TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.


The TalkShop workshop taught me a lot and the trainer is very knowledgeable. The topics were very entertaining thanks to the consultant’s in-depth discussion of the subject matter. I can now speak in front of a large crowd and have overcome my stage-fright because of her.

Frances Joy Lopez Capa, Bank Teller
I learned a lot of helpful things from the workshop. I believe the workshop was comprehensive and enjoyed learning about the Enneagram. The consultant definitely mastered the topic and was able to enlighten me and become more open-minded. I look forward to another workshop with TalkShop.

Renato Villarosa Jr., Production Leader 3
I learned a lot and gained many new ideas from TalkShop. I know the things I learned aren’t just going to sink in overnight but I’m sure I can learn to apply these to my life. The workshop was not boring because the trainer gave us a unique perspective of learning the topics through fun group activities and exercises. Ms. Viesca is so smart, intelligent, and fun to be with. She knows a lot about everything under the sun. Because of her I’ve learned how to overcome my stage fright and can now stand in front of a large crowd when giving speeches. I want to take up Grammar Mastery next so that I may be more equipped in the English language: both in oral and written communication. People definitely should enroll in TalkShop. It’s an absolute must!

Ma. Darlin D. Tenoso, Senior Officer
I got some of the best learnings from TalkShop, such as how to evaluate personality types and how to deal with problems. I especially enjoyed getting to know myself and the problem solving exercises with the hats. The TalkShop consultant was excellent in discussing the topic and gave a lot of exercises to help us understand how to deal with problems. I want to improve my public speaking skills and look forward to studying under her next time. I know TalkShop is by far the best English school I can go to.

Alvin Santos, Supervisor
There are too many learnings for me to mention. I enjoyed the entire workshop except for the third day because I was absent. The consultant was an excellent speaker and I have learned how to evaluate as well as communicate because of her. My presentation skills still need some work but I look forward to improving this with some role playing exercises in the next workshop. TalkShop is the best training I have attended.

Rowena V. Prado, Production Leader
“I learned which personality type I am and how to deal with other personalities. The other subjects related to self-confidence and presentations were very interesting too. I think the workshop design was fascinating and the exercises were very effective in helping us learn the subject matter. The consultant taught a lot of relevant topics and used a lot of examples to help me realize my weak points and strong points as a person.”

Jamie R. Onate, Senior Supervisor
The workshop helped me learn a lot about leadership, the different personality, and the 6 thinking hats. I know so much more now because of TalkShop. The Personality Patterns, Enneagram Types, and Leadership topics were my favorite. The consultant obviously had a high mastery of the subject and was able to get the attention of the participants. TalkShop has helped me realize my personality type and given me a new perspective on what kind of leader I am and what kind of leader I want to be.

Joel O. Nobew, Executive
I now know my personality type because of TalkShop. It turns out it’s fun to learn and improve through workshops and training. The TalkShop consultant definitely knows how to catch the audience’s interest. Because of her I’m more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I want to make those weaknesses my strengths and I believe, with the help of TalkShop, it’s possible.

Angelina V. Mendoza, Officer 3
I learned a lot from this training. I’ve been sharing how great TalkShop is with my colleagues and applied everything I learned at work. The workshop design was good and easy to understand. The topic I liked the most was The Different Types of Leaders and How to Build Great Teams. The TalkShop consultant delivered the topics so well and always seemed to understand everything she discussed. The workshop made me realize that being a leader in a group requires me to keep striving for better changes in myself and my job.

Domonga Manalo, Executive
ON THE TALKSHOP WORKSHOP: “I learned so much, more than I expected. It was truly an excellent workshop.” “This workshop will help us a lot in our job. They presented really good examples.” “I learned a lot in this workshop. From posture, diction, pronunciation, grammar to the right attitude.” “I learned a lot like being confident in front of others, delivering my thought and talking with warmth.” “I learned how to properly communicate with our customers and provide world class service.” “Having the best trainer, you will also have the best output. I learned a lot from TalkShop.” “I learned a lot from TalkShop like boosting confidence, sentence construction and proper call handling.” “The workshop is excellent. It taught and enhanced the appropriate skills we need in communication.” “I learned a lot from this TalkShop Communication Training. In this training, I learned that speaking in “Taglish” is not a good idea, but rather one should speak either straight English or Tagalog.” “I learned many things in this training. TalkShop taught me how to use the proper word and grammar especially when dealing with other people. Since I am working in the Sales Hotline, surely I can apply all the things I learned in this workshop.” “It is organized according to the needs of the students. I liked the panel interview. It let me build confidence in facing customers. Also, I am able to get tips on good communication.” “The design is very helpful to us. I liked the tongue twisters and learned a lot about prepositions.” “The design is very easy to comprehend. I loved everything.” “I liked the activity wherein we were able to participate and practice our communication skills.” “The design is very hands on, it helps us gain confidence. The tongue twisters and other pronunciation skills allows us to determine where we should focus. On the other hand, the ice breakers helped us to be more relaxed.” “It is very good. All the things we need to know were provided.” “The design of the workshop is excellent. The part I enjoyed the most is the product presentation, because it enhanced my accuracy in terms of thinking what I want to express.” “The workshop is excellent. I liked the pronunciation exercise and the role playing because it improve my skills to deal with the customers.” “I loved the handouts and Ms Sheila is a great teacher.” “This is the first time I attended an excellent training. The speakers are good and accommodating. I liked the pronunciation, articulation, diction, and tongue twisters.” “I liked the focus of the workshop on the common mistakes of Filipinos in the use of English language not liked any other typical workshops I joined.” ON THE TALKSHOP CONSULTANT: “She is very pleasant and engaging.” “She knows the subject very well.” “She is good.” “The consultant exemplifies what she speaks off.” “She is knowledgeable on her field.” “The TalkShop consultant is good and articulate.” “She is very nice.” “She is well prepared. Her presentation is very good.” “The consultant is very good and charming.” “She is excellent.” “She is perfect.” “Ms Sheila is pleasant.” “She is an effective facilitator.” “The TalkShop consultant is very effective.” OVERALL: “The TalkShop workshop did a positive change.” “It evolved and boosted my self confidence, that I am not just an assistant, I am a ‘professional assistant’.” “I learned the proper telephone manners and the do’s and don’t's in communication.” “It is a must to always observe and practice the etiquettes / manners that this workshop shared.” “The credo will be my guide.” “The workshop made me more confident.” “This will serve as a guide for us to become more effective assistants.” “I learned to better my communication skills.” “It allowed me to give more character to my profession.” “It let out the best in me.” “I learned how to communicate in the phone properly.” “I learned about staying positive despite load of work.”

SMART Communications Call Handling Workshop


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