TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

The workshop is very structured, detailed, and well-planned. Everything I needed during the workshop was available and the powerpoint was easy to understand. The speaker/facilitater dressed very well and spoke clearly and confidently. The TalkShop workshop is not only educational but also fun and engaging. The ideas presented are very importnat, direct, and helpful in work. Because of TalkShop I am now more conscious of how I think and act. I’m now a better corporate professional.

Gail Rose Anne Egar, MAPer – PHILAM Life

I was able to learn a lot and review my own strengths and weaknesses as a person. The workshop reminded me that I am a professional now and should act like one. I really enjoyed the activities and making new friends. I just found the venue to be a bit too cold. The TalkShop consultant is very engaging. He helped me remind myself that I’m already working in a corporate environment. In the next workshop i want to learn more about personalities and how to handle difficult clients. I’m sure TalkShop will be able to help me since they’re one of the best trainers I’ve ever encountered in Makati!

Ji-Le Tolimao, MAPer – PHILAM Life

I learned a lot from the workshop. The process of decision making, problem solving, and how to be open-minded. I especially enjoyed the personality tests which taught me a lot about myself. The TalkShop consultant really knows what he’s talking about. He’s very smart and good at explaining the topics. Thanks to him I can share the topics with my colleagues. In the next workshop I want to learn conversational English! I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from TalkShop. They’re the best training provider in Metro Manila!

Charity Ann A-Ines, MAPer – PHILAM Life

The workshop taught me a lot about myself and the way I think. I learned how to handle difficult people and team members working under me. I will definitely use these learnings in my work. The workshop covered a wide range of topics and the powerpoints are very easy to understand. It made me realize that activities can also be engaging and educational. The TalkShop consultant exhibited a positive attitude and radiated a very positive aura. He’s an excellent speaker, one of the best I’ve ecountered in Metro Manila. He encouraged me to be more organized when solving problems and taught me how to become more decisive. I’m sure TalkShop is the best training provider in Makati. Next time I enroll in a workshop it will be with TalkShop.

Jessa Cuaresona, MAPer – PHILAM Life

The TalkShop training is very helpful in my career and work. I learned the processes invlolved in problem solving and how to deal with different kinds of people. It’s difficult to apply all these learnings right away but awareness is the first step. I also enjoyed the acitivites that allowed everyone to participate. They were very informative. I find the TalkShop consultant to be very eloquent. He made me realize we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We should take time to think through our plan before we implement it. In the next workshop I want to learn how to speak with confidence in front of a lot of people just like the consultant. I’m sure he can teach me a lot about Public Speaking since he’s one of the best English trainers in Makati!

Celestine B. Reyes, MAPer – PHILAM Life

I enjoyed the 2-day workshop mainly because it is jampacked with practical information and a lot of fun activities that helped me understand the lessons. I wasn’t bored at all since the activities were very exciting and challenging. It’s also good that I was able to meet new people from my company. I learned a lot of things about my personality and how to handle myself in difficult problem solving situations that can be stressful. The TalkShop consultant is very professional and knowledgeable on the topics. He appears and sounds very professional. He gave us a lot of activities to get us all involved in the workshop. He also gave me a lot fo important reminders on how to control myself around perfectionists. He’s definitely one of the best trainers in Metro Manila!

Aguilar Janelle Clarisse T., MAPer – PHILAM Life

The TalkShop workshop did an excellent job in grouping us. The young professionals helped make the discussions and group activities more lively while we were able to provide guidance and give direction to their ideas. All the lectures and activitles shared are very valuable to me. I’m sure I’ll be able to use them in my everyday problems the same way I applied them in the workshop activities. I also appreciate all the thinking tools that were shared with us including The Six Thinking Hats, Steps in Effective Problem Solving, and Mind Mapping.

Samuel Yu, MAPer – PHILAM Life

I really learned a lot from the TalkShop workshop training on Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making. The activities where we got to apply the different steps in problem solving were my favorite. The TalkShop consultant also well-informed about the subject. I really think I can learn a lot from him. In the next workshop I want to take up Leadership Training because I learned that in order to become an effective problem solver you have to know how to be a good team leader.

Virgilio F. Toledo, MAPer – PHILAM Life

The discussions and presentations are very informative and fun. There were a lot of practical activities that gave me the chance to apply the lessons we learned. I have to say the TalkShop consultant is very knowledgeable on the topic and really knows how to explain them in understandable terms. In the next workshop I want to learn more about Public Speaking. I’ll be sure to enroll in TalkShop for the next workshop because I know that TalkShop is the best English training provider in Metro Manila!

Benigno S. Felipe, MAPer, PHILAM Life

The TalkShop seminar was great! The lessons are very practical and realistice. I can surely use them in the workplace and apply them in my everyday life. The TalkShop consultant is awesome! I especially like how he made me think on my own to accomplish the problem solving activities. Mr. Robert taught me a lot about problem solving and how to communicate better with my team members. I also find the workshop materials to be very useful and helpful. Mr. Robert is very engaging and well-informed. He knows how to translate difficult theories into simple ideas and made the workshop fun and enjoyable. He made me realize my weaknesses as a member of a group and how I can work with other people to strengthen them. In the next workshop I want to build my confidence and learn how to be a motivational speaker. I’ll be sure to enroll in TalkShop again since they’re the best English school in Makati!

Miguel Potenciano, MAPer, PHILAM Life


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