TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

The TalkShop training is very informative and straightforward. There were a lot of activities and avenues for us to learn the many skills and competencies. There were a lot of activities but they were all properly briefed and analyzed. I learned so much that I really think two days is not enough. I want to have more time for this workshop next time. The TalkShop trainer is also very knowledgeable on the topics. I can tell he’s very experienced. He enlightened me on some of my everyday problems.

Veronica Tan, MAPer, PHILAM Life

I want to thank the TalkShop consultants for the time and effort they put in the training sessions. It was very helpful. I learned so many new things about my personality and how to solve problems. I really enjoyed the problem solving activities which were fun and engaging as well as practical and effective. I also enjoyed the Egg Drop Game which allowed us to mix with the seniors and come up with a design to solve the problem. The TalkShop consultant speaks very clearly and is confident. He did a great job! He also reminded me how to carry myself properly in the workplace.

Kimlianne Ange, MAPer, PHILAM Life

The training is very interactive and enriching. I learned so much about strategic problem solving like SWOT Analysis and thinking out-of-the-box. I know I can effectively solve problems with all sorts of personalities now. I really enjoyed the activities where we solved problems interactively. I also have to say the consultant is very eloquent. He helped become more aware of myself and how I solve my everyday problems. I also want to improve my speaking skills now because of him.

Francis Daran, MAPer, PHILAM Life

I really enjoyed the style and approach of the TalkShop seminar. I learned so much about time management, understanding personality traits, and how to deal with corporate problems. The design of the workshop is very interesting and engaging. I especially enjoyed the activities with group interaction and discussions on how to solve a particular problem. The TalkShop consultant is a very effective speak. I now know myself better because of him. I wish there was more time for the workshop. I want it to be very intimate and surprising.

Rishi Advani, MAPer, PHILAM Life

The TalkShop training was great! It really helped me a lot especially in terms of becoming more proactive. I also learned how to solve problems easily. I’m sure it will be useful in my everyday life. All of the topics were well-discussed and explained throroughly. I especially enjoyed the problem solving exercise with effective decision-making. The trainer made the topics fun and exciting!I can now deal with problems in a methodical manner thanks to the trainer. I look forward to my next workshop with TalkShop. They are definitely the best problem solvers in Makati!

Aida M. Tuanio, MAPer, PHILAM Life

The topics discussed were simple but nonetheless important. Most training seminars forget about discussing values and take them for granted. In the TalkShop training, my barren mind and heart was awakened to becoming more proactive in team problem situations. The workshop design is logical and straightforward. I especially enjoyed the interactive problem solving exercises that helped me learn the steps in effective problem solving. The speaker is great and very articulate! He empowered me by bringing out the best in me and in others as well. I would really like to take another seminar from him regarding customer complaints handling.

Lara Mae D. del Socorro, MAPer, PHILAM Life

For me, TalkShop did a great job improving our work performance because they taught us to be more productive and competent. I like all the designs of the workshop especially the interaction and group discussion. The TalkShop consultants are great mentors and they did a great job. The workshop helped me to increase my self-confidence and made me more professional.

Kharl John Cultura, SMART Communications, Mobile Help Desk

I am a fan! With TalkShop, I learned to improve my communication skills and be confident when talking to people. The design is easy to comprehend and I love everything about it. The consultants know what they are teaching. Though I am still nervous at times, my self-confidence in speaking in front increased immensely because of the great lessons and the inspiring TalkShop consultants.

Michelle R. Francisco, SMART Communications, Sales Professional

The TalkShop Communication Training is been an excellent workshop for me. I like the panel interview, it built my confidence in facing customers and I was also able to acquire good communication skills. The TalkShop consultant is very approachable. The workshop is transformative indeed. Thanks TalkShop!

Jeffrey Lumba, SMART Communications, Help Desk

The 2-day TalkShop training is the best English class I have attended. I like the design specifically the part of presentation skills. I so appreciate the hand-outs and visual presentations. The TalkShop consultant is excellent and professional. The TalkShop enhanced the way I speak and pronounce the word correctly.

Jan Michael T. Fernandez, SMART Communications


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