TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned so much from TalkShop. I gained more confidence in giving a speech in front of many people. This workshop helped me to appreciate the value of studying English. The design of the workshop was so excellent. The TalkShop consultant was very good. She was nice. She motivates her students to learn more English. I gained more confidence in speaking. When I committed some mistakes, I really don’t care, I still continued speaking. I just want to learn more about public speaking, grammar and speech eloquence. But I think you can make the workshop longer because I want to learn more.

Sr. Rovilla Tapao, Op, Congregation of Religious Missionarie

This training really helped me to express myself through communication especially in talking in front of many people. I gained more self confidence and friends. The design of the workshop was well-prepared and well-organized. EXCELLENT!!! I like all of the activities especially the dialogue exercises. It is very challenging and exciting as well. I appreciated the efforts of the consultants for keeping the passion of teaching. They transformed me into a better and more confident person. I want to improve how to socialize and how to project a positive image in front of many people.

Lesta Abus, Sister Handmaid of Charity of Saint Vincent

I really learned a lot from the TalkShop Communication Training and it is very helpful to me. The design of the workshop is really enjoyable. I liked the part when we answered the exercises about pronunciation in front of the other students. Thanks to the TalkShop consultants for giving this lesson. This workshop transformed me into a better person. I am able to read English better now than before. In the near future, I want to improve my personality dynamics and personality development.

Elisabeth Evi, Sister Handmaid of Charity of Saint Vincent

I learned a lot form the TalkShop. My grammar has improved and I’m confident right now in facing other people. The workshop was well-prepared. The consultants were all knowledgeable and approachable. We can easily understand the things that they are discussing because they were all fluent in speaking English. Now, I am more confident as I face and talk to other people.

Grace Cuerdon,  OPUS GAMING

I learned a lot from TalKShop. It’s a great experience to become one of the trainees of TalkShop. It was a great experience to communicate well and learn how to be more confident. The design of the workshop was great. I liked it the most when we did some exercises in the compendium because it really helps us to know how to pronounce words properly. The consultants were all good. They are very effective trainers. They helped us to be more confident. I think I want to improve my communication skills and to be more fluent in English.

Michell Amil,  OPUS GAMING

I learned a lot from the TalkShop consultants. The design of the Workshop was well-prepared and organized. The consultants were very professional in the way they acted, spoke, and projected. They are all experts in teaching English. The TalkShop helped me in a lot of things especially in building and increasing my self-confidence. I want to improve my speaking skills and how to speak fluently.

Rhazel R. Pangilinan, OPUS GAMING, Dealer

I really enjoyed our training because now we know how to handle ourselves in front of the camera and how to deliver our scripts, and to be more confident. I like the part of pronunciation and when Ms. Sheila taught us how to walk properly with confidence and the proper tone while speaking. The consultants presented the topics very well. I’m more confident now and I believe in myself that I can do anything. I’m beautiful and sexy!

Ma. Katherine dela Paz,  OPUS GAMING

I learned a lot from TalkShop Communication Training, on how to improve my communication skills, how to be confident in front of the camera, and to improve our English skills as well. It’s really fun especially with the activities that we did. The consultants were very effective and approachable. Because of them, I became more confident and more comfortable in front of the camera. In our future training, I want to have or to learn more about public speaking.

Cheyenne Echo S. Chua, OPUS GAMING

I learned a lot from this training especially on how to pronounce properly some commonly mistaken words. The workshop was so great! I enjoyed it a lot. The consultants were so lively everytime they discussed something.

Hilca Pedrosa, OPUS GAMING

I learned a lot from this training. For me, the workshop was perfectly organized. The consultants were very good in educating us. They are all friendly and smart. Before of this training, I am just simple and shy but now they put me in a situation where I felt like the perfect host. I will just practice what I’ve learned from TalkShop so I can perfect it all.

Ruby Ann Padilla Rivero, OPUS GAMING


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