TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned how to ask formal questions using good pronunciation and vocabulary. When I am talking to someone, I should smile, so I will apply it day by day. I want to learn further about Philippine culture. I want to know more about your ice breaker exercises.

Koji Ishii, Spiceworx

I learned a lot from TalkShop particularly on how to deal with people during a negotiation. The training is GOOD! I enjoyed this training very much. The TalkShop consultants were EXCELLENT! They know how to make participants more attentive and the lecture livelier. This workshop transformed me into becoming more assertive when negotiating.

Carina Tolentino, Fujitsu Ten

My skills rose to the next level with the help of TalkShop Communication Training. I liked the part when we learned about assertiveness. The consultants were very approachable, intelligent, and humble. The transformative effect of the workshop was that I now have more negotiating skills.

Marty Guarin, FTPC Engineer

I learned a lot of helpful and useful things from TalkShop especially about negotiation skills and presentation technique. I liked the part when we brainstormed. It was so enjoyable! All of us were willing participants. The consultants were very good and did great. I’m so happy to be part of this workshop.

Anlene Vito, Fujitsu Ten Marketing

I learned a lot from TalkShop. It’s fun to be trained especially on how to be a good speaker. I like all of the designs of the workshop but it is the presentation that strikes me a lot. The consultant was very nice and good. She was very effective at her craft and did well. The workshop transformed me to be more confident, but I still want to improve my communication skills. I really want to learn how to speak English very well.

Annieper Alvarez, FTPC

I learned how to speak in English in front of Filipino people because they know how to pronounce words better than I. I know know the rules of grammar, as well. The trainer is so kind and funny when teaching us and I appreciate the way she teaches. The content of the training is very fun especially our interview with the trainers. I couldn’t answer their questions well, but I still enjoyed it. The speed of delivery is exact for my style of listening. I want to build relationships with other nationalities, when given the chance.

Sawako Watanabe, SpiceWorx

I learned how to introduce myself, and how to have a clear conversation especially on the telephone. The trainer was good at teaching us the topics we really needed to improve on. The content of the training was interesting for me and I like the practical workshop but the speed of delivery can be improved. In the future, I want to be able to pronounce better and be able to extend conversation time.

Tomohiro Shioda, SpiceWorx

I learned to introduce myself better because I have improved my pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. The trainer is the best trainer that I’ve ever seen. She was so energetic and good looking. The training is very useful for us and it can help us to be better speakers. The speed of delivery is properly timed such that I can understand it well. The training was almost perfect, so I can not ask for more.

Ehanglong Chen, SpiceWorx

Now I know that good conversation is important for English learners. There are words that are pronounced differently and I was happy when I started to talk with the trainer in English even though I am not quite good. Every trainer was very kind and I enjoyed listening to them. The content of the training was so good and I understood it easily because of the consultant’s help. The speed of delivery was fairly quick, but it’s ok as I understood it.

Taisuke Inoue, SpiceWorx

I learned a lot of significant things for today. I like the inagural speech of John F. Kennedy and the singing performance. I learned so much about how to communicate with others with the use of correct grammar. The trainer was very smart and skilled in discussing difficult topics. The content has fit for me. It was very impressive and organized. Because of this, I learned how to speak English fluently and more about Philippine culture.

Saeko Hosono, SpiceWorx


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