GREAT! The consultants are all excellent. We learned a lot from them. The workshop built my confidence to talk in front of many people. Thanks to you TalkShop!

McQueen Cabanatan, Golden Legacy Financing Corp., Sales Rep

I am glad we had the TalkShop Communication training. They helped me to be a good speaker, and writer as well. I like most the activities and overall design especially the proper use of prepositions. I learned that the right structure can make your work more creative and coherent. I am impressed with the TalkShop consultants who are so effective in their teaching style. They speak well and can modulate their voice and adjust their pacing to teach us well. They helped me to improve my grammar in writing and speaking. I want more workshops with them to continue honing my English skills and gain more confidence and knowledge in communicating.

Alexis L. Gutierrez, Sysmex Philippines, Sales Specialist

TalkShop taught me a lot about effectively writing mails and memos, and communicating in. I like the examples they presented. The design of this workshop is really amazing! Ms. Sheila is amazing too. She is so great and the best example of an inspiring English teacher. Now, I am more aware of my grammar whenever I’m speaking or writing.

Jeanne Gerona, Sysmex Philippines, Business Dev’t Specialist

What I like best about TalkShop are the trainers who are all friendly, approachable, and very supportive. My self confidence improved because of this training. TalkShop helped me a lot in terms of the career I want to pursue – to become a great speaker. I’ve learned a lot especially in grammar, pronunciation, and personality development.

Neil Brian Valer, SMART Communications, Help Desk

In our communication training with TalkShop, I was transformed from being speechless into being a great speaker. TalkShop is awesome. I particularly like the break, lunch, and icebreaker part. Kidding aside, all of the areas and lessons are great and I think everyone enjoyed it. The consultants are all good. I have a lot to say and maybe this evaluation is not enough. Most importantly, I have become a better person. More power TalkShop team!

Kenneth B. Galilang, SMART Communications, Help Desk Level 1

It has been a great experience attending a workshop like this. The things that I’ve learned from TalkShop are for my daily life also. I like the evaluation areas where we were pressured to give information; it made us feel important. The consultants are very accommodating especially Ms. Sheila. She was concerned about us at all times. She showed effectiveness and sensibility as a teacher who is always concerned that we are learning as much as we can. The workshop transformed me in terms of being effective as a person and communicator.

Brian V. Ocenar, SMART Communications, Help Desk Level 2

I think I learned what I need the most. The TalkShop workshop helped me a lot to grow as a person and a better employee of Smart. The design is very helpful. I like the tongue twisters and learned a lot about the prepositions. Ms. Sheila is very accommodating – not at all intimidating and I like the way she corrects our mistakes. From now on, I will apply all the knowledge that I’ve learned and become a much better speaker using the English language.

Resty R.Perez, SMART Communications, Help Desk Level 2


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