TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


I learned so much about myself and got to understand the way certain people in a group act. The workshop helped me learn how to approach them and engage in a healthy form of communication. The workshop design was very good and interactive thanks to the expertise of the consultant; she definitely knew how to get the audience’s attention. TalkShop transformed me into a better leader and helped me believe that there’s always room for improvement.

Rhandy Farre, Senior Technical Leader

I learned a lot in this workshop. I especially liked the topics that helped me improve my communication skills. Ms. Sheila was very good and helped us learn so much in 4 days. I’m thankful for the books she gave us and for sharing her experiences related to English communication. The workshop made me think what kind of leader I am while helping me realize that I need more practice.

Roselyn Bartold, Office Personnel

The TalkShop training seminar helped me learn so much. Being a supervisor, TalkShop helped me become more equipped and ready to coach/ counsel my subordinates. I liked the workshop especially because we got to apply effective communication with the subordinates. Body language, voice, and tone are just some of the things we tackled in the workshop. The TalkShop consultant is also very well versed in the subject. She helped me confidently communicate and coach my subordinates.

Aida G. Barayang, Production Leader

I learned so much about my personality, attitude, and leadership style. The workshop helped me realize my personality through the Enneagram. The TalkShop consultant was very good with the subject matter. I realized that I should be an understanding leader and now know 90% of the dos and don’ts of leading. My management skills and employee performance evaluation abilities still need work but I’m sure this can be solved with free copies of the materials discussed in the workshop.

Donarose D. Argana, Technical Leader

I learned a lot about my leadership style and personality type. I also learned about the use of the 6 Thinking Hats and it reminded me that I I have a tendency to adapt to other people’s personalities. The sharing exercises in the workshops helped me evaluate my personality and allowed me to gain some self-confidence. The TalkShop consultant was very good. Thanks to her I know my personality type now and will be an even more effective leader from now on.

Nimfa Antenor, Production Leader

I learned how to speak from the heart and inspire people through English. The workshop design is good and helped the participants exercise their communication skills. As for me, I believe the I was able to learn how to evaluate attitudes and personalities thanks to the Ms. Viesca.

Mark Alvin Almarinez, Production Leader

I learned so much about myself thanks to TalkShop. My weaknesses and my strong points are just some of the things I learned in the workshop. The design workshop design was concise and direct to the point. The 6 Thinking Personality Type test really helped me find out who I really am. The TalkShop consultant was very beautiful and well versed in the topic. I know myself better now because of her and look forward to learning more.

Abraham O. Ahorro, Senior Technical

I learned a lot about supervisory and leadership training in the workshop. The comprehensive exercises were easy to understand. Coaching and mentoring of personality traits was a difficult topic to handle but I got to finish it – thanks to the excellent guidance of the TalkShop consultant. I was able to know more about my personality and it helped me improve my performance in the office. My scheduling and interpersonal skills also improved a lot but I think I need more exercises.

Melvin E. Abacan, Technical Leader

The speaking activities helped me learn so much from TalkShop. The consultant was also very beautiful. She helped me learn how to use pure Tagalog and pure English instead of Taglish. My communication and technical writing skills still need some work but I look forward to improving them in the next workshop.

Marcelo Menguillo Jr., Production Support Officer

Overall, the TalkShop module was very practical and can be applied to our everyday tasks. The activities like speaking in front of the crowd, writing, and correct pronunciation of words were very helpful and fun. I owe all of my learnings to the consultant; she was very good and able to communicate the lessons very well through examples. I still want to improve my speaking and writing skills the next time I join TalkShop.

Karissa Garcia-Cabrera, Corporate Planner

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