TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

It’s fun to learn here in TalkShop! I learned how to speak in front of a group of people and I was able to review my grammar quickly. The teachers also helped me build my self-confidence and taught me to be more positive when speaking. I really like the teachers and how they assess their students. The activities are fun and educational. I also got to participate in some games and exercises that helped me imrpove my English. Thanks to the teachers I am now able to confidently speak to other people in English. I usually think too much before I talk but now I’m very spontaneous when speaking. Even though I just finished m 20-hr session in TalkShop, I still want to enroll again and improve on my pbulic speaking and writing. TalkShop provides the best English classes in Makati so there’s no other school I’ll go to for English but here! Thank you, TalkShop, I love you!

Amelia Piniano, Eltek Systems Ltd.

The TalkShop workshop is very practical and fun! There were no dull moments and I learned a lot of helpful tools to help me grow as a public speaker. The workshop contents were very well thought of and well-organized. Ms. Sheila knows her profession very well and is easily approachable. Thanks to her I am now more confident! I want even more exposure to public speaking now and can’t wait to learn more in the next TalkShop seminar.

Jeff Cruz, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

I just want to say thank you to TalkShop especially to Ms. Sheila for giving me the chance to become the best presenter I can be. I learned so much from her especially on the techniques for presenting and how to speak in front of a lot of people. The workshop design is great! I really like the group activities and think the individual presentations helped me practice the lessons I learned in the seminar. Ms. Sheila is very honest whenever she gives us comments but she always adds a constructive comment for us to improve our speaking style. Because of her I can face my fears and present in front of my supervisors now. In the next workshop I want more training in public speaking. I also want to have more chances to give my own presentation so I can see what other areas I need to improve. Again, thank you, TalkShop, for giving me one the best workshop experiences ever!

Bong Gregorio, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

The TalkShop training is very informative. The workshop design is also very good! I especially enoyed the parts where we were asked to give a speech presentation. I still want to learn more about technical writing and how to make a good speech. I know TalkShop provides the best English classes in Makati so I’ll be sure to enroll in their workshop again the next time I have the chance to! Thank you TalkShop, you’re the best!

Jen Guevarra, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

The seminar taught me so much about presenting that I am more confident now when I present in front of a large group of people. The TalkShop consultant is also great. She helped me build my confidence and now I know how to overcome my nervousness whenever I feel tense. I hope I have the chance to join many more workshops like TalkShop. They are the best English training provider in Makati!

Jesus “Bok” Orteza, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

I had an awesome experience at TalkShop’s workshop! I enjoyed the practical exercises and the critiquing part through the video playback. Seeing myself present helped me become more aware of my mannerisms and gestures. I learned a lot about pronunciation, how to present, and how to be more comfortable when speaking in front of large groups of people. The Talkshop consultant is also very accommodating and effective. She makes the sessions light and fun instead of intimidating or scary. She made me aware of my strengths as a public speaker and helped me realize what areas I need to improve on. In the next workshop I want to learn how to modulate my voice and use proper intonation. I’m sure TalkShop will be able to help me with this especially since thay have the best English classes in the Philippines!

Janelle Amuan, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

At first, I thought the training was just going to be about how to use powerpoint. During the workshop I learned more than just to use powerpoint, I got to present myself in front of a crowd, use presentation techniques in listening and reporting, and even raised my confidence level from the practical activities. The TalkShop consultant really did a good job. Ms. Sheila inspired me to become a better speaker and taught me how to overcome my fear of public speaking.

Melinda P. Santiago, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

The TalkShop workshops are one-of-a-kind and very educational. I’ve never experienced any kind of workshop similar to that of TalkShop. I learned so much about speaking, being fluent, and having the confidence to deliver impromptu speeches. I really like the design of the workshop since I get to hear feedback from the trainer after each activity. The TalkShop consultant is a great speaker and is very knowledgeable. She helped me become more confident in public speaking and presenting my ideas in front of a crowd. I look forward to learning more on how to be fluent and spontaneous when I speak in English. I’m going to enroll is TalkShop again for sure because they provide the best English classes in Metro Manila!

Judy Bancolo, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

The trainer is very nice and the workshop has a lot of relevant topics in my line of work. I learned so much about how to improve my presentations and speaking style. The workshop design is well-presented and very challenging especially since I’m not good at speaking in front of an audience. The TalkShop consultant is very good at speaking. She always gives feedback on our presentations and helps us become better presenters. I am more confident now because of her. In my next workshop I want to improve my ability to connect with the audience. I also want to learn some leadership skills so I can become the leader of my team someday. TalkShop has the best English classes in Makati so I’ll be sure to enroll in their school again next time I’m in the area.

Jeffrey Abeto, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

The teacher is very competent. She encouraged me to speak up and accomplish the tasks with flying colors. She is also friendly and gives us a compliment before giving constructive comments for us to learn more. I learned so much form her and was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses in presenting ideas. Each day in the workshop is fun and exciting! The presentation part is my favorite especially the activity where I had to sell a friend. In the next workshop I want to take up Business Writing. TalkShop gives the best English classes in Metro Manila so I’ll be sure to enroll in their program next time!

Jacquelyn Santos, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.


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