TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned a lot from the TalkShop. I like the activities of giving speeches, dialogues and prayers using speech lab. The TalkShop consultants are highly professional. All of the necessary materials in the kit are used. There were so effective in teaching. This workshop made me realize my mistakes in speaking some words but now, they transformed me to become a good speaker. I want to improve more my grammar and pronunciation because I know that it is not enough so see you next training!

Sis. Carlita Panaligan, SMCCS, Administrator

I learned from the TalkShop a lot especially on speaking the English language. The design of the workshop was so great! I liked most the pronunciation. The TalkShop consultants were so great! They were able to give us ideas to get out our hidden talents. I have more confidence in talking to my students without any hesitation using English language with a proper diction, pronunciation and intonation. I want to improve my public speaking and be able to write correctly. Sorry, I can’t think any suggestion because for me your training designs are all great! God bless!

Lanie D. Remulta, SMCCS


I learned a lot from the TalkShop especially on how to be a good speaker. This workshop was very effective. It made us how to go on our limits. I like the part where our flaws were corrected with positive manner. Both of the speakers, Ms. Sheila and Ms. Pillar were so effective and have a good cause on us. They’re both great in teaching. They help me to increases my knowledge on how to speak and communicate using the English language. For me, I really want to learn things that I didn’t know especially I want to learn and improve my communication skills because I think it is not enough. I couldn’t think of any other areas to improve in our future training designs but perhaps of American culture in using English and spellings and syllabications.

Carlos Zaragoza, SMCCS

I cannot assuredly measure the things that I’ve learned from the TalkShop training but one thing is for sure, I learned many things not just only on communication skills but also spiritual skills. The design on the workshop was great, well organized, well presented and very informative. I like the pronunciation drill it was so exciting! The TalkShop consultants were very approachable, intelligent and very humble persons. It transformed me to be very good in my speaking and communication skills. Thank you TalkShop! See you soon.

Cherelyn Edu Lagundino, SMCCS,  Teacher/Adviser

I learned more from the TalkShop how to speak and read properly and how to develop my ideas in a shortest possible time. The design teaches us the correct pronunciation and the proper way how to deliver it properly. The TalkShop consultants are excellent in their field of expertise. It helps me to increase my self confidence and to be able to speak well. Indeed, I am neither a good speaker nor a good writer but this TalkShop WorkShop transformed me to a better me. I think it is very helpful if you should have more drills and practices but you done well.

Nora Amparo V. Ignacio, SMCCS, Teacher

I learned a lot from the TalkShop! They taught me that I need to focus when I am about to speak in order to organize ideas and for me to express it confidently. The designs of the workshop were well planned. It was started from simple to complex. I like the design of speech, because it helps me to develop my self confidence and organize idea and for me to open my weak points. I like the consultant’s way of teaching. They were very passionate and considerate on us. They’re good in teaching! Now I was able to go beyond and express my ideas based on my knowledge with high self-esteem. In the future trainings I also want to learn more the other ways of delivering speech.

Gabby Cruz, SMCCS

I learned a lot thing in the TalkShop training that I will use those as a facilitator of learning. The design was really good. I like the dialogue in speech laboratory because it helps people to enhance one’s capacity to become an effective speaker. The TalkShop consultant was very approachable and a loving person as well. I think people will admire this kind of consultants. This TalkShop made me realize that I need to practice my speaking skills so see you soon TalkShop!

May V. Olaguer, SMCCS, Religion Teacher

The TalkShop taught me how to communicate well with other people with good diction and pronunciation. The design of the workshop was so excellent! I really like the area when we made our own dialogue. The TalkShop consultants were so great and excellent in delivering and explaining the topics. The workshop made me more confident than before and I improved how to deal in front of my fellow co-employees because of the confidence that I’ve earned. For future trainings, I want to learn more about the different activities which is related to the training for me to enhance my communication skills. I want to improve my speaking skills which will help me to become an effective teacher by giving us more new techniques.

Dennis R. Santiago, SMCCS

I’ve learned a lot from the TalkShop training. The workshop was well planned and I liked the areas about the drills on pronunciation and the do’s and don’ts on communications. The TalkShop consultants were both marvelous. They transformed me to become not only a teacher who is equipped academically but rather a teacher that can communicate effectively. The only thing I’d like is from TalkShop future training is for me to learn more about the proper pronunciation and diction of some words.

Ms. Gloria V. Enriquez, SMCCS,  Teacher

I learned a lot of things from the workshop and things that made me a better person. The design of this workshop answered the needs of the participants immediately. The TalkShop consultants were so excellent! This workshop transformed me to gain more confidence in the way I express my thoughts but I would like to develop more my writing skills.

Ma. Corazon R. Elitong, SMCCS, Teacher


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