TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I want to thank TalkShop for giving me this privilege to learn and refresh my knowledge in English communication. The design of the workshop was so good and informative. I like all the designs that they presented to us. Ms. Sheila was a good consultant! She knows how to teach her students in a very good way. With the help of both the design and the consultant, I’m now a better English speaker and confident in all of the things that I do. I still want to improve my English communication.

Raymund Isip, UCPB, RS

I’ve learned a lot from the TalkShop Communication Training. It was suited for our needs. I liked and appreciated learning about prepositions. The TalkShop consultant was an eloquent speaker. The TalkShop workshop made me realize that it is not a problem to be nervous – I should let my thoughts flow and stay focused.

Ivan Francis D. Evangelista, UCPB,  LDD-Corporate

TalkShop helped me to refresh my oral and written communication skills. The design was very good and useful for our daily needs in our marketplace. I want to thank the TalkShop consultant for being kind and considerate to us. Keep up the good work.

Noemi O. Lada, UCPB, LDS

The workshop met my expectations. It helped me refresh my English pronunciation and grammar when writing memos and letters. I’ve learned many things from it especially the proper ways of English communication. The design of the workshop was good and the area l liked the most was the right pronunciation of words. The TalkShop consultant was good. She was well-prepared.

Echo Chen P. Jamis, UCPB,  Documentation Specialist

The TalkShop workshop was very effective and helpful for the participants. It’s brief yet very productive. Impromptu Speech is something I liked the most in the workshop. Mr. Robert is very articulate. The TalkShop workshop increased my self-confidence. Well done!

Lito C. Morta, SGV & Co.

I’ve learned a lot from TalkShop most especially on public speaking and presentation guidelines. I felt a little pressure in the beginning of the workshop but as we went on, I enjoyed the topics. The consultant discussed the topics well and clearly. The workshop helped me to build self-confidence but I still need to improve my voice.

Lester Bustarde, SGV & Co.

I learned effective ways on how to present myself in front of people. The workshop was good. The part I liked the most was the evaluation of my impromptu speech. It’s really suspenseful on my part. The TalkShop consultant was good. He has a great personality and provides positive criticism on how we can improve speaking in front of the public. Hearing their comments, I was able to know my strengths and weaknesses that will help me to become a better public speaker. I just need to be more confident and trust myself to deliver my ideas well. TalkShop encouraged me a lot! Learning the basics of creative thinking is what I want to learn next.

Geraldine Rose V. Ogero, SGV & Co., Senior Ass

I learned enough knowledge about the basics of public speaking. The design is great and a big help for us to prepare in the actual speech. The consultant was a great speaker. TalkShop helped me such that everytime I will speak to people, I will be more confident. I want to learn more about creative thinking in our future training designs.

Karlo Eleazar V. Baral, SGV & Co.

I’ve learned a lot from the TalkShop Workshop. I like most of the topics that we discussed. The design was good and satisfactory. The topic that I liked the most was the body language. The consultant was good in educating us. With the help of the TalkShop consultants, they have made me more careful with my body language as well as public speaking. In our future training, I want to improve my accent and presentation ability.

Conrado B. Llarinas JR., SGV & Co.,  Senior Ass

I learned a lot from the TalkShop especially about basic public speaking. It was very short yet still effective. The design was good. Everybody was given enough time to present their ideas and speak in front of the people. The consultant was very good. He is friendly and he made the participants more comfortable in the room. He also acknowledges everyone positively. Applying what I’ve learned about the basics of public speaking has made me more confident.

Elizabeth C. Naval, AP


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