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At first, I did not really like English because I find it too difficult to learn. But when I tried to give myself a chance to learn it due to business necessity and enroll at TalkShop, I had a change of heart. I then realized how English can be fun and engaging. It’s all because my consultant was very considerate. She wanted to make sure that I could hear and follow her correctly, so she enunciated carefully. I want to continue learning more about grammar.

Sohei Miyazaki, Expat and CEO

The one thing that I learned from TalkShop is that I should never be afraid to talk in English even if it is not perfect. The most important thing is self-expression – to be able to speak my mind without fear of being opposed or misunderstood. Anyway, if I can speak English, I can always reiterate myself and perhaps correct the understanding of other people. My favorite class activity at TalkShop is the part when we exchange a lot of ideas and experiences. I am happy about the way the consultants are able to make us speak our minds. I hope I can take classes on Speech and Presentation skills. I also want to improve my vocabulary and learn more new English words.

Jennifer Marquet, Expat

I am still at school but I feel I want to really advance my English communication so I can be ahead of my classmates. At TalkShop, I acquired the habit of reviewing the rules of English grammar and of writing my daily journal. I also became very attentive and observant when speaking and writing English. My experience with TalkShop consultants was very positive because they guided me through my improvement – from basic English to intermediate until I am able to tackle the advanced lessons. They are very encouraging especially with students who are having a difficult time with the English language. I also enjoyed the pronunciation class, but I want to be a lot better in grammar.

Anna Loren Manuel, University Student

I feel myself always wanting to learn and relearn, and that is why I do not hesitate to enroll again and update my language skills at TalkShop. I find the courses at TalkShop very close to the real work setting where I plan to teach. This somehow makes it very effective and ideal for aspiring language teachers like me. The optional sharing of personal experiences and insights makes the sessions more meaningful and relevant. I was able to get some practical techniques in teaching, and now I am sharing my English language expertise with foreigners who are willing to learn English.

JC Montemayor, Sales Executive

So this is integrated communication at TalkShop. It doesn’t even feel like reading, writing, speaking, and listening have to be divorced from each other. After all thinking is inspired by reading, writing by thinking, and speaking by listening. An effective communicator has to learn all these and perhaps even more. I am glad I came to TalkShop. I am more than eager to learn about English communication more because the consultants at TalkShop take their work as a life vocation, ingeniously allowing the communicator in you to blossom.

Ferdinand Figueroa, Engineer

The one thing that left a deep impression in me about TalkShop was its approach to confidence-building in communication which included correct pronunciation of words. TalkShop has significantly reduced my fear of speaking by encouraging me to think and speak spontaneously. It has a very intimate venue during workshops that it was almost like the ideal place for mentoring. It is amazing that English conversations at TalkShop can tackle not only the technical aspect of the language but also the more important things about living and how communication can enrich it. Coming out of the workshop, I am inspired to write everyday and be more expressive of my thoughts. I would like to try their specialized courses on learning the American accent, creative writing, and interview skills.

Arlene Aguisanda, Businesswoman

I am happy to learn many things from TalkShop. But the most surprising thing I discovered was that the English language is complex, but it is fun learning it. I am impressed by how TalkShop consultants assess and customize their programs. Learning is very focused because TalkShop maintains a small group during some of its workshops. Because I found my consultants very good, I was inspired to get myself a daily personal habit, that is, writing every evening. I want to take the course on speed reading and comprehension. I believe it will be very helpful because in my work I read a lot of campaign briefs and researches. Learning to read fast can give me plenty of time to conceptualize more ads.

Ma. Charmaine Roldan, Copywriter

I enjoyed learning at TalkShop. I hope to maintain the self-confidence that is required in a working environment and even in dealing with people. Apart from grammar and other technical things involved in the English language, I find that presenting myself properly is equally important in effective communication. What good is the message if the communicator is too remote from his ideas?

Myra Cruz, Administrative and Finance Services Officer, DBP

I never thought learning English could be this interesting and inspiring. The consultants are very thoughtful in imparting wisdom that inspires communicative living. Technically, I learned the American accent. I am now very enthusiastic to speak in English even in my “usual” days, careful of my sentence construction but not losing my spontaneity. I am inspired to teach English and to do it effectively – the TalkShop way. My most unforgettable training came in a high-profile restaurant when we had to live at least for few hours the proper etiquette and social graces that come with fine dining. TalkShop made me more sensitive and appreciative of other cultures in the world. After all, English is a global language. In the future, I want to see myself tackling impromptu speech.

Carmella Victoria Pili, RN

I love being at TalkShop. I have been attending their courses and they never fail to mentor me very closely. They teach some techniques, develop personality, build confidence, instill proper etiquette, and most importantly, improve grammar. The consultants help me to be more assertive in my ways without being abrasive. Their courses really apply to my line of work. Their role-playing exercises and one-on-one discussions have always been very effective in building confidence. What is very notable about their consultants is their way of drawing out the best of my confidence by merely being “effectively” friendly.

Mary Rose Comon, Team Leader – QA, Concepcion Carrier

Enrolling at TalkShop helped boost my confidence. I never realized that I can speak in public. It was one of the things I was afraid of. I now earnestly believe that it is possible for me to become a successful trainer by simply expressing myself with effective speech and pronunciation, using appropriate words, facial expression and body language. During the workshop, I learned how to speak confidently before a group. It was amazing how I was able to speak clearly and that everyone understood what I meant. I especially liked the role-playing exercise. The consultants were all very friendly and approachable, correcting me in a very empowering way. The ambience at TalkShop is very empowering in a subtle kind of way. I especially liked its library. But of course I need to do my share of personal participation even after the course is over. The consultants advised me to practice being confident and professional not only in the way I speak but also in the way I carry myself.

Cherryl Beltran, Supervisor, Concepcion Carrier

ON THE TALKSHOP WORKSHOP: “I learned a lot, though I got nervous a little.” “I learned a lot about proper pronunciation and conversation.” “I gained more confidence, especially in speaking.” “The training was great. I learned how to communicate effectively and be more assertive. I learned that our words are powerful and becomes more powerful when pronounced correctly.” ON THE TALKSHOP CONSULTANT: “The TalkShop Consultants are energetic and confident.” “They are active and engaging.” “They are great speakers. They motivate us.” “They are very good in English.” “They are experts.” “They are skilled, knowledgeable, and prepared.” “They are approachable.” “Awesome!” OVERALL: “The workshop helped me boost my confidence.” “I am now more confident.” “I have now the confidence to speak English.” “I am more aware of my pronunciation and will help me improve my communication.” “Always smile, be positive, and practice speaking English more often.”

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