TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I’ve learned a lot from this training, from pronunciation and spelling to sentence construction. The tongue twisters were also a lot of fun and reading paragraphs helped me become fluent in English. I also enjoyed the part where we learned to develop sensitivity towards the listeners. The TalkShop consultant was very impressive. She has so many achievements and is truly amazing. I want to learn more from her, she’s helped me become so much more sensitive in writing my emails.

Joanne Abanes, Technical Engineer
I thought I already knew a lot about English grammar but during the 2-day training, I learned so much more! The TalkShop workshop was fabulous! I really enjoyed the public speaking part. The TalkShop consultant was easy to approach. I gained confidence because of the workshop.

Jeffrey M. Menez, Technical Engineer
With TalkShop, I learned so many new things about grammar that I never got to learn in school. The workshop activities were also good. The TalkShop Consultant was well informed and definitely an expert in English. With her I know I have improved my writing abilities.

Jeffrey Talusan, Professional
What I liked most about TalkShop was the public speaking exercises where we got to develop our abilities and give our opinions. Ms. Sheila is very good at her job. She is an effective speaker and trainer. The TalkShop workshop helped me pronounce each word correctly. It also helped me speak my mind in front of my fellow employees. I want to learn more topics related to conversational skills.

Kathryn Nanad, Product Engineer
I have learned so much from TalkShop. It helped me with my job. I can now communicate in English better. I enjoyed the workshop and would’ve enjoyed taking up more topics. The TalkShop consultant is great especially in giving examples. The corrections made regarding my technical and grammatical errors were very helpful.

Resty C. Rosal, Technical Engineer
TalkShop helped me a lot in my public speaking abilities. It gave me more confidence and helped me gain a lot of experience. TalkShop also enriched my knowledge in grammar. The TalkShop design was good. It followed a step-by-step plan that didn’t bore me at all. I enjoyed the experience. I have nothing but praises. The workshop made me more confident and also reminded me the things I learned in school about English.

Lorenzo Antonio P. Aguilar
“Goodbyes are never easy to say, especially to people who have been a meaningful part of our life. I am here now before you all so that I may express my gratitude for all the help and support you have given me. First of all, I’d like to thank TalkShop for helping me improve my English, not only in public speaking but also in grammar. Thank you for giving me a great learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom. I would like to thank Mrs Pilar for always encouraging me to be perkier and for always giving her full support in all my endeavors. At the end of the public speaking sessions, I can honestly say that I am not as scared to speak in front of people. Thank you for teaching me proper conduct and etiquette, both of which I would have overlooked if I did not know them. [...]

Erin 15, Student
“Thank you. A very simple word, but what it amounts to is no small things. This simple word can do so much and mean a lot to others. To a janitor or a guard, this word can bring happiness and make his day. To someone who may have just saved your life, you may have already repaid him by saying thank you. People use this to show their gratitude towards someone. Likewise, I use this word to show my gratitude for all that TalkShop and my family have done for me. TalkShop, Thank You for helping me accomplish my English goals this summer. Thank you for teaching me not just English, but also values and morals I will need in life. Thank you for always being very welcoming and hospitable towards me. Thank you for being, overall, a great place to learn English. [...]

Lance 9, Student
“May I present to you my report on the “Seminar-Workshop on professional Written Communication” held on February 23 to 24, 2012 at the 4th Floor, DBP Training Room, DBP Head Officve, Makati City. Ms Sheila Viesca, Chief Executive Officer of the TalkShop was our Guest Speaker. She is a communication trainer and English language expert to top corporations and government institutions. Ms Sheila Viesca discussed the main objectives of the seminar as follows: – To appreciate the role and clarify the purpose of a good communicator; – To present ways to unlock potentials in improving work performance and enhancing interpersonal skills; – To share valuable tips in becoming more confident and self-directed in performing the job for growth and development; – To share insights on how to be more successful in managing work. [...]

Ms Elizabeth C. Olazo, Internal Audit Secretary
ON THE TALKSHOP WORKSHOP: “I learned a lot during the two-day course. I hope more such trainings are conducted.” “I learned a lot especially in grammar.” “I learned a lot. It is intellectually stimulating.” “Over-all the communication workshop training helped me improve on my use of the tenses.” “I learned a lot of new things.” “I learned more from your two-day workshop than I had in all the technical writing seminars I previously attended.” “The content of the workshop is comprehensive. Group interaction provided good learning opportunities.” “It was a good refresher course.” “I learned a lot. I was able to refresh and improve what I learned in high school.” “I learned a lot. It served as an effective tool for review.” [...] 

GSIS Office of the Corporate Secretary Technical Writing
Back in Poland, I am already familiar with the English language. But I needed to really work on my conversational skills. I am happy I found TalkShop. My speech consultant was simply unbelievable! I did not know how she did it, but at the end of the course I was able to really converse in English very confidently. She was just amazing. The customized approach really worked with me. I felt the lesson was suited for my English language needs. When I go back to Poland, I will definitely bring with me the English skills I acquired here. I want to continue learning English the TalkShop way.

Joanna Wadas, Polish
As a student, I have a lot of requirements to finish. Another concern is that I am a little bit shy speaking. That is why I decided to try the English courses at TalkShop. I was glad I enrolled because it helped me deal with my assignments and tasks at school especially with regard formal writing and public speaking. I found the course on public speaking very helpful because before I came to TalkShop I would always feel very worried before speaking. But after the course, I was surprised to see myself standing behind a podium, speaking in front of many people, and almost very calm, poised, confident, and happy. I did not know how the consultant brought the best out of me. It was just amazing. Ms. Sheila Viesca was simply a very passionate consultant and mentor. She explained the lessons very well. Besides public speaking, I was also inspired to write my daily journal. I hope to get intensive lessons on formal writing especially on the areas of composing essays and presenting written reports that would go hand in hand with a speech.

Sharie Dominguez, High School Student


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