TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I’ve learned everything that I need to know to be an effective communicator. I’m not good in making memos but I really liked the part where we made our own business memos. The TalkShop consultant is a very good speaker. She talks very well and knows everything she said. I want to be more skillful in writing business letters.

Jerald S. Hobon, UCPB, LDS-CAD

I learned a lot from the TalkShop especially on how or where to use in, on, and at. The design is excellent and I really like the topic on “How to become a gentleman?” The consultant is so beautiful, smart, and witty and knows the lessons very well. The workshop made me a better person in terms of enhancing my communication skills. In our future training, I want you to provide a CD containing the correct pronunciation of common mispronounce and misspelled words.

Michael Anthony D. Nunez, UCPB, LDS

I learned a lot from the TalkShop workshop especially on how to communicate effectively. I’ve learned correct oral and writing communication. I can say that the design of the workshop was properly complied according to its importance and use. I learned about the 12 tenses and it’s very useful in my field of work. Ms. Sheila is very good in teaching us correct grammar and pronunciation. It develops my communication skills. It transformed me on how to use proper sentences and grammar. It also helped me to pronounce properly. I just want to have the same communication training to develop my language and communication skills.

Mae Ann Catherin A. Daragon, UCPB,  LDS

I learned a lot of good pointers that is essential for me to improve my skills in business writing. The topics are tailor-fit for all the associates who attended the workshop. What I liked the most was the pronunciation drills. The TalkShop consultant has a mastery of the subjects that she taught. The workshop helped me improve my English subjects in all aspects especially on speaking, reading and writing.

Esner Franscis P. Fernandez, UCPB

I’ve learned a lot of things from the TalkShop Communication Training especially on how to write better and how to speak English clearly. The design of the workshop is great! The parts I liked the most were the letter-writing and sentence construction. The consultant is very knowledgeable. The TalkShop taught me a lot for me to be a better writer and reader. I want to improve more my abilities to construct sentences correctly.

Aiza Maniego, UCPB, DSD

I learned much from the TalkShop especially in writing reports, speech and vocabulary skills. What I liked the most was the area where each participant is given the chance to talk in front of the class. The design is well crafted. The TalkShop consultant has a good command of the topics. She speaks clearly and fluently. It transformed each and every participant to be proactive when it comes to corporate communications. I want to improve on how to prepare a speech for my future works.

Augusto S. Dizon, UCPB, SR. Appraiser

I learned a lot from the TalkShop Communication Training. The TalkShop consultant prepared for the topics well. It is very effective for me to have this kind of knowledge and I learned things in grammar.

Larry M. Duterte, UCPB, LDS

I learned a lot from the TalkShop Communication Training. The consultant has a broad knowledge in English grammar and business writing. This training enhanced my knowledge, and made me an effective writer and better communicator.

Palmer L. Coles, UCPB, CI/Appraiser

I learned a lot from the TalkShop Communication Training especially on proper intonation and manner of speaking. The activities were the most interesting part in the design of the workshop. The TalkShop consultant was very knowledgeable and credible about the subject matter. She is confident on what she is teaching. It changed and corrected my former notions about words and grammar.

John Paolo Ramoran, UCPB,, LDS

The workshop was a recollection of my learning in high school and college. Some topics were easy for me because they were the same knowledge that I learned before. What I liked the most was the grammar and sharing experiences.

Polysann H. Ong, UCPB,  LDS


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